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  1. Hi Gustavius rex, not sure the letter only mentioned the transfer and the direct debit. The terms set out in GMAC terms and conditions state. 1 Our Power to transfer 1.1 We can make a transfer of our rights under the mortgage at any time. 1.2 You have consented to transfer in your application form and we can make a transfer using our rights in law or in equity without any further consent from you. 1.3 We may provide to any actual or potential transferee of the mortgage any information or papers about you, the mortgage, the property, and any other security held by us or the conduct of the account between you and us. 1.4 If we make a transfer of our rights under the mortgage, the transferee can exercise our rights and enforce your obligation to the same extent as we could before the transfer. Not sure if this helps,
  2. My GMAC mortgage was transferred to Mortgage Express in March 2008 I just got a letter saying the new account number is we will still take your DD as normal. I have had an issue with them regarding what I think the standard variable rate should be and they are shoving their terms and conditions at me. As I only ever agreed to GMAC terms and conditions do I have to accept Mortgage Express T&Cs ?
  3. My GMAC mortgage was transferred to them in March 2008 I just got a letter saying the new account number is we will still take your DD as normal. I have had an issue with them regarding what I think the standard variable rate should be and they are shoving their terms and conditions at me. As I only ever agreed to GMAC terms and conditions do I have to accept Mortgage Express T&Cs ?
  4. Hi All, Since the last post I decided to wait and see what Westcot would do next no collectors have tried to visit and I have not responded to the first letter. Just to recap the debt is pre 1999 so I believe its statute barred. I have received a final warning letter this morning it says. Despite pervious correspondence a balance still remains outstanding on the above debt. Unless you make a payment of £5k plus within the next 14 days a Claim Form/Summons may be lodged with Hull County Court or the local Sheriff Court in Scotland and subsequently issued to you for payment of the outstanding balance plus legal expenses amount claimed etc. My question is what do I do if they issue proceedings and how likely is it they will?
  5. Thanks for the advice 42 Man & mr.ton I will let you know how I get on
  6. I had a credit card with MBNA back in the 90s I cant remember when I last paid it but I am sure it was pre 99, an old Equifax report I have from Jan 2002 has no record of the MBNA account. I have never made contact with them since this period nor have they contacted me. I have just received a letter from Wescot saying I owe them and MBNA over £5k, requesting payment or they will send a door step collector to see me, they have also contacted my in-laws as that would have been the only telephone for me they would be able to find. What should I do? Your help is much appreciated
  7. I have checked my last reduction back in April when the rate was 5.750% this was 1.25% below standard variable rate so the actual SVR is 7% which is what it may go up to in January when the deal ends. If they pass the BOE cut on at least I will get that for the last two months of the current deal and will be looking at 6.5% in January if nothing else happens with BOE rate. I have heard that some banks /lenders are not passing on the reduction to customers it’s a bit rich when its us the taxpayer who has saved the banking jobs. Thanks for your help it concentrates the mind to look around
  8. I have a mortgage which I took out two years ago the mortgage was with GE Money I took a deal of 1.25% below the standard variable rate for GE. GE then sold my mortgage to Mortgage Express the same deal prevailed. My discount is coming to an end in December 2008 and Mortgage Express have written to me saying my new payments from January 2009 are likely to be at a rate of 7% this would hike my monthly payment up by £150.00. My question is whose standard variable rate should be used when calculating this and do they have the right to set what ever interest rate they feel like. Bearing in mind they are really Bradford & Bingley and are not writing any new business.
  9. Hi Thanks for your interest, as we speak Barclays have done nothing the attachment is still in place and they are still taking payment. We have had no contact from them since the offer to settle. I am thinking of offering an amount to clear this but not sure how much to offer.
  10. My wife defaulted on a Barclays personal loan back in 1999 they obtained judgement for £7123.13 and she agreed to pay £75.00 per month. She paid 48 payments up to December 04 and then missed 4 payments in 05 so they got an attachment of earnings order and she paid 36 payment of £75.00 up to April 2008. Total paid £6,300.00 (Balance £823.13) On the 17th of April 2008 a new attachment order was sent to my wife’s employer stating the account was in arrears and the balance on the order was £4498.13 as far as my wife was concerned the money had been deducted each month and we had bank statement for the first 48 payments and wage slips for the other 36 payments. We got in touch firstly with court who confirmed payments were up to date and then Barclays. The people at Barclays were very rude and just kept saying she was in arrears she questioned the balance on the attachment and eventually received a letter confirming the outstanding balance of £823.13 less another payment taken in May. She asked them if they would consider removing the order and setting up a standing order and also what they would accept as settlement. Barclays suggested she pay £700.00 to clear the matter and this offer would be good for a week. She has since found out that the payroll company at work has changed and has been sending the payments later then usual which has caused the delay to them. As we speak Barclays has not suspended the order or sent a standing order can anyone give some advice on the best course of action.
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    Its often said that people who get into bad debt only have themselves to blame well I don’t subscribe to this theory and this is one example?. I read an article that states Provident Financial was voted Home credit lender of the year Credit today awards 2008 -who voted for them the companies share holders? Any way the kind people at provident sent me a mailing shot inviting me to take a loan with them up to £800.00 they say I can have this loan even if I have CCJ’S Turned down before Tenant, unemployed So if I would like to borrow £300.00 and pay this back over 56 weekly repayments of £9. Total amount payable £504.a typical APR OF JUST 183.2% Sounds like good responsible lending to me
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    Hi All, New to this forum so just getting started
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