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  1. Police pcso's gave me a red reciept thing saying they were reporting to the dvla as untaxed car, they did also say that if it turns out the car is taxed, which it i, that i will probably hear no more about it or may just recieve a warning letter for not displaying the tax. I did actually display said tax disc, why would i bother to tax it then not display it, but whoever fitted the new screen undisplayed it. I never thought to check that the current tax disc was still on display and also it is exactly the same colour as the old one.
  2. I am being reported to the dlva for my car being seen or used on a public road (tesco car park) with no tax. The car is actually taxed and usually has a few old tax discs behind the upto date one. In march when i had a new windscreen fitted someone in their wisdom chose to stick the out of date one to the screen. The police checked their 80% reliable database (their words) and it came back as car untaxed. I have sinced checked my bank and the tax was paid for on 25.02.10 and i have now located the current tax disc. The question is was my car seen on a public road or is it classed as a private
  3. I have now recieved my third collector visit letter from meritforce, all 3 are exactly the same by the way with the exception of the quality of paper, that seems to be getting worse. I have until last friday to pay them but i think i'll just choose to ignore instead. Nobody turned up after the first 2 letters and i can't see this one being any different. Will keep you informed.
  4. I've had two "authorised collector visit" letters from meritforce, one was june last year and another in december and i'm still waiting for him to turn up. Maybe his sat nav is not working or maybe said person doesn't exsist and it's just scare tactics. Either way i'm quite disappointed as i was really looking forward to telling said "collector" to jog right on.
  5. I recieved an "authorised collector visit" letter from meritfarce dated 25th june 2009 stating "an authorised collector will make a visit to your property within the next 10 days" and i'm still waiting. If he/she had turned up they would have been told to go forth and that would be that as alleged debt is statute barred anyhow. Scare tactics in my opinion.
  6. It does not say you pay for clamp removal it reads that the 125 pound is a fixed penalty, a penalty from a private firm?? Have they shot themselves in the foot? Sure someone with more knowledge can clear that one up
  7. Over two months on and no collector, no letters, no nothing. Quite missing it really as i did enjoy thier letters.
  8. Could you secure the clamp to a post etc to avoid it being stolen and then when the clampers want it back you could maybe charge them a release fee??
  9. Meritfarce have let me down, not an "authorised collector" to be seen! Can they send letters out stating a collector will call when they have no intention (or collectors) of doing so?
  10. The site had crashed when i tried to unsubscribe about an hour ago, managed to unsubscribe though now. Why does it take four weeks to go through?
  11. A friend recieved a crapquest stat demand about july last year, as they were financially challenged they never got it set aside and hoped to throw a few more debts on the bancruptcy pile as they had no assets etc. To date nothing so just wondering what is the shelf life of a stat demand?
  12. Has anyone actually had an "authorised collector visit" because mine is due shortly once i have ignored their deadline of july 2nd. I'll be disappointed if i don't get one as i'm looking forward to telling him to "f*&$ right off", then once he has meritfarce have stated on the letter that "no further reminders will be sent" so if they are a company of their word it must be game over with them!! Who next??? Ruthbridge?? Some other lowlife chancers??
  13. So would i have good grounds to report them if nobody does pay me a visit? On their website i see they are looking for self employed collectors, can't see them earning much commision from me!!
  14. I did wonder what they were "authorised" to do as they have no powers to do anything, scare tactics maybe in an attempt to look official?, I'm not overly concerned as if said collector does knock on my door i'm "authorised" to tell him to f$*£ right off!!
  15. Must have had all Muck Hall's various letters now as today i've recieved a letter from Meritfarce. An authorised collector visit within the next 10 days. Can't see that happening but i hope it does as he won't get any joy from me whatsoever!! On the plus side the letter ends with "no more reminders will be sent", so it looks like its game over with them unless they have a change of heart and do send me some more toilet paper.
  16. "It is an offence for an unauthorised person to remove or interfere with this notice" ?????
  17. I don't have a problem with field collectors calling round... "could i speak to the ratboy about an alleged debt and how he's going to pay" reply "how doe's F*** Right off grab you?? Bye"
  18. You don't think it could just have been scare tactics do you?
  19. Don't know about BCW but with me Lowell started with the letters four of them and even little postcard through the mail that they claim they called!! Then 3 letters from Hamptons (Lowell) then 5 letters from Red (Lowell) After successfully ignoring all these JB debt recovery chanced their arm with 3 letters and several phone calls. Next 2 letters from Asset collection & investigation ltd (JB Debt) then one from McDonald Rankin & partners (JB debt). From there we have moved to muck hall. First thing from them was the perforated blue thing threatening field collectors who will call in th
  20. I do enjoy a bit of fun with them. Once again their pre-paid envelope is winging its way back to them empty just so i can cost these leeches a bit more money.
  21. Would i need to dispute as all the bank charges (unlawful charges?) are over six years old so statute barred.
  22. It has been in dispute forever as such. I told barclays originally to stick their account which they refused to do as it was overdrawn due to their charges. Every month i recieved a statement from them with another £75 in charges but by then i wasn't using the account and were never going to pay the bank charges. After a few months they closed the account and sold "debt" to lowells who i ignored so then on to jb debt recovery who were also ignored and then to muck hall who i am also ignoring. All have threatened legal action which hasn't happened as i would gladly go to court. I have never inf
  23. Spoke too soon, another reduced settlement offer today and another forty quid off. Its now come down from £400 ish to £150 to be paid no later than noon 22 may 2009. As i have ignored everything from them since september last year do they seriously think i'm going to pay the leeches £150 now? I'm thinking not.
  24. I would seem that most of the M5 already is a 90mph road. I stick at around 80 and some nights i'm the slowest driver on there.
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