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  1. I will add I am making payments and I am struggling to make small arrears repayments. The council are continuing to demand higher repayments. I can't do that. I have no more money to pay them. I think they are trying to take me to court. As long as I am trying to pay something to the council the court won't be sympathetic to the council I hope. As for Rossendales I won't deal with them at all. You have to be very wary of bailiffs and their charges. You also have to watch them for claims they make about things they can't do
  2. I appreciate your advice but I can't deal with Rossendales. I simply do not have a penny to pay them. I cannot pay off any arrears. I just do not have the income. The council can harress me til the year dot for arrears and I still will not be able to afford to pay it. I just don't know what to do. If I ignore other bills to pay council tax I will end up in a situation where I am getting taken to court every 5 minutes by the gas, electric, water and tv licensing companies because I owe them money to. That is not an accpetable situation to be in. It means I would be continually getting harrresse
  3. A bailiff cannot decide if you will get sent to prision or if your kids will be took off you. This is yet more of these out rageous claims Rossendales seem to make. They cannot remove everything within your home. They must leave you with a reasonable amount of furnishings for you to continue to live with. Rossendales threatened to take my cat to pay my council tax bill. How thick must this bailiff be? A court wouldn't accept the sale of a cat to pay council tax arrears as they simply wouldn't get enough money anyway from your typical moggy. The threats the bailiff made to you are illegal. I th
  4. Yes I am. I'm in a catch 22 situation. Pay my rent and be unable to pay my council tax or pay my council tax and not be able to afford to meet my whole monthly rent. The goverment in this country arrogantly refuses to admit to or see the plight of people like me and there are many more exactly like me all over the country. In my tenancy agreement it states that me and my landlord have an agreement that I pay him monthly to live in his property which is my home due to paying rent. Due to this agreement I am almost certain it is illegal for him to try to evict me becase he refuses to accept my r
  5. Yes you also don't have to pay your council tax after you are released from prision. The logic of our goverment. Instead of realising people were refusing to pay council tax because they can't afford it they think they can force people who are low paid and in part time employment like me to have enough income to cover all my bills which I simply don't. I can't afford to pay half my bills this month because I bought food for a change. I still don't have enough food either and that cost me over £85 excluding cat which I forgot. Most of my money goes on my rent. I am having trouble with my landl
  6. Underdog13 knowing what the council employees are like here in Gateshead I am not at all suprised that an incompetent like this has been promoted. Most of Gateshead councils staff are as bright as a blackout. In my opinion though the council still has far to much power to harress people who simply cannot afford to pay council tax. I am one of those. I still have arrears and I still can't afford to pay them off.
  7. Yes I'v been to see a solicitor but it is very frustrating trying to get in contact with him as he is very busy. I think he is now looking at getting legal aid to cover the case if it will as the cost of the furniture my ex is trying to dispute is reasonably low about £500 or perhaps £600 at most. My ex says I took some of his possesions which is bull. My landlord will provide a legal statement saying I do not have any possesions or belongings from my ex and that the only property I have is my own ie: ladies things, clothing, ornaments, footwear, jewellery, etc and that there are no male posse
  8. Hello, don't where to post this so putting it here. My ex is keeping my furniture. He fully admits that this is my property and he is keeping it out of spite and nastiness, he has lied to his solicitor about this though. I have the receipts to prove I bought it. For other itmes I have sworn statements from witnesses who attest that the property was given to me exclusively and not to my ex. I didn't live with him when the property was either bought or given to me. We lived together for about a year with my furniture. I also inherited some of it after my mam's death from her estate. She did
  9. my landlord houses asylum seekers. They have over £500 a year spent on them for their rent and council tax. This is a disgrace when you consider that there are many very poor hard working people like myself who struggle everyday and get no help at all. We also get harressed, threatened and bullied to pay council tax we cannot afford
  10. P.S. This matter is no longer with Rossendales since I complained to their customer services office about their disgusting behaviour. This matter has been passed to another debt collection agency. I don't know who they are. I am ignoring them however. Will let debt solicitor deal with it
  11. My property is private rented and it does not belong to me. They CANNOT reposs it all as I am not the properties owner. My landord is and he doesn't owe council tax debts on this property. For all reading this do not confuse certificated bailiffs with county court bailiffs. When a county court bailiff has a warrant to repossess a property they can force entry and if need be use force to evict you. If you are faced with repossession please seek proper legal advice and don't just attempt to refuse the bailiff entry. It will not work, it is an offence for which you can be imprisond for.
