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  1. This might be off topic on this forum but i'm trying to find out about a company Prestige Tax & Trust Services based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Many thanks
  2. Thanks for swift reply Renegadeimp, i'm not familiar with a POPLA code and why that would help? I have proof of payment through VISA and the RingGo payment service so that's no prob. Thx
  3. I have an interesting issue with NCP at the moment and a PCN issued for a car park run on behalf of the train company Greater Anglia. I use this car park from time to time and pay using the Ringo App on my iPhone, have used it for several years and had no problem until now. I recently used it to pay, all fine, but what I didn't notice is that the App issued the ticket to a car I no longer owned even though the day before it issued a ticket correctly to my current car. The old car was deleted from my account but for some reason it has re-appeared. It isn't v
  4. UPDATE: So Admiral have pushed to the absolute last day of the statutory SAR period and then wrote to us saying that because of an admin error the application had not been processed and that we now need to fill in some paper work in order to 'access' this. Funny that.
  5. Thx Conniff....I think this may be worth while as we are absolutely positive that the sales rep mentioned the TP cover for all named individuals as a benefit for the Admiral policies. How that may impinge on any proceedings I'm not sure as ultimately we are all directly liable, conjoining somebody else to blame is in my experience always difficult.
  6. Thx Crem, just read up on this, seems strange that they carry over but as you say the probation period ends and he's in with the rest of us!
  7. Yes we had 3 attempts at getting the policies correct in the first place ie paperwork not matching agreed insurance cover....perhaps that should have sounded alarm bells! I'll post an update once we know how this pans out.
  8. Thanks for the swift reply Sailor Sam. I'm of the same opinion, its unfortunate that this will happen on a technical offence rather than the speeding/drink driving the the probation act was meant to combat. We can try talking to Admiral but i'm not holding my breath on this. If he re-takes his licence I assume this means he starts with a clean slate?
  9. Need some advice on an Insurance issue guys. My son was stopped for a routine breath test which he passed no problem, he was driving a friends car, he has his own fully comp insurance for his own vehicle which is part of a multi car family policy we have. However on subsequently checking the small print it appears he was not insured to drive 3rd party on another vehicle, despite the insurer verbally telling us this was ok. As he is still in his 2 year probtion period I am assuming he will get 6 points for this misdemeanor and therefore automatically have his licence revoked?? Anyone got an
  10. Hi all, new to this forum but on reading this thread felt compelled to join and share my recent experiences with a station car park incident! I am a daily user of a car park on the National Express Eastern line, formerly One railways, before that Anglian Railways. This car park is now under the operational control of NCP and back in Nov 07 I recieved a PCN for parking in 'a non designated/restricted parking area'. The day in question I bought my rail ticket and parking ticket at the ticket office, not the pay & display machine - this is something that was always available until recent
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