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  1. Is that bit retrospective then? Does it apply to alleged agreements pre CCA2006?
  2. Mine was a catalogue account with absolutely no agreement whatsoever. Cabot haven't been in touch for months because they know they have no chance of collecting. Silly catalogue kept putting charges and interest on that I never agreed to at all so no way was I paying up since it was all made up of those charges. I think if you show them you know the game they are playing they will soon back off.
  3. It sounds as if they are pretty well resigned to the fact that the consumer has laws to protect them tho. Is that a warning to their potential clients so they can turn around and say told you so, but we'll have our 100 hours worth of fees, please? I do hope Cabot use them more often. They'll be out of business in no time and ECI will be rolling in it.
  4. I see Seahorse has got bored too on his blog. I think I need to have a word with him and tell him to not be silly and carry on the fight. Am I rifht in thinking he hasn't been back here lately either?
  5. I'm pretty sure this is not true. But if you have proof, I would be very glad to see it. But if it is true, I'm not sure of the relevance, since neither Cabot, Abbey nor Santander have any association with the CRAs appart from the norm.
  6. Don't take it personally. Templates are not meant to be personal.
  7. I think I have said enough. I don't like it, I've said my bit, but its not my site so if they want to impose this on me its there prerogative.
  8. OK I will. And nobody SAID anyone says people are stupid. The inference is though that people cant think for themselves.
  9. It's not the words that are the issue, but the mere fact that anything is there at all that isn't personal to the member. Im sure there would have been other ways to get the message across. And to be frank, I don't think people are as stupid as you think.
  10. No wonder people are leaving in droves. How about asking first? It is supposed to be personal to the individual after all and up to them what they want to have in that box surely? Seems to me like a little over zealous? I hestitate to use the word 'draconian', even if that was the first word that popped into my head.
  11. I think you would need to be very careful with your reasoning here Tifo. I do know from what I have read that the Unfair Terms part of the CCA 2006 IS retrospective. But to say that ALL actions taken by a DCA fall foul of the legislation might be a bit off the mark. Otherwise how would they operate? There is a blog (I cant remember the address) where someone is using a similar train of thought, but he seems to be able to back it up with an actual bit of naughtiness that the original lender was up to. Just because a DCA is trying to collect a debt doesn't in itself make it true that it is acting unlawfully. I doubt very much that the new act is outlawing all DCAs just for trying to earn money.
  12. I'm still lost What actions. You? Them? Confused.
  13. Time limits for what Tifo? For them to take action against you? I'm not sure I understand wha you are getting at in that last post.
  14. Just had a thought. If the calls come in from the USA why not just keep them jabbering on for hours and waste their money. At least then they will not be bothering some other poor soul. (Yes I know. Another smiley.)
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