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  1. Hi All I received a letter from Capquest the other week-they claimed to be acting on behalf of Tesco Personal Finance - with who I do have a long standing debt. (I used to paymonthly to Moorcroft but they wrote almost a year ago saying that they were no longer handling the case.) I wrote back to Capquest stating that I acknowledged no debt to Capquest and asked if they had purchased a debt from Tesco Personal Finance, and if they had how much did they pay for the debt? I then received a letter from HP Legal Solicitors claiming to be acting on behalf of Capquest - they laid out the usual, contact us with full payment before court costs etc are added to the debt then lo and behold today I receive another letter from Capquest it says - "We thank you for your correspondence and respond as follows: Please note we are acting on behalf of our client therefore, a notice of assignment for the above account is not applicable." Is this correct? I thought that Tesco PF would have to write to me informing me of this. I also see everyday after coming home from work at least 7-8 missed calls from a 01252 number - Who Calls Me says it is Capquest. I'm miffed as Tesco PF have not had my number and I am ex directory. Anyone any thoughts on what my letter in response should be. Thanks in anticipitation. Kind Regards PL
  2. Hi Thanks for the prompt response but I can't get the link to open and can't find it on the site:( Could you please repost. Kind Regards PL
  3. Hello All. My ex wife handed me 2 x letters last week from a company called Aktiv Kapital. She also informed me that they rang my old marital home asking for me, my ex informed them that I haven't lived there for 6 years. I have previously informed EGG of my current address, it appears that haven't passed this on to this new company. Having written to EGG putting the account into dispute last August (see earlier posts) I recieved the "we are looking into your complaint" response and heard nothing from EGG since. Aktiv wrote earlier this month and in their first letter say they have recently purchased my outstanding debt from EGG Banking PLC, this means you now owe us £11k+. The letter says who are we, explanantion and what next- payment details. They sent another letter the next week (I'm gobsmacked the ex kept them she usually tosses anything with my name on it in to the bin) saying they haven't heard anything from me. Hardly suprising as they've written to the wrong address however they offer me a 10% discount to clear the full ammount over 3 monthly payments. I'm now at a loss, despite me putting the account in dispute with EGG this company claims to have bought the debt. Is this legal? Anybody help with advice on what I do next please. Do I play daft until they bother to send any correspondence to my current address which I have told EGG about years ago? THanks in anticipation. Kind Regards PL
  4. Hi DD Many thanks I'll get some letters out to those concerned tomorrow. I'll keep this thread updated with any responses. Kind Regards PL x
  5. Good Morning. I have just received a letter from Arden Credit Management- they have given their address as PO Box 15276 Solihull B91 9PN - they say that they refer to Lombards letter to me dated just over 2 weeks ago and that they are pleased to advise that with effect from April my ongoing relationship will be with Arden Credit Management. Firstly I've not received anything from Lombard telling me of this. I have been sending a monthly cheque for the last few years to Regal CC who were acting on behalf of Lombard. Arden have included a SAE and a form, they state that if they receive this back by 1st April they will only contact me by phone if I do not make the appropriate payments going forward. The form has a list of questions: 1) Do I have a debt management company making payments on my behalf? If yes sign and date the form and return it to them. 2) The ammount I am paying - they are told I am paying £35 (that is correct) 3) The payment date 4) The payment date 5) My payment method 6) My arrangement - they say they can accept £35 a month for 3 months then review my income / expenditure as long as I pay on time. Or I can increase it to £45.50 and they will contact me in September 2010. The form requests me to sign and date it. I also have another debt where I pay to Regal CC anyone any suggestions where I start with Arden please. Kind Regards PL
  6. Hello Apologies for my absence on this thread but there has been absolutely nothing to report since I received a letter from Egg dated 11th Sept 09 saying that they had received my complaint and were passing it onto one of their Customer Relations Advisers who would carry out an investigation. They say in the letter that if they are unable to resolve my complaint to my satisfaction within 8 weeks they will contact me again to explain the reasons why. At the end of 8weeks I can exercise my right to take my complaint to the financial ombudsman or sooner if I've received their final response, it also adds typically I have 6 months to do this from the date of their final decision. It is now almost 6 months since I received this letter, anyone any advice on what I should do next? Regards PL
  7. Morning Vint. No nothing from ARCs solicitor. The letter to them certainly seems to have worked. Many thanks for your continued support and advice. Regards PL
