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  1. Hi Rory32 Thank you for your help in trying to resolve the situation. It looks like we have an acceptable solution now. Following advice from a personal friend who is a senior manager within RBS, my daughter went in to see the manager in a local Nat West bank. (Its one of the problems when you have telephone banking that it is really difficult to talk to anyone who has enough "clout" to make changes to the situations that arise) When they checked the detail on the account, they found that they had inputted the data incorrectly & hence the draconian system swung into action
  2. Hi Rory32 In answer to your questions: It was a personal unsecured loan taken out in 1999. There are no charges on the account since up to 7 months ago when my daughter submitted a change of financial circumstances request, payments had been met in full & on-time. 6 months ago she submitted this budget statement to the bank & agreed a payment of £120pm & 1 month ago following a 6 month review, the bank stated that the payments would become £320pm. The debt collection agency are Irwin Mitchell in Manchester. Incidentally, within an hour of receiving the letter fr
  3. Hi Rory32 Thanks for your response. As soon as I can contact my daughter, I'll get back with the extra details. Glentruim
  4. Hi I'm starting this thread on behalf of my daughter who lives in London. She has a loan for £15K with Nat West resulting from trying to do the right thing following collapse of a restaurant business. The loan is unsecured. 6/7 months ago she wrote to the bank following CAB help to say that her situation had changed and that she could no longer afford @£320 per month repayment but could afford £120 pm. This worked until a month ago when the bank phoned to say that following the 6 month review her new monthly amount would be £320. Having canvassed family support to pay the £320,
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