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  1. Hi, Does anyone have any comments on this? Would be really appreciated as it looks like it may now go to court as the bank have so far ignored correspondence. Thanks, Scotcat65
  2. Hi, firstly as a regular viewer of the site but very rare contributor, thanks for all the information put out there (particularly by the site team and the very frequent contributors) to assist us mere mortals, it really does help to know you're not alone. The following situation might be of some general interest in terms of the above areas and I'd welcome any comments, positive or negative. After sadly putting our business into liquidation in 2010, I'm now being chased by the bank (no names yet, don't want to give them any warning) albeit some two and a half years later, for the pers
  3. Hi, everything had gone very quiet on this, but then, suddenly, a couple of calls from 'Westcot Credit Services', followed by the usual threatening letter with rather a lot of red print. Whooooooo..... We're absolutely shaking in our boots....not. We have a good colour printer too so I think we'll see if we can 'out red ink' them with the response. A full page width heading of 'Warning - Criminal Offence Committed' should at least get their attention. Obviously RBS are trying a last ditch effort to scare us into submission. Is it just me being naive, or do these disgraceful tactics s
  4. Hi Enron, Thanks for the suggestions & advice. Interestingly, Citibank are next on our list, as they've completely ignored an offer to settle, a valid CCA request (they credited the account with the £1, which I think may be misappropriation of funds...) and have been intensely irritating with their phone calls. Being generous to Triton / RBS, (as I was unsure if it was calendar or working days), they have a few more until the 30 is up (although I'm not holding my breath for a properly executed document), so I'll wait until then before contacting Trading Standards etc. I might giv
  5. Hi PGH7447, Thanks for the quick response, its great to know that there are people out there taking an interest. Yes, I just wanted someone to confirm if the regulations RBS quote are what I think they are; i.e. they allow the provision of current as opposed to original Ts & Cs etc., but in reality make absolutely no difference to the fact that there is no 'properly executed' agreement provided, only the application form, and that as such, they have not complied with the CCA request. Cheers, Scotcat65.
  6. Hi, first post, but i've been reading the site for a while so let me start by saying thanks to everyone for all the really useful info. In dispute with RBS over wifes personal credit card account. Ran into difficulties at the start of the year (we have our own small retail business, and things have been less than easy recently) and missed / late with a few payments. RBS initially reasonable (all on the telephone, nothing in writing), but when April minimum payment (x 2 actually, to catch up a bit) was made (on time, by the date on the statement received) RBS claimed agreement made by tele
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