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  1. Im probably answering my own question but are these people totally thick or what?? I am still waiting for a satisfactory answer to my complaint re the bank statement and they have now sent me an identical letter that started all this off, ive written back reminding them they got till 8 Aug otherwise i go to the ombudsman. Also no news about my SAR, they received on 7th July, if I hear nothing after the 40 days what do I do next??
  2. Thanks Citizen, I'll try that then.
  3. Thanks Citizen, When I wrote to them complaining I made clear that the original budget was prepared by CCCS and that they never required a bank statement when they last reviewed by budget in August 2006. What I propose to do is again question their need for this document and ask them for a copy of their company policy that requires this. I will also confirm that my payments will continue to be made, is this OK? Thanks
  4. Hi all, I sent a letter of complaint to Crap 1 regarding their insistance of me sending them a full bank statement and I have received the following I have no intention of supplying this, any ideas for a reply I SAR'd them yesterday Thanks
  5. Citizen, that generator doesnt work, any idea where I can locate the template letter? And also will the address to send it be the same as their letters? (PO box 5282 Nottingham?)
  6. Cheers for that Citizen, I will do both then complain and SAR Thanks
  7. Hi, I have an update on this one. received a letter from Cap 1 today asking them to ring them, I did so (using a friends mobile - i dont have a phone, they hate that!!). They are still insisting I send them a full months bank statement and that this is their 'policy and procedure'. Afterwards I rang CCCS who said that this is not correct and that I should write to them to complain. I have prepared a letter of complaint saying that their request is unreasonable and an invasion of my privacy etc and giving them 8 wekks (CCCS suggestion) to respond. I have confirmed I will continue to make payments and that until this matter is resolved no further action should be applied to the account (wishfull thinking on my part). If they still insist on a statement or fail to respond to my complaint I will refer it to the financial ombudsman. Do you think that this is OK? Does anyone know if they are breaching any codes of conduct in requesting this information? Also is it time for CCA/SAR from them. Any advice/suggestion would be appreciated.
  8. Thanks UKAviator, i have sent back my income details with only the entry on my bank statement for their payment and my Jobseekers payment thats all i will see what they come back with but I feel they will want to offload the debt so I will SAR them before they do, I have been reading some very interesting threads on here about Cap1 - thanks for your links as well.
  9. I will ring CCCS tomorrow, they helped me with this repayment plan a while back, thanks for your advice.
  10. OK Will do, when I phoned the options were a bit of a giveaway 'Press 1 if your account has been returned to us by a debt collection agency, Press 2 for all other enquiries'!!!!
  11. Thanks Citizen for your advice, this is different from anything they have done before, I have a feeling that they want to default the account to sell it on.
  12. Hi Wonder if anyone has any advice. Have been in an arrangement with Cap1 paying off £5 per month for 2 years, all goine Ok. Now I have received a letter saying the arrangement has come to an end together with an income/expenditure form-OK. however they are also asking for a copy of a recent letter confirming my benefit (jobseekers) how much and payment frequency. They are also asking me to send them copy of a bank statement showing receipt of income and general living expenses. I hhones them today and they confirmed that they need to see if I am getting any other income and what I am spending. Should I be sending such a bank statement containing my personal details as they will already have it on the income/expenditure form? I find this very strange, any advice. Thanks
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