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  1. I received a letter to say I had been overpaid to the total of £1717 for the year Nov 2004 to Jan 2005, I've tried to ring them up but no success. Anyway, in the letter said Total paid for the period Nov 2004 to Jan 2005 is £2828.00 Following the changes made to your claim, award is £1110.00 Therefore the total overpayment for the period Nov 2004 to Jan 2005 is £1717 but when I checked them out in my bank statments, I only received £1151.00 from them for the year of Nov 2004 to Jan 2005. Do you think they have made mistake?? Hoping someone can help with it coz I am so confusing!! Thanks Bobbie
  2. My son was seriously injured while on holiday abroad on the first night two months ago. My husband flew out there on the following day & contacted the Travel Ins for more information & advices coz he didn’t have the time to read the policy. To cut a long story short. A kind hotel rep found a room for my husband but it was about 20 mins drive from the hospital. He did inform them to transfer him to a hotel to be near the hospital cos he can’t afford the taxi expenses. (it took them 7 days to find a room for him) & also they assured him that would be no problem as they will pay out the taxi expenses, plus was told that all conversations were recording.... But now they have refused to pay out after they came home and told it covered in their terms and conditions but we have read their policy and it doesn’t say anything about them not paying up. We have had numerous correspondence and discussion with them plus ask for copies of the recording conversations tapes. However the letter arrived mentioned that it was confirmed that he had telephoned their assistance company & queried if there was anything they could do regarding the taxi cost he was incurring daily when travelling to the hospital. Their assistance did not advise that the cost for the taxis would be covered and it would be classed as consequential loss. In addition to this, they fall outside the scope of the policy cover. Can anybody advise? Please Many Thanks
  3. Hiya everyone, having been reading your threads about TFC, you see, I am trying to help a friend who has a loan from them in 2004 & finished in July this year. Here's the story. Four years ago, he was desperate for a car & couldn’t get a loan cos of a bad credit history but he managed to get one from TFC & the salesman took full advantage of his position & he ended up signing for a car that he couldn’t afford with a 38.3% interest rate APR, the saleman didn’t explained to him at the time because of his disability. Also I noticed they have sold him with PPI & ‘Gap Insurance' at the time. (I will find out if he was told at the time that without these insurances, he would not get the loan) Can anyone please advice me which fees he can claim back? Loan ….. £7.325.00 total £19,463.56!!! monthly payment £306.32 Interest debited £6,683.36 Credit Protection Insurance = 279.77 monthly payment Gap insurance….. £306.32. 2 Year Warranty….£695.00 Option fee………..£195.00 Admin Fee……….£250.00 & £120.00 Unpaid Direct Debit Fee… total = £250.00 Default Fee (Memo)….. total = £500.00 many thanks & so sorry for the overload of questions Bobbie
  4. Ok, I wrote to them a numbers of times for the copies of the agreement form & T&C but the T&C was published in 2008 not 2004, I wrote again asking for a copy published in 2004, they wrote back saying:- I refer to your letter dated xxxx and advise that all the info you requested was forwarded to you under cover of our special delivery letter dated xxxx. please contact me at above address if in fact you have not received this data. etc So anyway I have noticed from the agreement form there is no mention of PPI only the one with card proctection plan (CCP) which was ticked for 1 year for £15. If they have no signed acceptance of this cover, do I have the right to claim back? or do i have to write to them again for a copy of the agreement with PPI section?? Any advice would be really helpful please Thanks Bobbie
  5. Hi Having problem with the defendant, they stopped the cheque for the court fee & fortnight ago I rang them up asked why they’ve stopped it, basically they said they don’t know why and will send another one within two weeks but haven’t heard from them yet and I have the allocation questionnaire here to fill in before thursday and I wondering if someone could check the allocation questionnaire to see if I did it right, please I don’t want to cock it up thanks Bobbie A - Settlement = No B - Location of Hearing = No C - Track – Yes E – Experts – No G – Other information – The Defendant have neglected to include my costs of £30 for filing my claim. ?? H – Fee – No
  6. Hello everyone, I am going to claiming back charges from Barclays business account closed in 2005, please let me know if i can claim for any of them below thanks Overdraft interest Including Fee Total Commission Renewal Fee Account fee Unpaid cheq
  7. Hi I am filing N1 form and I need Lombard credit card address as I heard that we cant use the PO box address for the form? please thanks Bobbie
