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  1. "I was told today that they would not do a recalculation just because I had requested it". Had to laugh at this as it is just another fine example of the CSA giving contradictory information. I was told that that was the ONLY way they would do a recalculation as in, only if I HAD requested it!! I know it's an aged post but how did you get on? I am in the process of having a recalculation done, well, I say in the process of....I have requested it but they have got to get hold of him etc even though he never answers his phone, replies to letters etc and he even pays via deduction of earnings Just my latest battle with the CSA!
  2. Hi, I'd like to change my User name as it seems outdated now (I'm through the worst!) and was told this was the place to go?? Can someone help me with this? Many thanks
  3. Hi Mich, how did you get on with the home visit? Let us know when you can. xx
  4. Hi Mich, It's nothing to worry about, they sent a lady out to me for a home visit the first time applied. She was lovely and just chatted to me. I ended up getting more funding than I originally applied for as I had just bought a new Dyson and they refunded my money for it so chances are they will do the same with the washing machine that you paid for. As I said, the lady was really lovely and helpful and asked me if there was anything else I needed or wanted and even made a few suggestions herself so don't be afraid! I've only applied for funding once after that and that was for a washing machine and they didn't send anyone out to see me that time as I was already on their 'books'. Let me know how it goes and above all DON'T WORRY!!! xx
  5. Hi Devonguy, was just wondering how you are getting on with Lowells - I too have an issue with them! Give us an update when you can. x
  6. Brilliant news Mich and very well deserved - like Dave says, get on to the Family Fund now and get the extra help you need. If you don't need anything material, apply for a little holiday for you and the kids - the break will do you good and is well justified. xxx:D
  7. Ok Mich, it's the night before the tribunal. Get your list ready and do what you gotta do tomorrow. Good luck, will be thinking of you tomorrow and don't forget to post as soon as you can to let us know of the outcome. xxx
  8. Hey, we aim to please! Explaining it to a tribunal is not going to be difficult - just tell them your average day or should I say, your average worst day coz from my experience the bad days far outweigh the good days. You were saying about your son nearly losing his fingers by rubbing them along the carpet - I am constantly in fear of my daughter losing her fingernails as the skin around them is so loose - her hands are that of a 90 year old woman and yet she's only 11. We've been there believe me! I have to say the wallpaper thing has gone with me. My daughter stopped stripping wallpaper a couple of years ago when we moved in to a house with.... no wallpaper however she does scratch at the walls so you can't win! Keep your chin up, keep focussed and keep us informed. Just remember the washing, hoovering, repairs, creams, wet wrapping, assistance with peak flow meters, keeping them away from the garden (dirt infects eczema), fighting to get them in the bath, hiding anything rough (to stop them rubbing it on themselves - my daughter used to go crazy for my Avon hoof (foot) pumice). You'll be amazed at the things you do every day but just don't think of! Hey,hey, gotta go, there's a bloke on the telly with his pants down and it looks like the last turkey in the shop - you gotta laugh! xxx
  9. Good call re: the rabbit!;-) Mine's never brought in fish either, never thought about that before! I've also had the voles, a HUGE rat (and he thought he was actually going to bring it in - caught him at the window though:lol:), but no bats - as yet! My daughter doesn't seem to be affected by cat fur or most dogs but for some reason spaniels bring on her asthma and aggravate her eczema which is ever present anyway. Nerves holding out - just. Hoovering, well what can I say, I've knackered that many Dysons - who says they live forever Mustn't forget the constant changing of the bed clothes - been through a few washing machines as well. Strangely my tumble dryer has lasted SIX whole years so far. See Mich, you are definitely not alone, we'll get you over this hurdle one way or another! xxx
  10. He he Emma, makes a change from mice - having said that I've even had rabbits! xxx
  11. Good luck Mich, will be thinking of you on the 8th. Just remember, tell it like it is and then some! Am off now to hoover my daughters bed and floor again - you know how it is! xxx
  12. Arrrrrrrghhhhhhh. Been there regarding the 'model' behaviour at school - my daughter seems to behave herself at school too. Can I ask if you have seen a Paed Consultant regarding his behaviour yet? I was lucky as I 'fast-tracked' and to be honest they are not much help but it is handy as a professional name to put down when applying for DLA but..... I know it is notoriously difficult to get a referral. We moved from the area we were living in and I was told that there is no funding for child mental health in my new area - along with a lot of other areas - consequently she does not see a consultant now. However, regarding the School and teacher - surely his eczema affects him in class? Loss of concentration due to the scratching, tiredness etc. PM me for lot's more handy tips on this! Can't believe that of the Family Fund - they must be tightening up but the way I see it is your son is multiply challenged like my daughter. Hopefully (!) the DLA will be awarded and you can then put in another application. I've been exactly where you are and I too blamed myself as I divorced my ex-husband when my daughter was 3 but it is NOT your fault. Ask yourself, can you been responsible for his eczema & asthma? No so why would you be responsible for the rest? You can't. It's hard enough accepting the way your child is yourself without others insinuating that this was brought about by you. Don't beat yourself up over it my love. As Tiglet has offered, feel free to PM me for info, rants etc. I'm 8 years down the line - nothings shocks me anymore!!
  13. Thinking about it, I applied to the Family Fund for assistance before getting the DLA award notice. The FF requested a letter of support from my daughter's GP who duly obliged and the request was granted. If you haven't applied already, go for it.
