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  1. ..After ignoring mack hall's first 8 pieces of junk mail i too recieved the same meritfarce authorised collector letter in june 2009. As it stated "no more reminders will be sent" i wasn't really expecting meritfarce to send the exact letter again in nov 2009, april 2010 and finally from them in july 2010. All 4 letters from meritforce were ignored, nobody ever turned up and it went back to muck hall who sent me a final offer letter in aug 2010. The final offer letter happened not to be their final offer either. In feb this year i recieved yet another reduced settlement offer. After about
  2. I had the very same letter about a field agent calling to hand serve a sd after ignoring the original sd that they posted normal mail. Still waiting to this day months if not a year later. Mine is now stat barred so i have ignored everyting from them which to be honest isn't much.
  3. I just emailed them stating it was statute barred and i won't be paying them anything anytime soon. They replied pretty quickly saying Please take this e-mail as confirmation that your account reference M0000000 has been closed. We will make no further contact regarding this matter. Far easier than i ever expected
  4. I had 4 letters from meritfarce saying an agent will visit in the next ten days. All ignored and recieved no visit. These doorstep collectors have no powers anyhow so in the unlikely event of one showing his face just tell him to jog on in person.
  5. Good chance it is statute barred if mackenzie hall are on the case.
  6. After mackenzie hall sending me 14 letters over a 3 year period i got bored of all their empty threats and emailed them this Thanks for yet another reduced settlement offer after the august dated letter from yourselves stated "no such offer will be made again" Just to make things clear i do not acknowledge any debt to you or anyone you claim to represent which i assume is still lowells, red, hamptons or whatever they call themselves nowadays as no NOA has ever been received. The alleged debt was disputed with Lowells originally so why you are on the case is a mystery. I see they (yo
  7. I recieved a stat demand from crapquest in july 08, i ignored it and heard nothing until july 10 when i recieved another letter stating "on the xx july 08 a statutory demand for bankruptcy was sent to you, which we have not recieved a positive contact from. Wetherefore find ourselves with no other alternative but to instruct our field agents resolvecall to attend your address and personally serve the statutory demand for bankruptcy. If satisfactory service has been achieved by the agent, they will sign a witness statement that a personal service has been achieved which may be require
  8. Isn't that sd incorrectly served if it is only delivered in the normal mail, i thought it had to be personally served, as the threatened to do to me after i ignored an sd from them. Still waiting for one to be served correctly on my stat barred alleged debt.
  9. I received an sd from crapquest in july 2008. I ignored it which i know is not recommended but in my situation at the time i thought if they want to make me bankrupt feel free as i had nothing and would have gladly thrown a few more debts in to get rid of. It was delivered incorrectly which i never knew at the time as it was only standard mail and not signed for. Two years later (july 2010) and nothing happening reguarding the sd i received another letter from capquest stating "On the xx july 08 a statutory demand for bankruptcy was set to you, which we have not received a positive contact
  10. Only another 3 meritforce letters to go, no caller whatsoever and then it goes back to muck hall again even though it never left them as they are one and the same. The next letters from meritforce skimp on the colour as only my first one had a coloured logo the rest were just **** poor photocopies but they liven up a dull morning.
  11. Hi, I took the phone in and they checked it and found the problem. Had they not or had they said they would have to send the phone off for repair i would have done my upmost to cancel as it was they gave me another brand new phone exactly the same with no problem at all so i was quite happy to carry on with the contract. Thanks for your replies.
  12. I have started a contract with orange at carphone warehouse and recieved a new phone. The new phone is faulty and i am now considering cancelling the contract which is less then a week old. Where do i stand, any thoughts. Thanks
  13. I had a similar letter from crapquest, "JUL 08 a statutory demnd for bankruptcy was sent to you, which we have not recieved a positive contact from..........resolve call will personally serve another sd". This letter was dated july 2010 and i'm still waiting for resolvecall to appear. I originally ignored the sd and nothing happened (not recommended) and between the original sd and this second letter, 2 years thereabouts, the alleged debt went stat barred so i'm continuing on the ignore route.
