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  1. My problem is this, on 15th feb 2013 i bought a 2000 renault megane alize sport from a dealer it cost £500 has 82k on the clock and 8 months mot. initially before looking at it i did a hpi text checker and all showed clear. Car drove lovely and aside from a very tiny dent in the front passenger side wing and a scuff on the rear bumper all was fine with the car. i recieved the log book as well. Then the problems began. Went to the post office with the log book and told i cant tax it with them because the green slip has been stamped and as such us alreeady used. They told me i had to go to dvla in borehamwood to get the tax.So i went there only to be told that the stamp was dated 2007 and i would have to send off for a new log book for free as i had the green slip. As alarm bells were starting to ring i did some checking around online and found the DVLA's vehicle enquiry section, upon entering the new cars details it showed that a VIC check was required. Having never heard of this as this is the first car ive physically bought by myself i had a look around and was horrified to learn this mark was usually put on for cat c vehicles. So decided to do a 2nd HPI check but this time online and discovered that the car is in fact a category C write off. once in may 2008 for it being stolen but recovered and put back on the road and a second time for an accident. However there is no service history to see what the accident was and whether it was significant damage and been repaired. To me the damage i saw when buying the car was very minor as stated above and i dont think theres much majorly wrong with the car as i have also checked online the past MOT's and seen work has been done on the car the most recent being a brake change and an offside bearing change. What i would like to know is do i have grounds to request a refund or if necessary take the deaer to court for mis selling me a car as he did not state when buying it that it was an insurance write off. Should also point out that nothing was mentioned of this on the auto trader ad where i found the car. Have contacted autotrader to see if they still have a copy of the ad they can mail me as it has since been removed. From what i have read online without proof of a misleading claim because i dont have the original ad it seems like its a my word against his kinda thing. I dont mind using the car if there is nothing majorly wrong with it thats going to put my life in danger. I already know it can be insured with my current insurer because it was briefly when i picked the car up. Also on the subject of insurers do i have to inform them its a cat c write off. Reason i ask is because when i initially insured it i didnt know it was a write off and they didnt ask either. Obviously would like that info cos i dont wanna drive it thinking all is ok then have an accident and find my insurance void because of it. However i would have thought that in this day and age they would know that anyway with everything being done electronically. So basically just wanna know where i stand with all this. Thanks
  2. He's tried to claim housing benefit but got told that because he lives with his uncle he cant claim.
  3. Hoping someone can offer some advice on this issue, please note that i am posting on behalf of a friend. My boyfriend lodges with his uncle and his brother. His uncle being the main bill payer and the named person on the councils rent book. I have just had my JSA stopped because they say that because my boyfriend works over 24 hours a week he should be paying everything for me. I was under the understanding that if it were our own place and my boyfriends name was the main one on the rent book then what the dole office have done would be correct. But i also thought that as both my boyfriend and i are my uncles lodgers that this would not apply. Is this correct? and if it is not what do i do about it as he does not earn enough to cover the rent plus his other outgoings on his wage. Any help would be great thanks.
  4. thanks for the replies it is as i thought, i've recently done the SIA approved security guard course and i was 98% certain i was right on this just want some reassurance. ps im male.
  5. Yes we have the GMB union, it is a retail company.
  6. A friend of mine asked me to post this as she doesnt have internet access, So the situation is this, an assistant manager from another store stole £26,000 form his cash office, since this has happened the company has raised their security. On Friday the security guard and assistant manager went into the ladies locker room only ( not the males), they then proceeded to open each locker one at a time and then proceeded to search through the female staffs belongings, handbags, purses coat pockets etc. Throughout all of this none of the staff being searched where either informed or called in to witness this or sign anything stating they had consented to it. What she and i would like to know is are they legally allowed to do this without the person being present. I do understand that the lockers are the companies property and they may open and search them at will, however i understood that to mean they could remove your items from the locker but could not physically search in your bag. I know from the searches that occur at the end of the shift if they wish to search inside your bag they are not physically allowed to put their hands in it they have to ask you to empty the bag for them. Any help or advice would be great thankyou.
  7. Your reading what i have written in totally the wrong context for starters there is no lack of respect on my part towards my manager i happen to get on with him rather well and find him to be very approachable and understanding. Also please note i only reacted with whatever after i was spoken to sarcastically, not before as you seem to be pointing out. I have worked for the company for 8 years and have a pretty good record with them i am constantly praised for doing a good job. I have only had one grievance before which i won and that was over claiming holiday pay whilst being off sick.
