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  1. Just an update - I put in a simple appeal - stating my case and showing photographs. Today I got my Adjudicator Decision (drum roll please).....The council decided not to contest the appeal and on those grounds I had my appeal upheld - woo hoo. Thanks again to all the responses from CAGers
  2. Thank you Jamberson. Point taken and I will take your advice. If it doesn't work I'm coming looking for you
  3. Thank you for your advice. I am not trying to read as a solicitor merely trying to add credibility to my argument by demonstrating careful thought to the situation. How much do I need to dumb it down? Is Davis v Heatley worth referencing?
  4. Yes I took them when I got back to the car and clearly show where it was parked and the ticket on it. The traffic wardens photos are so close up that they do not show the extent of the damage to the lines
  5. Thanks Michael.. One final query - how should my case be worded to the Tribunal? am I allowed to assert my beliefs in relation to my case? my letter to the Council was quite strongly worded because amongst other things they are a bunch of idiot, that notwithstanding, am I okay to quote legal documentation...thinking along the lines of: I have examined the Yellow Line in relation to the penalty issued and I find that the markings on the highway fail to meet the legal requirements as set out in Statute and Regulations. The variations between the markings on the road to those in the R
  6. Long and short - parked on a road with crumbling single yellow line, where I parked was covered over with brambles for approx. 20m with no yellow line showing. Got a PCN, appealed, got NTO, appealed, now have NoRoR. I am confident that my case is a good one, however I have requested a copy of the CEO notes and TO relating to the alleged contravention. The Council have said I will get all that through the tribunal procedure and they are not going to send it to me? can they do that? What if I wanted to consider the documentation prior to appealing?
  7. In 2008 we were co-erced into purchasing a timeshare in Cyprus. We had no intention of using the timeshare property and were more attracted by the 'massive discounts' on Expedia hotel bookings that we were verbally promised. We swopped our Timeshare for a couple of trips via Interval International and soon realised that the 'luxury' we were promised was not there and equally neither were the discounts on expedia - 1-2p in most cases. We tried to contact the seller but they never replied. We therefore contacted Barclays Partner Finance as they held the loan and were jointly
  8. I am no expert on these matters but I would question the administration costs. Surely it should be in line with other administration costs such as banks charges for default? and not punitive? administration is something that has to be done anyway so it shouldn't be a profit making exercise merely recoup of actual cost...
  9. Agreed, but you are making generalisations, I do know of people who have been pulled and fined for not riding with lights. Working with Students in a University Campus it happens quite regularly.As for ignoring the car with no lights...I have seen police cars happily drive past cars with no lights, people without seatbelts etc etc. I guess it all depends how near brew time it is!
  10. Attached are the two parking areas in question
  11. Right! I have written to them anyway (and marked in my diary when the 14 days 50% discount ends so I can pay in time). Mostly because even though they ticketed me, and from what advice I have had from you guys it legit.....they didn't ticket two vans on the same road which were parked all day in a very similar situation. These vans also park there all day every day and never get ticketed, how can this be fair?I asked them why their officer thinks that the Road Traffic Act is open to his interpretation or his whims? How far do you think I can take that complaint? as the warden would have had
  12. On the 'technicalities' I have checked the wording against the RTA and it has everything on it it's supposed to. It isn't my car but my other halves, so the other possiblity is I don't pay anything and wait for him to get the NtO
  13. Thanks Jamberson, I fear on this occasion you are correct...but I was hoping someone with more experience than me may have something I hadn't thought about. I remembered reading a while back that parking on the pavement was a police matter and not restricted by the Council anywhere else but in London, unless the Council made changes to the TO, however on reading it again I don't think it has relevance on this case. On a plus note, this will be the FIRST parking ticket I have ever paid, having successfully managed to get out of 3 so far, so 1 out of 4 aint so bad! expensive parking spot t
  14. Yes that is the spot. There are actually double yellows on the road at that location now. I took a photo but again....I cannot upload it.
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