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  1. Thanks as long theres not any extra charges thats fine. It was cheaper ( for once ) to buy the phone on contract even over 2 years than to buy it sim free. I have reduced the contract down to its bare minimum and the total cost of the contract was still £150 cheaper than the sim free price.
  2. Im one year into a 2 year O2 mobile contract and have reduced my monthly bill to £10.50 a month. I now wish to cancel the contract and pay off the remaining months.Will i only have to pay 12 x £10.50 or are there any other cancellation fees with O2 ?
  3. Yep we booked a week in Fuengorola for over Xmas On a side note the other couple had booked to go away to Costa del Sol next month at her brothers villa but a bust up means they are not going now and have lost their flights they had paid for.....karma.
  4. I know im a bit late in replying to this thread but here was the outcome in case it happens to anyone else. The numptys never did pay up and point blank refused to have anything to do with it and kept saying ignore them (Direct Holidays) they wont chase you up ye right We advertised it for sale and we recovered all of the money we had paid. However it wasnt that simple and it entailed changing the named party one by one (£30 charge) until all had been transfered over.It took many phone calls until we got a CS agent who understood the problem and was willing to help but got there in the end.The bonus for the buyers and us was they got a big discount on the final price as they were taking 2 children with them and got quite friendly with them they paid the transfer charges so we were not out of pocket
  5. Hi Louby we use numty up here too and these are a right pair.Unfortuanetly they are my wife's brother and his partner. He refuses to take phone calls now and is plain lying about calls he has made to direct holidays.I sent off a cancelation letter and when i get the reply from direct will go over and show them the score in black & white. If that still doesnt have the desired effect then its off to court with them.
  6. Hi Louby, we have no option but to cancel as there are no 1 bed apartments left and the cost of under-occupancy will be horrific. The "numpties" are still refusing to pay and have buried their heads in the sand.Ive got one last call to make today to the credit control dept of Direct to see what they say then i will ask the "numpties" to phone direct to cancel the holiday themselves and see how they get on ! I may be starting a new thread in one of the other forums soon in an attempt to reclaim the money off the "numpties" !! Not sure of the process in Scotland as we dont have the small claims court here.
  7. Its 56 days before departure which is the 26th of Oct.Any later than that then we have to pay more than the deposit. Could we sell the holiday to someone else ? Its a popular date 2 weeks in Tenerife from 21st Dec till 4 Jan.
  8. Holiday form says balance due before 26th Oct so a while yet. Would rather pay up and get it sorted but just off the phone to other couple and they cant pay yet
  9. Dammit that would be me then May prove difficult trying to get the amount from other party. The balance of the holiday isnt due until Oct am i right in thinking we can wait up until then to cancel and still only incur the lost deposit fee ? Thanks for your help BTW i think a lot of people probably get caught out like this.
  10. Thanks bad news there then. Who is actually liable for the amount is it just the lead name or all 4 individuals ?
  11. We booked a holiday on Jan 08 for Dec 08 party of 4.Paid low cost deposit + travel insurance total £190.Now the other couple have backed out cant afford the holiday so i phoned Direct Holidays and they now say we have to pay the remainder of the deposit £360 ! just to cancel the holiday.And the insurance wont reimburse this amount.Is this how it works as never had to cancel before ?
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