  8. Hiya everyone S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) arrived (2000-2005) at last but was told there is no statements were produced from Oct 2002 to Nov 2002, Feb 2003 to March 2003 & Nov 2004. Another thing really bothers me because I've noticed the address in the statements that we didn’t move til 2003! Could I send them another letter for incomplete SAR & point them out about the address? Any advice please Thanks Bobbie
  9. Brillant thanks very much
  10. Hiya, Please forgive me if its in the wrong place and ask mod to move it to the right place. I am filing in NI claim form and I am having problem printing out all the words in Particulars of Claim (attached)(to follow) because they only printed just half of it, anyone got idea how to stretch down if you know what i mean? please thanks
  11. Thanks for your reply, I had another look at the CCA form, The Account was opened on 18/01/2006 & first PPI payment was taking out in 15/2/2006. Anyway I couldn’t find a suitable PPI temple letter which are for mis sold, so I done a letter, you can see I am useless in writing letters! LOL so any comments would be appreciated please. Do you think that I could go for the purchase 14.9% Apr? or go for the 8% & about the spreadsheet, can I use them which it's for Bank/CC charges? Thanks Dear Sir/Madam Credit Card account xxxxxxx I refer to your letter dated xx/xx/xxx regarding my complaint that the Payment Protection Insurance for my Credit Card was mismanaged and I am not satisfied with your explanations. You have mismanaged my account by adding PPI to the card when the application form is clearly UNSIGNED and UNTICKED. I have calculated interest at 14.9% APR., which I estimate was your APR at the time, I am sure you will advise me if the APR at the time was different. Alternatively I will ask the Court to allow me statutory interest at 8% under S69 of the Count Court Act. I am writing to ask that you pay the amount of £xxxx within the next 7 days/14 days?. I expect payment by cheque made payable to xxx. If you fail to do this I will have no alternative to take it to the FOS/Court? Your contentions is that the account was mismanaged by adding PPI without any consent and that you were told information that is clearing set to mislead me and is factually inaccurate. I expect your response before xx July 2008 Yours faithfully
  12. Thanks Yourbank Ok, few more questions, Could I report them to FSA first about mismanagement or send them LBA with 8% statutory interest? Thanks Bobbie
  13. Thanks for your replies, alanana, yes I do have all the data for reclaiming the overlimit & lates fees. yourbank, Yes I ve got proof of it but will try scan the CCA tomorrow for you to see if it is missold, mind you it will be my first one to claim the PPI back and I need some help later on or will be better to wait for the Telephony script? Thanks Regards Bobbie
  14. Hi My O/H is self employed for over 20 years and we did have private health & sickness insurance at the time, but I am no expert and would appreciate any comments. Thanks My husband opened a CC account in Jan 2006, the PPI payments has been taking out for 4 months & stopped after the account number was changed, (don’t know why). I got the copies of CCA form & T C, with the very long letter, first of all it hasn’t been ticked in the box for purchase the PPI or not signed but only signed the “credit agreement regulated by the consumer credit act 1974” They said that the investigation the following items or documents were reviewed his policy claims history, card agreement form, policy document and Telephony script , and that he signed without help from their staff, he specifically confirmed that he were self-employed. Policy document – the policy clearly states the T & C along with the exclusions for being self-employed and states under your right to cancel. If this cover does not meet your requirement, please return all documents within 30 days Telephony Script – they have reviewed the script that our staff member would have followed when he spoke to them over the telephone. This confirms that the following points would have been discussed with him. Full details of the policy, the eligibility conditions & the main benefits & exclusions of the policy, the optional nature of the policy i.e. it would have been made clear it was not mandatory to apply for the PPI policy. (still waiting for the copy of Telephony Script) So they said they are sorry to advise that they have been unable to uphold his concerns in this instance. The policy clearly states the T&C along with the exclusions for being self-employed & states under your right to cancel if this cover does not meet your requirement, please return all documents within 30 days. Also they said that RBS has not been fined for failings related to PPI and should he have any additional evidence that he think would alter their decision, I would be pleased to review this for you.
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