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  1. We had the same with my fathers membership a few years ago. He is in his eighties and doesn't go far. When i rang the AA to see what was their best real price they explained that 17 year olds in the house (which was 0) were covered by it and also my father would be covered while driving abroad. I can't remember the last time he saw the by-pass so abroad is also a non runner. I explained he never wanted silver membership and if that was their best price we're off and the price came down £20. Loyalty to companies doesn't pay nowadays.
  2. http://www.gazettelive.co.uk/news/teesside-news/north-tees-hospital-parking-tickets-7960607?ref=BreakingNewsTeesside&utm_medium=facebook
  3. http://www.yorkpress.co.uk/news/11544408.5_500_apply__for_Lendal_Bridge_fine_refunds/
  4. http://www.yorkpress.co.uk/news/11456599.Lendal_Bridge_refunds__applications_to_open_from_Monday/
  5. http://www.yorkpress.co.uk/news/11336666.Lendal_Bridge_fines_to_be_refunded/
  6. http://www.yorkpress.co.uk/news/11336666.Lendal_Bridge_fines_to_be_refunded/
  7. And Post Office vans and the council bin wagons allowed over. Good to see York council leading by example, not.
  8. Have you checked the parking signs as hospitals were known for calling the tickets "penalty enforcement charges", a big no no i believe. If they don't refer to penalty now they may well have done when you recieved the tickets. I would be checking that out.
  9. We had 2 letters from roxburghe and 2 from their name for rent solicitor g white advising us they would persue the charge to its conclusion and it would not go away, all were ignored and it went away.
  10. If my mot runs out in march and i take it to be mot'd in feb and it fails is my mot until march still valid or does the mot failure cancel it? Am i mot'd or not?
  11. Over 2 1/2 years on and nothing was ever heard from the dvla.
  12. The NHS ticket we ignored was issued by hospital security and then passed to roxburghe when we didn't pay it. Two letters from roxburghe and then two from graham white (sobell name for rent solicitor) were all ignored and heard nothing since march. I believe roxburghe are currently barred from the dvla database
  13. Had those two "fees for illustrative purpose only" letters from g white in march. Nothing recieved since.
  14. Carry on ignoring. We recieved 2 letters from roxburghe then 2 from graham white (same company different headed printer paper), ignored the lot and have heard nothing since march.
  15. Hi, I sent my email to correspondence@scotcall.co.uk , which must have been the email address on the letter i recieved (don't have the letter to hand at the moment) and recieved the reply same day if i remember correctly.
  16. I emailed them Before reporting you to the OFT thought i'd give you the chance to explain why you are sending out threatening letters regarding an alleged debt that your fellow bottom feeders in kilmarnock were advised is statute barred in may 2011 your response is eagerly awaited good Afternoon Thanks for attached, this account was passed to ourselves by our client CABOT FINANCIAL , in view of the content we will return this account to them noting your comments and you should hear no more from ScotCall concerning this account.
  17. That letter was the second one we recieved. It has the line "we will pursue this matter to a conclusion" Two weeks later we recieved a letter from graham white with a load of figures for "illustrative purposes only"?? and what may (or may not) happen. 11 days after that we recieved more crap from graham white ( sobell) with "FINAL WARNING" as the headline. Since then we have had no more letters and the last letter was 5 1/2 months ago. All letters we recieved were ignored and they must have worked it out they were on to a loser and moved on to try to $cam other people out of money the
  18. complaints@mackenziehall.co.uk This is the one i used and i got a reply from AStevenson@mackenziehall.co.uk Audrey Stevenson Compliance Officer
  19. I'm a month ahead of you as i received my final warning a month ago. Same bull letter as you have now received. I have been busy ignoring that one also and nothing else to report to date but will keep you informed should the $cam artists not have worked it out that they are getting nowt.
  20. Graham White then. Keep ignoring and next you will recieve the final warning letter which i am busy ignoring at the moment. All full of bull and irrelevent bits of info designed to scare people who don't know better. I'm not convinced my final warning will be the final one but at some point the may actually realise that i'm neither playing or paying and they will have to move on to an easier target.
  21. I have got rid of Mackenzie Hall twice when they have been sending threat-o-grams regarding statute barred debts. I just emailed them as i didn't think they were worth a stamp and got this as a reply. Easy and i have heard no more from them or anyone for that matter. Please be advised that this file has now been closed and returned to our client for their further consideration. Mackenzie Hall shall act no further in this matter.
  22. I've had four of the Meritfarce "An authorised collector will make a visit to your property within the next 10 days". letters. Still waiting. After those were ignored it returned to muck hall for them to have another go. After a total of 15 letters from them i decided to let them in on the fact that the alledged debt was actually statute barred. That was the end of them.
  23. Had one of these letters in 2008 which i ignored. The next letter from asset was from the "pre legal dept" which was also ignored then the next batch of letters were from jb debt recovery. Whether these are all the same company i don't know but unless these companies own the alleged debt there is no action they can take apart from sending you even more desperate begging letters.
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