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  1. Thanks for your reply, Steve. Yes, the LL protected the deposit late but before issuing the claim. However, I was not given the prescribed information which is the basis of my appeal against the district judge's decision who felt not giving the information did not matter as long as the deposit was protected before the claim was brought before the court. Though the judge also said that this was his interpretation of the law and I could appeal against his decision.
  2. Hi, Does anyone know anything about the appeal hearings by circuit judge? I have been allocated a hearing date as I appealed the decision by district judge in my TDS case but understand from someone that if I lose the case, I will have to pay the LL's lawyer fees too. Can my partner attend the hearing with me or not?
  3. Thank you, Redmax. After reading you reply, I have decided to submit a brief reply to the defence submitted by LL. I will hopefully be able to elaborate on these points later at the hearing. I am also not sure if this is right thing to do but didn't want the judge to have any ideas based on the made up things put in the claim by the LL. At least this way, he gets some idea of my side of the facts too. I am looking forward to your hearing results and wish you all the best with everything.
  4. Hi Redmax, Just a very quick question. Do you file the answers to Defendant's defence along with the allocation questionnaire? Or do you leave it for later when hearing date has been decided? My case defence has arrived and I have to submit the allocation questionnaire very soon and unfortunately I have no internet access at home at the moment. So, will be accessing tomorrow again in the library. Many Thanks, Reneerana
  5. Hi Stressed Tenant, sorry to hear about your case. I am afraid I have no clue about your situation but hope someone experienced on this forum will come along to answer your question. Good luck!
  6. Many Thanks, Redmax. Very helpful. I was hoping to post my claim today but MCOL website is down. How's your preparation for case hearing going? Best of luck to you too!
  7. Hi Redmax, you replied to my post regarding TDS claim and told me about your online claim. Would you mind sharing your 'Particulars of Claim' filed on MCOL site. I have seen Planner's wordings but am wondering where to put in other things like requests for prescribed info etc not responded to by landlord. Many Thanks, Reneerana
  8. Thanks, Redmax. I read your post yesterday. In my case, the LL can't say he wasn't aware of the law because he has maintained that it was protected all the time and he gave me prescribed info too. Totally untrue. I have proof that he has done it recently and mainly because he became convinced of my seriousness about initiating a court claim. He has been rude, arrogant throughout the tenancy and a very confident liar, though not a convincing one. I will do all I can to teach him a lesson. I am also meeting the TRO at local council as I understand they have the powers to sue him for his failure
  9. OK, recent development! Landlord panicked and protected my deposit now after several threats of intention to take him to court. However, he's still lying and saying he did it last year soon after taking the deposit and also gave the prescribed information. However, I had confirmed with scheme 2 weeks back and it was not protected then. What to do in this case? I would still like to teach him a lesson for all his lies, cover-ups and other things. I have enough written proof of his non-compliance and lies. I am wondering what should I claim for in this situation. Just 3 x deposit amount as
  10. Hi Everybody, I am about to put in a claim against my landlord for not protecting my deposit and not giving me prescribed information. I have a few questions, will be grateful for all the help I can get. 1. I have read the threads in this forum and I know N208 is generally considered a better route to sue. However, I am doing it on moneyclaim.gov.uk and it doesn't give me option of any particular claim form number. Am I missing something? Would I be better off doing it by post? I want to do it online because it can be done from home and can be tracke
  11. Hi Barella, the text below taken from Making a Claim (file ex302_e0907) will help you in calculating the interest. Read all of it on hmcs site if possible. "You can claim interest on the money the defendant owes you. If you want to claim interest, you must include it in your ‘particulars of claim’. Write your claim in the following way: ‘The claimant claims interest under section 69 of the County Courts Act 984 at the rate of 8% a year, from [date when the money became owed to you] to [the date you are issuing the claim] of £ [put in the amount] and also interest at the same rate up
  12. Hi Barella, the text below taken from The requested resource (/HMCSCourtFinder/tiles/Her Majesty's Courts Service -Forms and Guidance) is not available will help you in calculating the interest. Read the whole file if possible. "You can claim interest on the money the defendant owes you. If you want to claim interest, you must include it in your ‘particulars of claim’. Write your claim in the following way: ‘The claimant claims interest under section 69 of the County Courts Act 984 at the rate of 8% a year, from [date when the money became owed to you] to [the date you are issuing th
  13. You could argue your case saying if such damages had been made by you, why was it you chasing the LL and not the other way round. It took several telephone calls, 2 letters and a threat to sue him which got you some response from him. You could use these tel calls and letters as evidence. These indicate he is just trying to dissuade you from suing by threatening to counter-sue for damages made. If he says you damaged the house, what proof has he got you did it in the absence of an inventory list? Dragging something is a very effective way of demotivating someone, just keep at it!
  14. Thanks, JonCris and Davethorp. It is something I can consider doing if Tenancy Relations Officer is unable to have any breakthrough either. Anyone knows of any case as to what happens to landlord reference in such cases?
  15. Hi Barella, I had similar problem with my previous LA. In my case, I had an inventory list so it was helpful in proving their unsubstantiated claims on my deposit. I had also kept a record of all the correspondences made with the LA and LL. It took me 5 months to get the money out but I got it and probably taught them a lesson too that not all tenants will tolerate such acts. In your case, LL doesn't have a leg to stand on as you did not sign any paper documenting the condition of the house. How is he going to prove you were responsible for all the damages/changes he has listed?
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