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  1. Thanks for the help guys, much appreciated.
  2. I have not held an open account with Lloyds for some years and the account I used to have defaulted after time and was sold to a Debt Collection Agency (DCA), who are now chasing payment of a horrendous sum, much much more than i originally owed. I have asked DCA for Concumer Credit Agrement (CCA) and am told they are trying to obtain from Lloyds, I feel is unlikely due to time frame. I am willing to pay what I owe as I am now in a better place in life but need to establish what this figure is. I believe in sending a SAR to Lloyds it will help me establish what is owed, and how much is charges or interest. Some basic guidance on this please - Address to send to at Lloyds that is most appropriate - Direction to suitable template if possible. Any assistance gratefully received Jim
  3. Delphi101- Right just finished reading from start to finish and have to say am feeling somewhat inspired by your hard work and determination. I will await with baited breath the next round of developments as I feel your journey will be one I will be taking in the not to distant future. Thanks for your offer of support, very comforting to know a resource such as CAG and all it's members are out there.
  4. Many congratulations on the win. Great work to all involved Jim
  5. Viano, the very best of luck for Thursday. I have just sat and read from start to finish your journey with this and am as always totally impressed with the support and knowledge the CAG has provided you with. I only hope when my case progresses (the DCA in my case have just passed the 12+2+30 stage) I will enjoy the same assistance. reading your posts have certainly made me feel a bit calmer about the situation, It does all tend to make ones head spin a bit. PT - i have to say your work is truly an asset to all users on this site. Best of luck to you both
  6. My intention is to report them on the day the month is up and they hit the commiting an offence stage. And then I'm sure the fun will really begin!
  7. So the initial 12 + 2 day period was up on 20th June and no CCA has arrived. I at this point cancelled the direct debit, and have received a letter advising me to make payment and contact them regarding making a payment or matters will get passed back to their collections department....... The further calender month is up on 20th July when they are commiting an offence. Should I respond to their letter (in writing obviously) reminding them of their obligation to supply a CCA? And that debt is in dispute?
  8. As I have gathered from using this forum with regards to Loans, credit cards etc if no valid CCA can be produced then there is no enforcable debt, and this gives the individual grounds to dispute any claims for payment. When it comes to debt that does not come under the CCA (possibly a current account in my case) what if any grounds does the individual have to dispute the claims for payment.? Does the fact no CCA can be produced still mean no enforcable debt? Probably wishful thinking!!
  9. Sorry if I am being a bit dim! So does this mean this debt is enforcable and Thames Credit does not have to provide proof as not covered under sections 77-79...?
  10. Appologies for butting in on this thread. I too wish to send Lloyds a SAR but am a bit unsure where to send for maximum impact. Have found some conflicting address information and did not wish to get "lost in the system" Many thanks
  11. Thank you for this reply, I will put together the SAR. If the debt being chased by Activ Kapital does indeed turn out to be for a current account and as mentioned will not therefore have a CCA, how does this effect the DCA and the right to collect? I am getting a bit confused between other debts that are NOT enforcable if CCA is NOT produced.
  12. Having been frightened into paying a monthly amount to Thames Credit for the last couple of years I discovered this site and have started to question the details they are claiming. Thames Credit purchased debt from Lloyds TSB, I thought I was repaying an old loan so I have issued them a CCA (the 12+2 days expire tomorrow) with no sign of any paperwork having been supplied. After carrying out a bit of research by going into a Lloyds branch I have a feeling they are collecting the balance of an old current account, the majority of which judging by the amount is likely to be huge fees added to account after I moved home and let communication with Lloyds lapse. Foolish but down to a very difficult personal situation at the time. If this is a current account am i correct in thinking there will be no CCA? What are the consequences of this? Should I SAR Lloyds and what information specifically should I be requsting? Bearing in mind the account is obviously closed how will i show I have right to request data from them? The fees that I suspect have been added to my debt can they be claimed and then deducted from amount being claimed I owe, bearing in mind the debt is no longer owned by the Bank? Any help or guidance much appreciated.
  13. babybear, thankyou for adding this. The clock is ticking on my CCA to Thames Credit and I will take full advantage of this new legislation. I will of course be posting my progress and I'm sure drawing on the wealth of knowledge available here. Thanks again, your passionate stance on this matter is evident and I am sure your hard work will benefit many a CAG user.
  14. Sounds a bit obvious I'm afraid but a search on Yell.com or similar for mortgage advisers should bring up some results. From experience advisers will not give advice out until they have assesed fully your situation, I believe a lot of mortgage advisers are quite slow at the moment so I'm sure your call will be welcomed. Best of luck
  15. Hi and welcome to CAG, The key factor is going to be the value of your property as this is what any lender will consider when you make a request to secure funds on it (take out a mortgage) As for mortgage advice I would suggest you seek the advice of a local INDEPENDENT mortgage adviser and ensure it is one that will not charge you a fee and instead takes his commission from the mortgage company. Perhaps not the quick answer you wanted I'm afraid.
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