  14. Hi Mich, Reading your first post - well I was nearly in tears. I could have written this myself. My daughter has had chronic eczema from the age of 6 months - she is now 11. At the age of 3 I/she was appointed a home visiting eczema nurse (EN). It was only then that I was told about claiming DLA. The EN gave me the application booklet (War and Peace or what!), helped me fill it in and then completed the statement near the back of the book. The EN's advice to me was when filling in the form, make it look as bad as you can - not difficult as it was/is bad. The form was then sent off. My daughter was awarded Middle Care Component and Low Mobility Component. On another visit, the EN advised me to claim Carers Allowance - I was awarded it (will tell you about trauma with that later!). She also advised me on the Family Fund. I applied to them for a Tumble Dryer with a statement from the EN. This was granted. My daughter had always been different/difficult from birth but I thought what with the eczema this was just how she was. However my usual eczema nurse was on holiday one time and another arrived instead. She was more worried about my daughters behaviour and referred her to a Child Mental Health Nurse friend of hers. He in turn referred her to a Consultant. The Consultant diagnosed ADD plus possible Aspergers and eventually decided she was mildy autistic as well. My daughter also developed asthma from the age of 5. I guess I was lucky with the DLA - don't know what swung it for me except for the EN's advice and going through it with me bit by bit, word for word. At the age of 8 and after one of the 2 year reviews (how laborious those are) my daughter was awarded the Higher Care Component along with the Low Mobility. I am really hoping that you will be awarded DLA as it is helpful and certainly applicable to you. Some points to remember in future when you have to fill in the review pack (hopefully) or another application form : 1) As the EN said make it sound as bad as it really is and explain it all in detail even though some of the questions are ridiculous and not really applicable. 2) Keep a copy of the application form or previous review pack - very handy for 1st or subsequent reviews, just re-word it so it doesn't look copied 3) Staple copies of the repeat presciption request forms to the booklet (if they are anything like my daughters you will have quite a few items on there! pro-topic, mometazone, turbohalers etc etc) 4) Be friendly with your son's teacher - they are always good for a statement as they spend a fair amount of time with the child too and realise how these debilitating conditions affect their every day life. I've gone on for too long now and will tell you about my CA experience another time! I'm so rooting for you. This world doesn't make sense sometimes but there is hope so go for it. Let me know if I can be of any assistance to you. GT
  15. - True, you have been on here a while but does that automatically mean you are right? Why should anybody listen to your opionion over anybody elses? I have also noticed in a few of your other postings that you are totally incorrect but you don't come across as giving an opinion - more as your word is law. - Who appointed you to take anyone to task? Again, what makes you automatically right? Me? Annoyed? where have I been rude and abusive unlike yourself and PD (I note that posts have been removed for this exact reason and quite rightly so!) With regards to ignoring you I was advised by the moderator to withold reply but couldn't resist this one. Ok, as I have said before, you rubbish my assistance so why don't you help the OP yourself - again you have not added anything that will actually help them. Give us all the benefit of your expertise and let us all judge! It's a fair comment. Lets keep this on topic for the OP's sake - I am sure they have enough to worry about without seeing this on their post.
  16. Hmmm... what has your insurers claims department advised you re: the settlement offer from the 3rd party's insurer. I might be being a bit dim but have they refused/declined to deal further with this - I couldn't find it in your post, sorry if I've missed it. Shouldn't they be negotiating on your behalf - a service you have paid for? Don't let them fob you off. As someone else suggested, there is the SCC option but I don't know much about that - maybe there is someone out there that can advise further. Good luck
  17. Totally sympathise soulman - have indeed been on to the CSA myself today. Ex is out of job, of his own doing so can't claim benefits etc. Therefore he has to pay me zilch, nada. His live-in partner does not have to contribute - fair play, they are not her kids. I have to wait until he is back in employment but no backdating of payments. Ex is currently sunning himself in Marbella - some people have all the luck!
  18. Excellent freakyleaky - good result. I don't remember anyone saying that the OP definitely wouldn't get paid out - certainly not me. From experience, I have been surprised at what some insurers will allow and what some others won't. Let's hope the OP fairs just as well as this seems to be just an oversight on her daughters part.
  19. Was there really any need for that? Again, reported.
  20. Vicious I must say and TOTALLY uncalled for - who are you? God? Well there you go freakyleaky - the gospel according to joncris who along with patdavies is ALWAYS correct - all other input other than their own is just rubbished - you only have to look at a lot of their other postings. I see that patdavies has replied to you - in a very civil manner, he is of course correct that you don't need to PROVE a valid MOT certificate is in force in order to be accepted for motor insurance. JC: I would politely suggest that you take up the OP's case and let's see you cut the mustard. I haven't seen you offer the OP any assistance or useful advice yet though you seem to be saying that there is NO DOUBT that they will win. Or are you not interested in actually helping anyone just abusing others who genuinely are and generally making them feel like crap? Flexing your muscles to hide your shortcomings? Even Claims Manager's take their instructions from higher up - you are so rude! I was talking about her delivering the news not making the decision! I await with anticipation and look forward to the OP getting their desired result at joncris's very capable hands.
  21. But not even having a MOT to see if the vehicle meets the standards required to pass in the first place??? I also highlighted 'may' in my text - it is not a foregone conclusion, however: Have just spoken to a family member - has been a motor claims manager for a very large insurer - (give you a clue: ends in 'hill') for 15 years. She has informed me that if she had a £1 for every Policyholder she has had to give the bad news to in this scenario she would be a very rich woman indeed. p.s. there is nothing wrong with my eyesight - as HSBCrusher has said, keep it cool
  22. Lastly, I quote from the back of an MOT advisory notice: "You should obtain expert advice on any defects listed overleaf. Continued use of the vehicle (even though a test certificate may have been issued), may make you and/or anyone who drives the vehicle, liable for prosecution or invalidate your insurance." I would say the total absence of a certificate would go along the same lines?? Correct me if I am wrong - I am sure you will come back at me anyway!
  23. I haven't said it anywhere! Someone else inferred it! Go bully someone else. I have reported PD's last post. Unsubscribing.
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