  12. Hi, I am a very poor, low waged, private rented tenant of a property in gateshead. I work part time at Asda. I struggle to pay all of my bills. I simply cannot afford to pay for my full council tax each year. If I paid my full council tax each year I would be placed in a position of debts spiralling out of control. Paying my full council tax would mean I simply could not afford to pay my utility bills. I cannot believe we live in a country where we are told we must pay council tax before any and all other bills. This is simply impossible for me to be able to do. I have a number of things
  13. I have reposted your post at the below link. Click on link to view the thread and to recieve advice and guidance. If you cannot click on the link to be taken directly to it right click on the link with your mouse, click on cut or copy, click on your browser bar, right click on mouse again, pick paste and paste it into browser bar, then click on go to go to thread. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bailiffs-sheriff-officers/145672-note-i-am-not.html#post1535261 I'm not sure what your rights are but I would be making a complaint about the police here. They simply cannot ignore a
  14. ORIGIONAL MESSAGE POSTED BY MESSAGE_TO_GARCIA. DIRECT RESPONSE TO THEM NOT MEmessage_to_garcia Basic Account Customer Join Date: Oct 2007Posts: 2 Re: Rossendales & council tax for this year 2007 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hi everyone, Can someone advise, I am seriously disabled with no income and have just been violently assaulted by one of Rossendales thugs. I had a horror story with them and my council last year so wasnt prepared to grant them peaceful entry this year, so they had no right to forced entry and the matter would be refe
  15. Do not deal with them at all. Do not speak to them when they attend your premises. What they are threatening they cannot do. A dumb van bailiff threatened me with the illegal use of a locksmith when he had not previously entered my property. A bailiff cannot make any entry what so ever into your property without gaining previous peaceful entry via either the person living in your home allowing them in or their entering via an unlocked door or window. Deal directly with the council not Rossendales. Do not reward these thugs for their behaviour. Pay Rossendales nothing and under no circumstances
  16. She was very off hand with my husband on the phone & said that if we don't see her today then she has no alternative than to send a van next week to recover the debt by our goods going to auction. I'd like to know if she's allowed to do this & if the council could just accept our payments as the bill is for this year (2007)? All replies are appreciated. She may not remove a thing from your property. Under no circumstances what so allow her to gain entry to your property. Keep all windows and doors sercurely locked. If you must open a window lock it open securely as if they
  17. Tell them that each act of illegality has been duely noticed and that the police have been notified. Moreover, if Rossendales have ever made illegal threats in the post, i.e. saying they are going to break in, tell them that this is an offence under the Post Office Act and that you will report them to the Investigations Department of Royal Mail. The same applies if they have threatened you on the phone, except in this case you should complain to the Investigations Branch of British Telecom. I have informed BT about telephone threats. They were useless. They did nothing at all. Similarly t
  18. I do not think I am getting the full council tax benefits and housing benefits that I am entitled to claim no. I have challegened the council on this point on numerous occasions as I have been advised by housing benefits staff that I am not getting my full entitlement. I have had various arguements with them which always result in my getting nowhere. However if the stingey ***s where paying me my full entitlement I wouldn't be in this position. I have been advised to seek a solicitors help in getting more benefits out of them
  19. I cannot keep my windows shut at all times especailly in the summer and when I'm doing my housework. They windows are locked when they are open and I can do them for breaking and entering if they enter via that method. Their entry will also be illegal and invalid if they go that way as I can easily prove that they broke in cos of the broken window locks. They could then be prosecuted and as they will most likely damage the landlords window frames using this method they will be charged for damage by them
  20. I have reported them to the police who are refusing to do anything. I complained via e-mail to my local councillor today. I told him I simply cannot afford to make my full council tax payments each month and I will not be terrorised in this manner. I am going to report them to BT for making threats via the telephone. I have complained to the council. I am seeking advice from a solicitor as I had help from Derbyshire Housing Aid and they were useless. I am sick of being told I MUST pay council tax before all my other bills. I simply cannot do this. It is unrealistic and unfair to expect me to d
  21. I live in a downstairs flat. The upstairs flat often has their windows open but as it's not my flat Rossendales have no powers to enter it and if they do good luck to them with that one as I don't live there. I have window locks fitted on all my windows anyway as I am very nervous. When my windows are open they are locked open with the window locks I have fitted. As far as I am aware Rossendales may not enter my flat via a locked open window so they may not enter. As soon as they tried they see the locks
  22. I went on Rossendales official website yesterday and rang their number on there. I was connected to what must be customer services for complaints. I made a complaint about the bailiffs action. The customer service adviser was well aware that their actions are illegal. He said he will put a stop to the bailiff in particular the one threatening to get a locksmith to gain illegal entry to my flat. The customer service adviser advised me that if a bailiff gained illegal entry into my flat Rossendales could be prosecuted for breaking and entering. I hope they do something. I complained to my landlo
  23. P.S. I wish I made £475 a week. I would be so much better off then. I could pay my rent out of that in just one weeks pay. I make about £490 a month and £340 a month £85 a week is my rent. It kills me but you know I work. I can cope with just a stingey amount of housing benefits to help me pay my rent. I get about £15 a week to pay my rent off the goverment so generous. I don't have to just pay my rent outa that £15 but the council tax to
  24. Lol. I wish. My tv and digi box are currently broken and I can't afford to replace them. I guess I'l have to get my 10 year old tv out of the spare room now. I can't afford any food this month at all. I bought some food for my cat and a little milk but that's all. I guess I was being selfish there to. I should let myself and Osca starve to death.Oh and I suppose by having a telephone in after years of struggling on the dole and not having a phone service I am being selfish to. You know I have no right to have a phone service even though it's one of the reasons I wanted to work again I also wan
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