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  1. This is still going, guys. I've contacted Experian AGAIN asking them to chase this up. Another letter to 1st Credit has gone unanswered. Can anyone offer me a straight yes or no to this, because I'm really starting to feel like I'm fighting an uphill battle and I should just lay down and die until the six years are up. If 1st Credit can't provide any paperwork whatsoever (which they haven't done do far) with regards to Citi's entry or their own, can I get it removed? Do they have to remove it if they can't prove it? Bearing in mind I've settled the debt totally. Thanks
  2. Do you know if the law regarding sending CCA is no longer valid? Besides the fact they owe me a quid!
  3. Ha ha. How about threatening them with legal action? Could I use the fact they've put inaccurate information about me (the outstanding balance) as leverage? I'm starting to resign myself to the fact it's gonna be there for the whole six years. Thanks for such a quick response.
  4. It's been a long time since any action - I contacted Experian and asked them to investigate it, stating that 1st Credit had not provided a CCA (still hasn't) and were now ignoring all correspondence from me. Experian looked into it, placing a comment on my Credit Report saying it was being investigated. It took a month or so for them to reply (which is today), saying that 1st Credit had now amended the address on the entry to my PREVIOUS address (which is where I was living when I took the loan out), but now it also has an outstanding balance! I have confirmation from them (in writing) t
  5. I think that's my next move, to threaten legal action. I just want this default removed! Thanks so much for your advice. Losing my mind!
  6. I can do that?! Really?! Or am I just being dumb? These guys have been a constant source of worry for me. They're rude, unhelpful, ignorant - payback would be awesome!
  7. Ha ha. That sounds like a good idea actually! If they can't produce the paperwork, can I get the default removed you think? Cheers for the help!
  8. Hi, I've posted on here before with regards to dealing with 1st Credit. Basically, I had a loan with Citifinancial, which I defaulted on and was passed to 1st Credit. The loan was PAID off, however upon checking my credit report Citi was still on there with an outstanding balance, and 1st Credit was also on there, showing as satisfied. Both were at status Defaulted. I contacted Citi immediately, who couldn't apologise enough and deleted their entry entirely from my record. However, 1st Credit is still on there. I have queried their ability to place an entry on my credit record. Experian
  9. I am about to send off a letter again. It's been over 40 days since my original request and still I have not received a copy of the CCA. Below is the letter I am about to send. Can anybody advise me if this is an ok letter, or if I should amend anything? Dear Sir or Madam Your Ref : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Account number - xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I wrote to you on the 19th May, 2008 asking for some relevant information. I enclose a copy of the letter which was sent via recorded delivery. You wrote back to me on the 21st May, 2008 without providing any of the infor
  10. Hey Purpley, could you keep us posted on this one? I'm in exactly the same boat - paid off my debt 12 months ago - I've asked 1st Credit for a copy of my CCA (to which they replied this could take like 8 weeks), and am still waiting. That was 5 weeks ago. I know they are now in breach of the length of time to get the copy to me, but I don't know if that's enough to get the default removed. Thanks
  11. Thanks very much for your quick response! Does it make a difference that I've acknowledged and paid off the debt?
  12. Hi - I've recently asked 1st Credit for a CCA - they are now well over the 12 day period to produce it. I have received a letter to say they will supply, but that's it. The debt was paid over a year ago - all I want to know is this: if they don't respond with a CCA, can I then request the entry on my credit record be removed? It's in their name. Thanks
  13. Just another update: spoke to 1st - confirmed no debt owed. This is a standard letter they send out (!!!!) and it just happened to include this figure. How many people are going to receive these letters and PAY?! I'm writing to their complaints department immediately.
  14. I've had a letter this morning stating that they are contacting Citi with regards to my request and will be responding as soon as possible. However, they are now stating that there is an outstanding balance of over £300. This is incorrect and this debt is down as settled! I will be speaking to them tonight, but has anyone had the same experience? These people are really starting to get to me.
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