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  1. Hi, I have received a claim form from LLoyds TSB relating to a loan that I took with them in 2005. It was an online application so I never spoke to anyone either on the phone or in person. The loan was stated as being non-cancellable, and I wonder how this can be and why it didn't come under the FSA Distance Marketing REgulations? Also, I was in financial trouble when I took the loan so in my opinion it was not a responsible lending decision by Lloyds. I have requested my CCA and have received 2 pages which don't incorporate any terms and conditions (I have compared it to the original
  2. Yes, thanks I found that and have now completed it and sent it off.
  3. Hi, I came across this thread whilst looking for info on how to complete my allocation questionnaire. It relates to an Egg Loan and I am defending the CCJ. I initially thought that I had found just what I was looking for on here, but having read further, it appears that this thread deals with the issue of bank charges? If this is the case, presumably the draft directions given on page 1 are not appropriate for my case? Can i just amend it to request copies of statements, payments made, charges incurred,and of course the T&C's which have never been supplied (this is the basis of my defe
  4. Hello, I have been researching the forum for an answere to my questions concerning the above, but I'm getting rather confused, so thought I would create a thread of my own to ask the questions, as this needs to be dealt with before Monday. My OH received a claim form from Bryan Carter re an Egg Loan, which I defended on the basis that the CCA was unenforceable in as much as it contained no Terms and Conditions and no statement of account, as requested was ever produced. Having now received the AQ, I'm not sure how to proceed. I think that I need to write to Mr Carter requestin
  5. Hi there, just been reading this thread with interest as I am in exactyly the same boat with Egg/Brian Carter. Don't want to hijack someone else's thread, but I am sure my questions may benefit the OP too. Received a claim form and submitted a defence on the basis that a non compliant CCA was supplied (no T&C's were included and statement of account never received). I have now received an allocation questionnaire which i intend to return (it's due by Monday) but on reading this thread, it appears I should be doing more? Should I be sending SAR to egg and sending a further request t
  6. Hi, I used to be a property lawyer but haven't practised for a couple of years, but my advice would be to get back in touch with the solicitor who acted for them in the purchase pronto! No property lawyer in their right mind would accept utility bills as "proof" that a propety had been legally converted and should have checked that planning permission exisited as this would have been a pre-requisite for the conversion. If your daughter had a mortgage, then the lender would also have expected the lawyer to have made the proper checks to safeguars their security. I would say that the lawyer w
  7. HI, We have received a County Court Summons from Brian Carter Solicitors in relation to an egg loan. We requested a copy of the CCA which was sent about 4 months after request with no T&C attached and no statement of account. I think I am going to defend the claim on the basis of the loan agreement being unenforceable on the following grounds: 1. The loan is in joint names but the CC summons is addressed only to my husband? 2. That there are no T&C attached to the agreement, no total amount repayable and they have not provided a statement of account? Could any
  8. Thanks for your response and info. I'm having problems with my scanner but will try and post the CCA as soon as I can. Any ideas on whether the non compliance with the cooling off period is something worth pursuing? Also regarding the 14 days to respond and then 14 days to file defence, sorry to be thick but is that 28 days in all? I thought I had to acknowlege AND file defence within 14 days?
  9. Hello, I am new to this forum and apologise if this question has been asked a zillion times before - I'm sure it has but it is difficult to find the answer to a question in the midst of all the threads, but if anyone could point me in the right direction I would be v grateful. I have just started a DMP with CCCS and most creditors are ok apart from NR, who refused it immediately. I have a couple of days ago received court papers from them re a CCJ and I know they will want to pursue this to a Charging Order. I think I am straight with regards to how to defend these procedures b
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