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  1. Thank you, all of you for the good advice. The credit card said they were closing the acct just because my husband missed a payment! I couldn't believe they gave no warning. As for the Channel Islands bank, they say my husband made 'a request for payment' (he used to have to make a fax request for them to transfer to his UK based acct), and the money was paid out to him although funds were not there. This baffles me. Surely this is their responsibility/liability as they made this payment? I am trying to draft a letter saying this- and also asking for some written proof that this actually hap
  2. Thanks for the reply. No,. the credit card company have not called or written any letters. We only found out when we called them to make a payment as we saw the DD had bounced, and it had never happened before, nor had my husband been over the limit.
  3. Hello We have had 2 shock pieces of news and I need advice on what to say to the bank, and whether they can take this action 1. My husband's old bank (from when he was working in the Channel Islands),said they paid him money they shouldn't have in 2007 and therefore had to take this money back. As he still had the old bank acct but no money in it, they took it and made him over 2k overdrawn, for which charges will be mounting till we pay money in. Can they do this? We have no statements going back to 2007 and don't even know what they are talking about? Does anyone have a letter to send
  4. Thanks Will send the letter Monday. Fingers crossed.
  5. Thanks again I am assuming when you say that they 'cannot enforce' the debt, it means they can't put a default on you or take you to court? Not sure what the distinction is on this?
  6. Thank you for taking the time to post and to reassure me. Have had a sleepless night, but I feel better now. Like you, I can't remember the debt either, but I know it's been 6 years or more
  7. Forgot to ask in my last post, can a debt collection company actually put a default on a current address- not where the debt was- years later? It is my parents' address and I am worried. If for any reason the debt is just within the 6 yr period, does my letter mean the 6 yrs start again (I am sure it's over 6 yrs and am just being paranoid as I am so worried).
  8. Hi thanks for replying. It can't have been any more recent than 2002, and early 2002 I think. I do have the 6 yr letter, but I just can't believe that these sort of companies would just say 'ok' and accept the letter. I have read posts saying just ignore them if they don't accept the letter, but am worried that the company which bought the debt could put a default on a new address. I have had to go back to living with elderly parents and don't want that- or to be harrassed at this address.
  9. Hello I have been advised to send out the 6 year statute barred letter for a debt I know is well over 6 years old. However, it would really reassure me if anyone has used this and found it works. I cannot believe companies as threatening as the people I have been harrassed by would just accept this. If it hasn't, what would you do then? I am so worried, I can't sleep.
  10. Thanks so much. You are all great. I am relieved. Will send the letter by recorded delivery. Thank you again
  11. Thanks. Will send both letters for good measure. You have reassured me to the point where I can probably sleep at night too. Thank God for this website.
  12. I am being threatening with legal action by DCA. The debt is definitely over 6 years. Thought best to start new thread though asked about letters before. Can I still send the DCA the 6 year rule letter? Can you clarify that it is 6 years since contact/payment with the original debt company? I know people have answered such queries before but replies differ and I am now more confused. If legal action is threatened- and I have not written any letters to them before- is it still ok to send the 6 yr rule letter. Or is it too late?
  13. Sorry, I should have asked which letter now applies- if any. Am freaked.
  14. Thanks again Typical- today, I have had another letter from a legal firm on behalf of the DCA so it looks as if this is all too late. Or it seems that way. I am sure I did not get any earlier letters. Is it too late to send all the earlier letters now?
  15. Thanks Ida. That's really helpful;. I am clueless and disorganised so trying to cut and paste all letters so I can make a plan of what needs to go when. Sorry had computer problems and could not reply yesterday. Does anyone have a link to the the letter people mention asking for proof they own the debt? Is this the SAR everyone mentions, where they also have to show a CCA agreement from the lender and you?
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