  8. Just had a letter redirected to me from Egg dated 11th September (they sent it to an address I left 5 yrs ago and this despite me informing them of my new address as recently as last month). The letter says that they are sorry that I've had reason to complain and the letter is acknowledgement of the complaint. The complaint has now been passed to one of their Customer Relations Advisers who will carry out an investigation and if necessary will contact me to discuss my complaint in more detail. Should we (EGG) be unable to resolve your complaint to my satisfaction within 8 weeks of receipt they will contact me again to explain the reasons why. These timelines are inline with regulations set out by the Financial Services Authority. At the end of 8 wks you can exercise my right to take my complaint to the Financial Ombudsman or sooner if you have received our final response. Typically you have 6 months from the datevof our final decision to do this. Ends with it is our aim to resolve complaints quickly and thanks for bringing it ot their attention blah blah. Now as this is outside the timescales I sent them in their letters for the CCA what should I do now? Kind Regards PL
  9. Morning Vint, letter from *17 sent recorded delivery this morning. I'll have a check out on this link now. Many Thanks Regards PL
  10. Update* Just received a letter from ARCs ' solicitor' T Munn saying that a County Court 'Claim' has been prepared against me. It includes the full cost of the debt and an additional £190 court fees + £100 solicitors fees. I'll send them the letter you kindly drafted the other day for me. Regards PL
  11. Morning Vint, Letter sent recorded delivery to EGG this morning. I'll update when I get a response. Many thanks for your help. Regards PL
  12. Thanks for the prompt reply Vint. EGG probably sent me a default letter a few years ago, unfortunately all my correspondence is in my ex marital home and ex isn't too keen on giving me anything (other than a good earbashing when she feels like it) I sent the CCA request to EGG who asked for clarification of my address as they had no record of it, despite me sending monthly payments via Moorcroft from that address for years. Moorcroft had been collecting on the account but in Dec last year stated that they were handing the account back to EGG, as I received the letter in Jan and had already sent that payment from Feb I began sending my monthly payment direct to EGG. 2 months ago ARC began asking for full payment or legal action would be taken, I've had a solicitors letter from ARC demanding immediate payment in full, however with the proof of new address I returned to EGG (I ironically sent them the Moorcroft letter saying they were handing the account back to EGG which showed the address) I asked EGG if ARC were collecting on their behalf and if they had sold the account to ARC. I said that I wouldn't send payment until EGG confirmed who currently managed the account. As of yet I haven't sent ARC any money and until this month since Moorcrofts' departure I was sending directly to EGG. I diod ask if these monies had been accreditted against the debt, but EGG have not responded. The next thing ARC sent the CCA. I haven't missed a payment in the 5 years. I've been sending them (£35/month) and don't want to be letting them have an excuse by missing this months', although very confused by the CCA - I'm unsure what the unenforcable claim means- With this information should I send the letters you have so kindly attached below? Thanks for you help and reassurrances everyone, it really is much appreciated. Regards PL
  13. Hi Basa, I am becoming more confused by the minute as I read the thread. If the agreement is unenforceable what exactly does that mean? I can see that ARC are going to become a real pain if I don't have a response to them but I'm conscious of getting my response right. EGG have ignored my letter - I presume they have passed / sold the debt to ARC who have set a tiomelimit of the 23rd for full payment (over £11k). I don't want to appear dim but I'm generaly puzzled by what happens next and where do I stand / go from here. Regards PL p.s. my brain hurts
  14. I'll try again adding the scan in readable size EGG CCA Dated May 2003.pdf
  15. Hi, Apologies for not replying sooner as I've been away from a pc. I have received a letter dated 13th Aug from ARC who have attached a copy of my CCA from EGG. Egg have not responded to my original letter however ARC have put in their covering letter that 'the copy of my signed CCA from their client (EGG) shows you agreed to the Terms & Conditions of the agreement (which can be viewed at www.egg.com). As we have now supplied you with this documentation we require full payment within the next 10days. Your payment should be sent directly to this office , please ensure payment is made payable to ARC (Europe) Ltd." Usual about payment via card cheque etc and they rounsd their letter off with "If we do not receive payment within the next 10days this account will be passed to our solicitors for further action". I have scanned and attached a copy of the CCA. I have had to reduce and sharpen the scan the only part missing is the date (May 2003) and the opening paragraph which reads: Credit Agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 This is a credit agreement between us, EGG Banking Plc , EGG Card, New Application, Basildon SS14 9AA and you. the main financial terms of the agreement are set out below, a copy of the agreement is enclosed for you to keep. I haven't scanned the 2nd page which includes rights, loss or misuse of EGG card and the signature of myself dated May 2003 withina box that says "This is a credit agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Sign only if you want to be legally bound by its terms. Box signed underneath on behalf of Egg Banking Plc. Now I'm unsure as to what happens next, if the CCA is unenforceable is there a standard letter that I should send in response. EGG haven't confirmed that ARC are acting on their behalf, do I write to EGG / ARC or both? I have not sent August's monthly payment I usually send £35 the debt is £11k+. Not wanting to appear to dim but please can somebody have a look for me and advise me what to do next. If the CCA is unenforceable what happens next? Kind Regards PL
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