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  1. OK. Some movement forward. I took the POA to the branch and filled out their form and signed it, she says it will take a week to trickle through their system. The assistant manager was very nice but informed me that All Branch staff are specifically forbidden to discuss charges claims. When I mentioned in passing how unfair he charges were considering that DD declines were automatically done by compouters in a microsect she smiled and said "I could not possibly comment". She actually seemed to be very sympathetic but her hands seem to be tied. She also told me that Nobody at branch l
  2. Hi there. Doyou still need help with this? If so I can help you. My wife is sick and cannot deal with financial issues at the moment so has executed a power of attorney in my favour. If you still need help please PM me soonest. DaddyGeorge
  3. I made my cheque out to NatWest Bank and they returned my wifes statements no problem.
  4. Two things. First: Today I posted off the whole particulars of my case to Edinburgh To a Named person reccomended on this forum. This is their last chance before I send an LBA and immediately begin my Claim for the County Court. SECOND: IMPORTANT All Bank Charges Claims are now being Automatically Stayed at Northampton County Court, although they will consider application to remove the stay in exceptional circumstances such as hardship.
  5. Been away. I randg a Firm of Solicitors whose Litigation Dept said that sadly they did not do Legal Aid, however they were prepared to give advice on the phone. She said she was of the opinion that NATWEST had no real choice whether or not they accepted the Power Of Attorney, as it was a duly executed and Legal document. She thinks that maybe they failed to rewad it properly and thought it was a Lasting Power Of Attorney which is very different and needs to be Registered with The Office of The Public Guardian She said to make an appointment with the Branch Manager and talk abo
  6. Another Update: Today We recieved the materials requested in the SAR. Together with the usual denials re any manual interventions as predicted here. It is almost the 14 day limit on the initial letter but they refuse to recognise my Power Of Attorney (POA) and returned the letter with the POA and said my Wife had to make an appointment at the branch to gop through their beurocratic procedures to add the POA to the account. The letter was addressed to my Wife not me, emphasising their refusal to accept the POA. Can anyone help? Do I now proceed to the LBA or do I have to fight on
  7. We received back all the letters and the Certified copy of the POA today, stapled together, with instructions to take them to the branch as they require branch level certification and various forms to be filled out. I know this is a fairly minor thing but it sticks in my craw that they can just ignore the law as they please. I am considering consulting a Solicitor about the POA and adding any fees to the case. Can I do that? Also today we got a reminder about the account being overdrawn.
  8. I do not work for a bank, I am an unfortunate consumer. I am 60 years old and remember well the old banking system whre you were charged so much per cheque (in advance when the cheque book was issued) and were also charged per transaction. Let's face facts boys and girls, bans are there, bot to provide any kind of service, but primarily to make as much money as possible for their shareholders. Whether banking is free or fee based is largely irrelevant. They are going to make the same amount of money whichever way they run. Every time successive governments have introduced laws and/or
  9. This is utterly ridiculous!! I have just been trying out the excellent spreadsheet templates on here. I have figured out that to date my claim (on behalf of my wife) is a piddling sum of less than £300. Why the hell dont they just settle it and avoid all this added expense to them (or in fact their shareholders), and what my Dad always called Embuggerance. Maybe it is just that, they like to bugger us about.
  10. Hi there. Just a quick update. I sent off the POA and PL via recorded delivery yesterday. I also went to the branch and attempted to serve the POA and Letter of Assignment. They refused categorically to accept the POA stating that they had procedures in place involving appointments and form filling and signatures on documents before a POA can be put in place. I pointed out that The POA was alreeady legally in place, and what they were talking about was merely their administartive procedures and therefore irrelevant to the POA as according to the Powers Of Attorney
  11. I have just prepared, executed and sent of a certified copy of a General Power of Attorney (By Registered Post) so I can act for my wifeto Customer Services along with a PL. I also detailed my wifes medical condition (which I can prove) and how the stress they are causing is making her ill. Not entirely relevant I know but it might panic someone. Tomorrow morning I am serving a copy of the POA on the branch manager and sending of the SAR. Am I on the right track?
  12. Is State Pension an Income related benefit? My wife gets less than £30 pw and I get the rest in Pension Credit.
  13. Hi everyone. This is not really about me, it is about my wife whohas been ripped off by NatWest. My wife is aged 63 and recieves some £28.65 per week pension into her bank account (Step UP Account) with NATWEST. This is her only source of income. Our other income is in the form of Pension Credit (paid to me in my account with Nationwide) plus a tiny amount of Army pension I get each month. My wife recently discovered EBay and consequently PayPal. She has been buying small items from EBay and paying for them via PayPal using her NATWEST Debit card. Around 8th of this month (May) she m
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