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  1. UPDATE The CRU department called today to say our certificate had been revised as we requested. However the money will go to the defendants solicitors and we will have to request it from the now. Seems strange when its been us fighting for this for 7 months with no help from anyone else. Is this normal procedure? Thanks
  2. Well after calling the CRU today as i was promised response would be by the 1st May after calling earlier this week, I have now been told there is conflicting information within the expert medical report so they have passed it to medical services for them to make a decision. I have given them 2 medical reports from different medical experts which both are very similar so seems strange for them to ask medical services which will not have the knowledge of the medical experts i have seen.
  3. Just a little update. Im still waiting to hear from the CRU after i put in a mandatory reconsideration 3 months ago. Ive spoken to them and they said they still need to do a bit of paper work on it. I am thinking im going to have to appeal. Does anyone know how long from appeal until tribunal it would take? Its already been going on since october 2013 so im hoping the end is in sight.
  4. Thanks for that you have made me feel much better. I will let you know how i get on when i speak to the welfare advisor. many thanks
  5. Today i have had yet another letter from the CRU team. This time telling me i cant be compensated twice. Ive told them numerous times im not trying to be as i was not compensated for the period the have taken the benefits back from. They also sent me 16 sides of A4 which basically was a tribunal case that went ahead and the decision for someone in 2003. After reading it, it clearly stated that im a situation like mine i would win at tribunal. There was no mention of them reconsidering my CRU certificate or my wish to go to tribunal. I have sent them a 6 page A4 letter again tod
  6. Had a letter today from the compensation recovery unit which was basically just saying what they do and how benefits are reclaimed. There was no mention of my letter nor the request for tribunal. Looked like it was just a letter they send to everyone with a query. Now what should be my next step? Is there anywhere i can go for legal help as i feel like im banging my head against a brick wall with them. Many thanks
  7. The compensation settlement was in November 2013. As soon as we received the cheque the next day I wrote to the local DWP and also the CRU saying that the sum they claimed back was wrong. They never replied so I sent another letter. They then replied asking what over compensation was made up of and how much. We sent details and then they wrote to us again but didnt refer to this letter just past letter. I have once again wrote to them but again no reply. I have in last letter asked for tribunal if they disagree. Many thanks
  8. Hi Thanks for the paragraphs. Yes the CRU is the Governments comensation recovery unit. many thanks
  9. hi My husband had an accident in dec 2009. The medical expert say my husband would of became disabled after 1 year regardless of his accident so my husbands accident claim was just for one year which was december 2009 until december 2010. He has been given loss of earnings for that period only plus the other compansation parts from expenses, mobility etc covered one year only. We were happy with that and the DWP only wanted the benefits paid to him in that year period which was dla from sep 10 - dec 10, and Industrial injuries from july 2010-dec 2010. They didnt want any esa b
  10. Hi Im looking for some advice. My husband had an accident in December 2009. The accident was at work so he claimed industrial injuries disablement benefit. He was also in receipt of DLA and ESA. The claim is coming to a settlement at last however the medical expert has said my husband would of became disabled anyway but the accident accelerated this by 12 months. The DWP has asked for benefits back for the first 12 months only apart from the IIDB which they want back in full upto settlement date. The ESA doesnt need to be paid back at all as he started getting that after the 12 months.
  11. I took out a loan in June 2007 over 60 months and took a 3 month repayment holiday which was part of the original agreement. The last payment is due this month and im sure I remember there being a 25% interest reward on completion if you had a plus bank account. I cant find my original paperwork to look. Does anyone know if the 25% refund was running in June 2007? Many thanks
  12. I've put a verbal appeal in on the phone this morning as soon as the DWP ladies left and i have completed a written appeal to post today too Many thanks
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