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  1. I never sent the SB letter or any other for that, everything has just been ignored as the "debt" is all bank charges and statute barred and by writng to them they may actually see the light and i may save them some money in postage which i really don't want to do.
  2. Today yet another REDUCED SETTLEMENT OFFER knocking another forty quid off. They can't be many more letters left to come otherwise they will be owing me before long!! Letter filed safely in my ignore pile.
  3. I thought that Muck Hall had fallen out with me as i had heard nothing for ten weeks then this morning i have recieved a reduced settlement offer again. So far i have recieved their perforated field collector letter june last year and i'm still waiting September the IMPORTANT - DO NOT IGNORE letter with payment deadline October the Failure to Respond - NOTICE with payment deadline November another IMPORTANT - DO NOT IGNORE letter with payment deadline January REDUCED SETTLEMENT OFFER And today yet another REDUCED SETTLEMENT OFFER knocking another fifty quid off Think i'll decli
  4. Not entirely what i was expecting this programme.
  5. Dom's on the case. 9.15am BBC1 9/03/2009 Dominic Littlewood gets on the case for drivers driven mad by parking tickets, and investigates why a government department is selling motorists details to private companies.
  6. Thats what i wanted to hear. Thanks for that everyone.
  7. It's MacKenzie Hall chasing which i have no trouble ignoring all their letters some are quite interesting reads such as "our client will not hesitate.....", has for the last two years!! I'm wondering if i send the above letter will they just pass on the alleged debt to another dca shower to try their luck? Thanks
  8. Hi, I never have paid anything from when they started adding all the charges which was 2001-2002 at the latest. Thanks
  9. Hi all, I had an account over seven years ago with barclays which ended up with charges on charges. I informed them to place the account where the sun don't shine as i found them to be more than unhelpful! Month after month i recieved statements coonsisting of only charges which i refused to pay. Barclays sold this debt?? to Lowells, Red, Hamptons and i happened to make the mistake of phoning them to let them know it was all charges and i would not be paying. I was then offered a "very good deal" of paying 50% of the ammount. Having declined this wonderful offer was told that they wo
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