  14. JB Debt Recovery only managed to send me six letters before giving up but i recieved plenty of phone calls from some stroppy aberdeen angus especially when declining their security questions. Originally Lowells reckoned to have bought an overdraft debt from barclays which is stat barred by the way. Lowells and all their threat-o-grams were ignored so JB thought they would give it a go. 15 april 2008 - jb debt recovery - standard crap 7 days or our client will consider legal action 18 april 2008 - jb debt recovery - exactly same letter as above 15 may 2008 - jb debt recovery - final
  15. I've had four of Meritfarce's "authorised collector visit" letters, after nobody turned up they got bored of it and returned it to Muck hall to carry on wasting the rain forests.
  16. I had 4 letters threatening and authorised collector visit from meritforce, i never responded, no-one ever turned up meritforce must have got bored of the lack of response so then muck hall carried on sending their threat-o-grams for me to ignore. Still ignoring well, it's easy but my alleged debt is statute barred.
  17. I've never recieved one before. I've not informed them its stat barred as they will no doubt know as most things they end up with are and i am in the process of checking my equifax credit file as that seems to be the one that muck hall use. I have read that they like to ruin your credit file by making numerous searches so i'm on with that and will post the results once i have recieved them. Thanks
  18. Hi all, Today i have recieved a "statement of your account" letter from Mackenzie Hall. "This notice is being given to you as required by the consumer credit act 1974 because you fell behind with your payment under this agreement with your original creditor" Opening balance and current balance exactly the same as they always will be as this is statute barred and was originally all bank charges on an overdraft that i never had. This letter, as all they have sent will be ignored as i know they can't do a thing but what i'm wondering is what exactly is the point of this letter as t
  19. Does that mean they can chase you for it until you inform them that it is statute barred and you won't be paying and once you have informed them of that they can't chase you any longer?
  20. After four letters with the empty threat of an authorised collector visit from meritforce they must have got bored as the latest letter is from mackenzie hall again. This one is a "FINAL OFFER - IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED" Deadline for further action; 7days" with scary red capital print too. This is a TIME BARRED OFFER and if payment is not recieved in their office by yesterday (15/8) then further action which could well be another red letter to ignore. On the bottom of the letter is a standing order mandate to take money from my account, i think not but may well use their bank account details
  21. Latest update is after recieving and ignoring meritforce's authorised collector visit letter in june2009 ("an authorised collector will visit your property within the next ten days") no caller ever turned up nor did they turn up for the next 3 identical letters i recieved in november 2009, april 2010 andjuly 2010. Meritforce must have given up for now as today a letter from muck hall with a "FINAL OFFER - IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED" Deadline for further action; 7 days (scary red capital letters too). "as a gesture of goodwill our client will accept £300 ish as full and final payment.......pl
  22. In the letter it says ask for Jonathan Kerr but the signature looks nothing like that, too many letters in surname for starters. It used to be Craig Bryant, whats happened to him?? "If you do not want our collector to call and would rather arrange settlement blah blah blah" Tricky one that, the choices as i see it are pay these lowlife £400 or tell some clown who may possibly knock on the door to f*** right off think i'll go for option b
  23. I'm in the process of ignoring meritforce's 4th letter all of which have been exactly the same so so much for "no further reminders will be sent" I have never recieved a visit yet which is quite disappointing as they would get no change from me. I have never sent them any replies as i like them wasting money on me and aren't bothered about the "authorised collector" threat I think we both well know my alledged debt is well statute barred.
  24. I keep all documents relating to my cars. Potential buyers may like to see the car has been continually taxed therefore on the road and being used as opposed to standing somewhere. All bills receipts etc are kept so i know when servicing etc was done. Just as well i don't destroy any documents as in this instance i would have destroyed the current tax disc.
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