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  1. Hi Joe, What exactly did you say to bank cause they wont give it us back?
  2. Lending Stream said thats intrest they've added so thats why its £1019 its my car insurance im worried about and how im ment to get university for rest of the month
  3. I emailed them got no reply for months then obviously they took £1019 to be precise so obviously don't need a payment plan now they've screwed me out of alot of money, Im honestly worried because my rent and car insurance comes out Monday and Im £1000 over my overdraft don't know what to do..
  4. Lending stream was just been complete and utter xxxxxx when I rang them said they aint giving me nothing back because they've not recieved a payment off me..
  5. Ill ring lloyds tsb again soon as I can anyone got any ideas on what I should say to resolve this issue?
  6. Im a student my overdraft is £1500 Im now £2500 overdrawn..
  7. Lloyds said they cant do nothing to help because its in there terms and conditions (lending Streams) to go into your account and take money.. Im really stuck im -£1000 I got rent car insurance and got to get to uni what am I meant to do? Any Suggestions?
  8. I have no idea how they took it out of the account when we have definitely cancelled the last card, My partner was at placement all yesterday so she couldnt ring up but ill get her to ring lloyds tonight.. what do you think the chances of getting this back are? oh and by the way it wasnt £1000 in one lump it was £534.50 £434.50 £25.00 £25.00
  9. We had a loan with lending streak for £300 we cancelled our card and tried to reach an agreement but they wouldnt reach a fair one, now theyve took £1000 out my account and I dont know what to do cause now im £1000 over my overdraft...
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