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  1. Hi, Thanks for the response guys, it was a great help. Been to court today and got it sorted. Cheers, Smithy.
  2. Hi Guys, Does anyone know where I can find an example of how to fill out forms 6.4 and 6.5, setting aside a stat demand. Thanks in anticipation. Smithy.
  3. Hi Tosh, Yes there will be a clause in the small print which allows them to take money from your current account. This happened to me!! I would with draw your funds and open a new account with another bank asap.
  4. Is the fact they have not supplied with me a CCA still enough to put this into dispute as that was what I was using in my defence. Also that the account has unlawful penalty charges and fees. thoughts??
  5. Thanks Aloysiush! Going to defend this one personally thou, they have got my back up!
  6. No, this is what it said on the back of my stat demand, last paragraph titled "Particulars of debt". My bros is a ccj claim form.
  7. Hi Aloysiush, Particulars of debt as follows: The debt relates to sums due under account number XXXXXXXXX with Barclaycard. The debt was assigned to the creditor on the XXXXXX. The amount due as at the date of this demand is £XXXXX. Should it not state which creditor it as been assigned.
  8. Is it forty working days or 40 cal. days to respond to a S.A.R.?
  9. Hi, I still have not received any info back from 1st credit. They just sent a letter saying the CCA was retained by their client and they would arrange for it to be sent as soon as possible. this was in response to my CPR letter as i need the paperwork to submit a defense. Do i need to send them another letter reminding them?
  10. Hi Guys, I have a friend in need and are basically looking for some advice. My friend has been living in a shared property (shared with the landlord) for over 5 years. On the 1st July 2008 the landlord gave her 2 months notice informing her she had to move out by the 1st Sept 2008. she had no problem with this and is due to move into a new property on the 1st Sept 2008. Yesterday the landlord informed her that she only needs to give 1 months notice and she now has to move out by the 1st August 2008. There was never any agreement signed between the landlord and tennant. So, my questions are:- 1. As there was no agreement signed what is the legal standing of the lodger? 2. Is it correct in that she only has to give 1 months notice? 3. As my friend was given 2 months notice originally would that override any other notice period in a court of law? (ie the 1 month notice letter.) This has caused my friend extreme stress and she also suffers from MS. PLease advise as I will be writing a letter on my friends behalf so any case law or Acts which cover this sort of situation would be much appreciated. Thanks in anticipation.
  11. Hi All, I wondered if some one could help. I am sure I read some where on the forum that there was a change in legislation regarding regulation of debts over £25k . i.e. they are now regulated under the CCA.
  12. Hi 42man, Yes i sent S.A.R. and they have written back saying that have requested the information from the original creditor (Barclaycard). There are excessive charges. Not sure if received default notice or letter of assignment and with reference to LBA I received a letter saying my home may be at risk and they were CONSIDERING issuing a SD. I requested a copy of the CCA in the S.A.R letter. I rang first crudit and asked if it was O.K. to try and move the date but they told me not a chance!!! I thought if they were O.K. with it the judge may be more helpful.
  13. HI All, I applied to have a statutory demand set aside and have now received a hearing date. Unfortunately I am unable to attend on the date as i am on holiday. I have rang the court and explained I cannot make that day and they have said I need to write into the judge as soon as possible. I am actually away for nearly three weeks and I dont really want to put down a holiday as a reason for non attendance. Does anyone have any ideas what I can put down as a reason for non attendance. Cheers CAGer's.
  14. Well funny Dave. Excellent. Thats put a smile on my face for the day!!!!
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