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  1. I will double check these figures as the bailiff orignally wanted £552.59 think I just mistyped I paid off the £525.59 then got a phonecall 3 days later saying she had added it up wrong and I had to pay another £100 to her which I duly did
  2. Hiya thanks for your response March 10th was a Thursday that's the day I got the liability order on that day which I thought would give me 7 days to respond BUT the bailiff called on the 9th to the house so I never got the opportunity to arrange a payment plan before a visit and fees were applied the post date on liability order was the 4th of march
  3. Hi I haven't managed to speak to the council but the original bills were £1276.86 and £315.19 they increased to £625.59 and £1586.36, I have paid off the £625.59 one on the 11/03/16 and have paid £210 off the £1586.36 one so that should now be £1376.36 but has gone back up to £1586.36 with the new enforcement notice yesterday. I have Spoken to bailiff in charge who was very helpful and looked at my account. He could see I had made payments of £70 per week as promised and also that my income and expenditure left £19.00 after all bills etc he really couldn't understand why they wanted more from me than £70 a week and had assured me that as long as I keep my payments up to date that would be fine. My question now is am I overpaying enforcement fees having this on my account 3 times, and if I am can I get this adjusted as this will bring my balance down by £470 and make paying it off much faster. I have emailed and spoken to the local council on march the 9th in regards them taking back the debt to enable me to pay this year's in a timely manner along side the arrears the response I received was that someone would be in touch I am still waiting on that someone to be in touch and kinda think that is all I will receive help wise from them. Thanks in b advance Liability orders were £1351.86 and £390.59 Liability order sent 4th of march asking me to get in touch arrived on the 10th of march. Bailiff enforcement notice by hand the 9th of march.
  4. On the 9/3/16 I came home to 2 enforcement notices for unpaid council tax one for a house I lived in 2 years ago that I apparently owed but I had moved out? And another for last year's that went unpaid due to sickness and me burying head in the sand. The first question is can they charge me the £235 enforcement fee on both? Secondly I then received the following day via the post a letter from equita a sking me to contact them before enforcement agents were coming this was the amount minus the £235 fees. I called equita who refused to speak with me as was in the hands off the agent. I had already spoken to the agent and arranged to pay in full the smaller debt of £625 off in order to set up a payment plan on larger debt. I fully did this and payment plan was set for £70 per week via standing order for the larger debt of £1586.86. 2 weeks later I çame home to another threatening letter saying as I failed to pay or come to an arrangement bailiff would be visiting. I called them explained I had been paying to be told they wanted £10 which i explained was more than my budget could allow they asked for a statement of means . I emailed statement of income expenditure that night and heard nothing. Las night I came home to another bailiffs notice with another £235 fees on it I spoke to the bailiff last night but got so upset he said call him back tommow So I guess my first question is did the bailiffs break the rules as I had a visit first notice of visit second so they didn't give me the opportunity to set up a payment before the extra £235 fees x3 were added. I feel completely harassed.
  5. I Will write a letter today I had this with argos a few years ago but that was bought cash they replaced it however wasn't sure with this being on hp
  6. The conversations are all telephone calls but they are now recorded calls
  7. Hi I don't know if anyone can help but here's my problem I bought a sofa last year from perfect home in august I know it's expensive but being sub prime it was the easiest option and within affordability anyway after 9 mths I noticed a fault on both sofas where the leather colour had worn off. I called the branch who said they would send someone out to look at it which took 8 weeks then I had to chase up further 6 weeks later a leather repair guy came said it would need reupholstering. Then another 5 weeks I call to find out when this is getting done to be told it's being replaced once they find one in good condition? As it's a like for like replacement. I an unhappy as I can claim on house insurance for a new replacement if that's the case. The fault was reported when I am sure sofa was under warranty so as it's a manufacturer fault I think this should be a new replacement I have adjed for details regarding sending back and terminating agreement.Have I got leg to stand on?
  8. right heres breakdown of debt red dca for 3g phone £506.37 lowell 1 now with buchanan clark and wells -littlewoods £663.29 clarity - payday loan £773.89 lowell 1 - hbos credit card £1898.64 fredrickson international-fashion world £336.18 1st credit £99.00 bryan carter solicitors -jd williams £291.36 capital one -£160.00 call serve - la redoute £128.29 as i said i do have a loan with welcome finance 18 months left to pay but have sent sar of today to reclaim ppi on 3 previous loans hopefully that will cover that one loan if i get it fingers crossed
  9. hiya, i am in the process of pulling my head out of a rather large sandpit and facing up to my unpaid and largely ignored debts, i have finally opened all the bills and looked at numerous debt collection letters from probably half of the uks debt collection companies (well it feels that way) anyhow my debts arent massive total about five thousand altogether, these all started after i had snowballing bank charges from halifax four years ago when i had my son and my income dropped by eight hundred pounds amonth, i would really like to be grown up and start organising myself so anyhelp is appreciated, the largest debt is a loan with welcome finance whom i am sending a sar too for old loans that i have since found out had ppi although i asked for none to be included, this is up to date so i have no worries there, however i have numerous telecoms, catalogue and credit card debts that have been unpaid for a while and i would now like to offer payment to them that is managable for us as a family to keep up, what letters do i need to write to them etc, and is there a minimum i can offer them as payment? we are currently only one of us working so income is tight thanks for reading.
  10. hiya just looking for some information really, as i dont know wether this is worth trying to claim, 5 years ago i had my son early and during my stay in hospital my husband took money from our account without knowing it was for a direct debit thus causing charges which snowballed and snowballed until on more than one occasion they were taking 280 cash a week off us i rang them and asked them to increase our overdraft from 100 to 380 just so we didnt get more charges was told no chance, bearing inmind my income hade dropped from 350 a week to 105 a week we were struggling and couldnt pay bills we were generally left with about 50 quid a week left, i didnt pay gas, electric, council tax , phone bills etc for a period of twelve months and i am still catching up now.due to being a housewife our income has dropped and returning to work is just not financially viable as i have a son with special needs. to top it off in a year halifax took five and a half grand in fees and i am still struggling to clear up old debts along with a credit card to halifax which hasnt been paid in a long time, i was wondering wether i could try and reclaim on hardship grounds still even after the court case, if this doesnt make any sense to you i wou,d understand kinda a waffle but any info would be helpful thanks jen
  11. hiya , i have finally taken my head out of the sand and want to start clearing my debts, in doing so i realise that i have missold ppi on two loans from welcome finance and would like help on what to do next, one loan my husband signed for in 2004 was 4000 with ppi but we have no idea of acount number etc, this was topped up in 2007 again with ppi cover we still had no idea it wasnt required to get the loan we were under the impression its just part of the loan package, all are settled and paid in full now but i have no account numbers to put on the Subject access request, i then took out a seperate loan in 2008 with ppi again didnt know it was a choice, this was reloaned in 2009 without ppi as i was aware theres were more expensive than an independant company and realised i could insist in not buying from welcome on this occasion. also on behalf of my mother she took out a loan with ppi and paid it off in full within 7 months but from what i can see on paperwork ppi was paid in full for 75% term of loan or thereabouts for early settlement can she still claim. sorry post is a little erratic i have bitten bullet and want to get balls rolling in next seven days i am aiming to be debtfree in two years sooner if ppi is reclaimed thanks for reading.
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