  8. To explain my question, first of all i work in a retail hardware store we recieve our deliveries in cages and plastic tote boxes. On thursday i worked on our seasonal section, as we were preparing to leave to go home my supervisor comes up to me in front of all the other members of staff present that day and says to me "did you not see the seeds in that tote thats on that cage" my response was "yeah they are overstock" she then comes back with "but ive just checked and they are going out", so i repeated "they cant be i worked all of them" i didnt say anything just pulled a face really.... then she says in a sarcastic tone "well pardon me for looking" my natural instinct was im not being spoken to ike that so i just said "whatever". Then a couple of minutes later i left the building and as i did so she smugly says "thankyou" After this i felt a bit well singled out because of the way this was conducted i felt that she should have callled me away from the others and then asked me about this. As well as the above for the last several weeks i have been given the sections with the most stock on everyday and im lucky if i get any help with it. She expects me to get everything finished and some nights it is humanly impossible to do. I feel physically and mentally wonr out from doing this for so long. Anyway today i was called into the office by my manager and assistant manager because the supervisor complained about the way i spoke to her. I explained all the above including how i felt. I then told them that i would like to put in a complaint about bullying. My manager then says that if i put in a bullying grievance complaint if i am succesful then my supervisor would be sacked, but if i was unsuccesful i would be sacked. Is that true? if it is i think its complete crap how can a victim lose their job for daring to stand up for themselves?
  9. The intentions of it as far as i am aware is that they want us to be doing more than just the jobs we applied for. I didnt agree to that and i have signed nothing stating otherwise. If i wanted to work on tills id have applied for a job working on tills. However i did not i applied for an out of hours job merchandising.
  10. To explain a little my current job is a customer service assistant evenings. My company is currently restructuring at the moment and as a result they are telling the evening team that i am a part of that we have to be till trained. I dont see the point because the store isnt open when i am working. To my knowledge there is nothing in my contract that states i may have to work in other areas of the company, and i doubt that my job role is changing because we are understaffed on evenings as it is. Anyway i dont want to be trained on tills and it isnt the job i applied for when i started there. Can they force me to do it if i refuse?
  11. @ Mrshed this holiday was booked 6 months prior to me becoming ill, all paid for and had i have cancelled it i would have been £600 out of pocket. I dont think its cheeky to ask for it back because i was never actually paid holiday pay for it in the first place. During that week i recieved SSP which is paid by the government ergo the company had no monetary loss due to it. The sick not is there to state i am unfit to work not unfit to go on holiday. I checkec with the doctor and informed my holiday insurance company. I also out of courtesy rang my boss and informed him of the holiday. I do understand your point of view but i do not agree with it. @ everyone else thankyou for your thoughts and advice, i can see today is going to be a very interesting day at work
  12. Hey Im a cancer patient, 2 years ago i had non hodgkins lymphoma. Recently i had been getting chest pains and shortness of breath and as such my doctor signed me off work whilst i underwent diagnosis. In total i was off work for a little over 4 weeks. Well during this time i had a holiday booked to Corfu which had been booked since the start of the year. I spoke to my Doctor regarding this and he told me it was ok for me to go and would allow me to relax a bit becuase as you can imagine when you have a possibility of a cancer returning it can be rather stressful. Well after my holiday i was still awaiting test results but i felt better than i had done so i decided to return to work. Now my understanding is while i am off from work for 4 weeks i am paid "company sick pay" and afterwards "statutory sick pay" meaning that i do not use up my holiday entitlement at all and in fact the 7 days i had booked off for holiday would still be there on my return to work. So naturally as there arent many weeks left of the year i quickly rebooked them and was granted them by the department manager. Well 2 days later (today) im called into the office and told that it is the managers discretion as to whether or not i can rebook these holidays and that his discretion is that because i went on holiday to Corfu he is going to deny me rebooking my remaining holiday days, and has cancelled the week i booked off. I personally think this decision is wrong and i also believe that what i do while i am off from work on a doctors sick note has got sod all to do with them. Although out of courtesy i did actually inform them that i was going on this holiday. I am also a member of the GMB union perhaps i should give them a call about it.
  13. Some further information. I contacted the recovery department of the council by phone and asked them to take over the debt again and offered them £1 a week they refused to do that and told me the bailiff will still come to try to take stuff that i do not have.
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