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  1. Hi We moved in our flat 2 years ago which had new carpets when we came in, we noticed moths a while back and when I looked into getting read of them it suggested they could eat the carpet bare so I did a survey of the room (bedroom) where we see them and when I removed a chest of drawers there was a hole of bare carpet about 8 inches square. Do I have to replace the carpet? We rent with Savills and the flat is property managed by them! Thanks Sam
  2. Thanks dx100 Christmas is looking up again....Merry Christmas!
  3. ....many thanks dx100uk but not clear what to do, I have no listed or "live" payments going to supanet now to cancel on my account. ..what do you mean by cut your losses do the CPA?.. ....so you say say "NO CPA runs till cancelled.. .so deleted payment from the list on my account online.. .sent recorded letter to supanet saying I want to end all services as of today (dated of letter) and if you think I have a contract with you action the SAR (same letter) that confirms via phone I clearly agreed to contract which they ignored, so have I cancelled (or tried) sufficiently you think?
  4. ...so the payment was cancelled/deleted online a long time ago is this sufficient?
  5. It was by bank card number that was for my current account with Barclays, but I have been re-issued a new card since then....so my best move is to sit tight? "they can't just 'sign you up' to a new contract without your agreement anyhow." .......this whole dispute is that their terms say when I upgrade my account it is for 24 months, but they are classing a casual phone call to up my usage limit is account upgrade so therefore I have agreed it!....so Barclays told me as I have agreed these terms it is likely that after they refuse the payment supanet could enforce it!
  6. Ah well short lived I have had an email from supanet saying they are going to take £500.00 from my account 4 Jan, I have spoken to Barclays and the long and short of it is I cant stop them doing it and this is going to bust me for Christmas. I can close my account but dont want to update my payment info with all my clients ( I am self employed) and change debits to new account if I can help it and why, wh, why should I ever have to be forced into this situation? this has compl etely ruined a nice Christmas with my daughter now I have this grey cloud over me, I have made a big tax payment and just about worked out money to go through Christmas and new year... ....am I able to just take them to court to get them away from me.. ..how are they allowed to do this to people? recap.... Joined supanet for 4 years Upgraded download allowance 4 months before attempt to terminate Told cant terminate as I am in 24month new contract as increase in download limit meant new contract Told them I wasn't told at all this change would mean new contract..... to no avail Eventually sent SAR recorded two years ago asking for info that they made it clear I was re-newing contract...no reply Email last week for £500 odd pounds. I dont know what else to say I am passed angry....any help to see some light and relax at Christmas would be great! Many Thanks again.
  7. ....they havent responded to my new address which was sent recorded but only to an old email so I could blag I didnt hear back if I reveal them here then I could have blown it!!...does it make a difference who they are?
  8. ...last time I checked approx 8 months ago nothing but can they cause damage in the future?
  9. I had a supplier of broadband at my old address for a 4 year period (I left this address 2 years ago), when I went to cancel they told me I was still in a 24 month contract with them because I had upgraded my download limit some months previously and by their terms this meant I was in a renewed contract. I disputed this as I hadnt agreed to this the only proof they sent was a letter confirming the upgrade of my service which they didn't send at the time. After many calls and what seems like hours on the phone they just brashly tell me I am in a contract and have to pay off the term to leave. I was advised to send them a SAR (subject access request) with £10.00 fee insisting on the info they had that I agreed to the contract but had no reply to it (21 months ago). It was sent recorded asking to let me know what I owe of the final payment and informed them of my new address. I still have the copy letter and receipt of postage. By chance I went into an old hotmail account which I was using at the time and found an email asking for some £500.00 claiming costs are still rising. I would like to ignore this company at all costs as I am fed up with the time they have taken from me on the phone and in letters. As they have not contacted me at my new address and I would have not known about it if by chance of signing into my old email can I forget about it. I have spoken to citizens advice and annoyingly they mention trying to continue to waste time with the company in case they affect my credit rating. Do I really have to do this...? Many Thanks if you can help!
  10. Had a letter enforcing everything was in line for a ticket but last line just said they would drop it!......great!
  11. Thanks Jamberson, I didn't realise I could do that, so have logged appeal with picture will let you know...thanks for now.
  12. PCN The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea....12T parked in resedents I am really angry as I took my wife to hospital and had to go about half a mile away to find valid space, so she had to walk which wasn't ideal at all. So here is the info.... Imagine 2 spaces at the end of a road, space 1 at the end is pay and display, then double lines before space 2 not p+d. The pay and display sign is at the very end of space 1 just before the double lines then my car parked next in space 2 no arrows just sais p+d pay at meter, no other signs for 5 or so spaces going back down the road. So I got a ticket because floor marks say end of p+d, but the car is 3 feet away from p+d sign. No arrow to show p+d is for space 1 nor is sign in the middle of p+d space 1 but at the end where the double lines are. This was straightforwardly deceptive even when I got the ticket it took me ages to work out why. So do I pay half the £130....(£65) then write and beg? what chances do I have. We drove past many spaces marked permit only which we avoided only to get a fine anyway..paid £9 to park there also! Many Thanks...
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