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  1. Thank you Palomino! Will this whole thing further affect my Credit Rating and will they put a default on my account in one way or another? So, the Account in Dispute Letter of committing an offence is pointless after the time limit has passed? I mean, what you are pointing out if I rightly understand is to wait and see if they sell it off to someone else and then act accordingly and use the letters available? If this was the case, would the new request be relevant considering this amount they are trying to claim goes back to 2003? Would 2009 not mark the yr where this is deleted of my records due to the 6 yr rule or does this only apply if I would not have contacted or replied in the first instant alltogether? Sorry for the many questions...seems my brain is on red alert if I have to deal with yet another Debt recovery agency! Thanks for your quick answers though!
  2. Hi palomino! So the 12 days + 30 days request is not valid anymore? So what protects me if they do not provide me with the CCA agreement as requested? I sent a letter to them at the stat of June and have no heard anything since. Is there a time limit as to when they have to reply by in order for my rights not to be violated? I have complained to Capquest twice already pointing out they procedure and harrassment and have had unsatisfactory replies back, but if you think by continuing a complaint procedure I might be waking the bear then I shall not. Is there anything that I can do though to find out if this issue is now resolved if they cannot provide me with the CCA or do I have to continue to wait? Icklebells
  3. Hi everyone! Hope all are well! After waiting for the 12 days to pass and a further 30 days i still have not received anything from CapQuest, so I guess it is time to send that letter you, Scott, sent me! Am I right in guessing that if they do respond to it in the time stated they possibly have a right to pursue the matter if their reasoning sees fit? If I do not receive anything I am assuming they have understood my request, right? Furthermore, should I be filing a formal complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service or is this pointless? Any advice? Thanks once again for your help and the advice! Could not have done it without such clear explanations and advice from all of you. All the best, Icklebells
  4. Ok! Then I will! Thanks for pointing that out! :o I appreciate your quick response. Regards, Bella
  5. Hi Scott! Thank you so much! That is one hell of a letter. Well, I guess I shall wait a little longer until the 12 days are over and consider sending this letter then. Thanks once again for the template. Glad I found this forum with such help available! Regards, Bella
  6. Should I take the 12 days as a deadline before I reposnd or wait until the 28 days they mentioned are over? I am not sure I understand the CCA request guidelines of 12+something day rule before they commit an offence? Can anyone advise me on where to get an explanation for this? Thank you for your quick response Scott! I appreciate it!
  7. Hi, thanks again for the information you provided! When I called the Debt helpline they assured me that a CCA would also apply to overdrafts and my situation...maybe they gave me the wrong info??? I sent my CCA request and have since received a letter from CapQuest. In this letter first of all the amount due/outstanding has been reduced to the amount prior to them adding solicitors and court fees and any interest! The letter states: Further to your contact with our office and your request for further information in relation to the above account, we would confirm that your account is now on hold for 28 whilst we obtain the information required. If you have any proof of payments or correspondence that would assist with your query, please forward these documents, with a brief covering letter, to our Collections Administration department, so that we can resolve this matter as soon as possible. Do I reply to this and why is my account on hold for 28 days if the CCA request states 12 days??? I am a little confused! Is there anyone who can explain this to me? And if I reply, what do I send them? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi everyone! Only registered last week and have been reading a lot of the threads and posts on CAPQUEST! Interesting stories and glad to see I am not the only one who gets harrassed by them! Cut a long story short: I moved to Germany last Sept and suddenly out of the blue got a letter from CapQuest about an outstanding amount. Considering myself a good citizen I replied to it but never admitted it was my debt as I had no clue what they were referring to. I asked them for information. They started calling me on a weekend early morning, sent me one letter after the other demanding payment and I started my homework as a result of this. I requested information under the Data Protection Act, Freedom of information, and a few others for more information over and over as they managed to always mess it up or not provide me with the info requested. Eventually received all the information after also complaining to their department (always in writing) of harrassment and referring to the office of fair trading guidelines pointing out each action that was a failure to abide by these rules. After information I received from the national debt line (considering I have no access to the CAB services from abroad and cannot afford to travel back and forth for this) I was advised of sending a credit agreement request (CCA) to figure out if they have the right to chase me. I sent it of 2 days ago (obviously it takes a few days to get there being in Germany) and they just called me at 8pm asking me for security question. I have to say, I am glad I came across this site as I declined to answer, told them I wanted all correspondence in writing and said goodbye. Now what do I do? Do I wait for a reply or do I send a letter pointing out the harrassment as well?:confused: (just to fill you in it is a debt for a small overdraft which goes back to 2003 with Natwest. My card got swallowed by the machine back then, I informed them and never heard anything since. I did not get a letter informing me of the debt transfer to Capquest nor any other correspondence or even statements. Capquest only got in contact with me last yr which means I am still within the 6 yr term but the amount has doubled due to all the charges natwest and capquest have added. I have been told this is unlawful and I can request all these to be taken off if it comes to it.) Any advice you can give I would appreciate! I just think it is a cheek to contact people after office hours and continue to pressure me into payment by "threatening" me with legal action and adding solicitor and court costs onto the outstanding amount when no court proceeding has been issued against me!!!! thanks so much in advance! icklebells
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