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  1. Hiya Letter before county court claim is notice that I am being taken to court to which you advised me above I should not ignore and must respond within 30 days, what I am asking is should I still respond to this although the land owner has written to parking eye. The link I posted advised how to respond to a letter before county court claim.
  2. Posted it because I still have a Letter Before court letter and I asked if I needed to still respond to that? I also asked if I should follow the advice on the link which was provided to respond to the LBCCC.
  3. Hi all Landowner has advised parking eye to cancel the charge. [rest removed plays no part - dx] Thank you.
  4. Hi thanks for your reply. Is there any specific template you would suggest using or any specific wording.
  5. Hi all, Could someone possibly confirm if I should respond to the attached? I am wondering if I should write to the land owner and also request a copy of the ANPR list to prove there is no loss to the land owner, if you agree is there a standard template which you would reccend using. In my eyes the attached is just scare tactics as it is not from the courts. Any advice would be appreciated thank you. Parking Notice 12.01.2018.pdf
  6. Hello Thank you for your response. Unfortunately Parking Eye did not issue myself with a copy of my Appeal otherwise Iu would provide it. Yes I have the ticket luckily and I did provide Parking Eye with a copy of this twice. Do you propose I just ignore and wait?
  7. Hiya, Attachments now updated hopefully now ok? 01 August 2017 Updated.pdf 12 October 2017 Updated.pdf 23 August 2017 Updated.pdf
  8. Good morning, I have recently received a parking charge notice from parking eye, to which I have appealed and provided proof of parking twice and they have rejected both times. Can you please help? please answer the following questions. 1 Date of the infringement 06/07/17 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] 21/07/17 3 Date received 26/07/17 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [y/n?] Not that I can see (howver I am looking at a scanned copt at the moment could be on the rea
  9. Sorry to be a pain, is anyone able to help with the above I now finally hopefully have the part required to repair the fault and the car is booked in to be repaired next Thursday. will then need to be aligned again.
  10. Update I took my car to the above garage they have confirmed the rear trailing arm in bent and needs to be replaced. I have managed to locate the part 2nd hand for £155 which I have ordered and have a garage which will fit it (not sure on labour costs yet). So far because of the above issue I have spent approximately (as I need to dig receipts out):- Two Tyres £230 Wheel alignment attempt number 1 £50 Wheel alignment attempt number 2 £60 Trailing Arm £155 Insurance £100 (time insured but have not been able to drive approximately £50 per month) Car Tax £50 (Taxed
  11. Hello. Thank you for your responses. Should I diagnose the fault correctly have it repaired then look at court action once I know what the fault was? Is it worth me taking it to another alignment centre as per your comments above as they will not be able to adjust the tow/camber either as the adjustment has been adjusted as far as it can go? Thank you Warren
  12. Hello and thank you for the above response. I have attached a copy of the alignment report which was performed by the previous owner to myself. The garage which attempted the new alignment could not provide a print off as their printer was out of order at the time. However if I was to return to them I am sure they would do this without any issues if required. I believe the garage is competent (garage used was Chemix Website address https://www.protyre.co.uk/tyre-centres/protyre-chemix-wednesfield.aspx) they use laser alignment. They advised they loosened the bolts to adjus
  13. Hi BankFodder, Are you able to help at all with my last post as I am not sure how to move forward.
  14. Hello I have checked through all of my fathers documentation and he has not received any information from them relating to the policy that he is aware of. The only documentation we have is what we have recently requested from them and a copy of the policy booklet which again we have only recently received. I have attached the copy of the plan which we where sent if this helps? Documents.pdf
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