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  1. The original appeal was for the out of time decision. which i posted at the beginning. I will go to the courts today with proof of my passport which should show stamps. i will contat DVLA on way to court
  2. Hi tomtubby just wanted to say a quick thank you for the call last night and look forward to hearing from you.Please let me know if you need any further information. Regards Sayed
  3. Hi i just spoke to the courts and they have stated that i cannot have my case voided as i lost the original appeal. Is this the case? I also had the bailiff trying to physically knock my door down today and came with one other person?
  4. Hi Pat Davies Thank you fo rthe advice. The reason I missed the court date was that i was abroad but understood that my presence was not needed. I will take all the paperwork out tonight and draw up a timeline which i will post tomorrow. I will also ask the magistrates for the judgement to be set aside as well. Really appreciate your help
  5. you are correct i did mess up the declaration. However i did sign the nip form.
  6. no that is not it i singed the first one and then i was told that i needed a commisioner of oaths to sign it. I had actually mis read the document. I then went to get it signed at my local court but it was too late by then.
  7. i didnt sign forms properly first time around as i wasnt sure how to sign them. When they came back i was away so i couldnt sign those neither. By this time it went to court and I was fined. This has been on going since Novemebr last year. sent original documents off on November. Received notice of prosecution in January which I sent off not signed properly. Came back in February and was fined in Februaruy. Been appealing since
  8. hi lamma there is no code on my license yet at all. it was a s172 for failure to provide. the actula fine letter states that is for fail to give info re drivers ide
  9. hi lamma i have no idea what an s172 is. The scenario is that I was caught speeding and they asked form my information. I sent my details and left it at that. I then get a court summons for not sending info. When i called up the lady on the phone said if im going to plead not guilty then I do not have to turn up to court and i should just send the paperwork off. I did that and they replied saying that the paperwork wasnt signed correctly. At this point i was aborad so did not receive in time. when I came back i had fines on my doorstep. I appealed for an out of time decision which was refused two days ago.
  10. hi patdavies thank you for replying. it was for speeding and not sending the drivers info. i contacted the courts regarding a payment plan and they said they cannot do anything about it. it is the criminal court.
  11. lamma i dont have any proof. I must be naive as i trusted the royal mail.
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