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  1. I don't know if anyone can help be I am doing my self assessment last minute as usual, I am self employed as a foster carer on which my profit was around 9,000 and catalogue business which I made a loss of around 800. I have filled in the box to offset my loss to the previous year as I had to pay some tax last year which is unusual for me. Does this mean that I should get a rebate from last year? Because the calculation is coming up as I have to pay around £80 National Insurance as I am over the threshold for that and there is no rebate from last year included in the calculation. How does it w
  2. Thank you for your reply. I don't have a copy of it - after the meeting R took it away to make some corrections but there are a lot of things wrong with it that I didn't have time to challenge. If they don't let me see it again and have more time to read it properly and challenge inaccuracies etc I am concerned that it will become final and put on record where anyone in the social services might be able to see it, even if they are not involved with this case. It could affect my currently good reputation as a foster carer and affect my chance of getting future placements. I am a lone and full
  3. Not sure if this is the right forum for this question but I can't find any other suitable for this issue. I'm looking for some advice regarding the data protection act and a bit of a long story but I will try to be as brief as possible. I am a foster carer of a 15 year old boy (B) who has autism, ADHD, and social emotional behavioural problems. I have been his foster carer for over 3 years and it has not been easy, he has temper tantrums like a 2 year old, has trashed my house on several occasions and trashed his room on a regular basis. He has been placed with me on a permanent basis. There
  4. Thank you for your advice. From what I can recall I told the guy on the phone I was a foster carer and I needed a policy to cover potential damage by fostered children. Foster children are not tenants or paying guests, they are supposed to be considered family members and in this case the boy is permanently placed with me. In each section of the policy - in this case it would be 'Vandalism or malicious acts' - it states as not covered 'loss or damage caused by you or any paying guest or tenant'. Which is why I thought I would be covered. I missed the bit at the back of the booklet titled 'Gene
  5. I am a foster carer and when I began fostering over 3 years ago I took out a new home buildings and contents insurance policy with Nationwide. I specifically told the guy who sold it to me over the phone that I was a foster carer and needed suitable insurance to cover me for potential damage by foster children. He said this policy would be fine. I have been paying it for nearly 4 years and not made any claims but yesterday one of the young people that I foster caused considerable damage to my house during an outburst of temper, including a broken window and internal doors. I called the insuran
  6. That's disgraceful considering it can't provide a decent service. The high speed broadband, when working properly is superior to anything else on the market but it's reliability is very poor. We had 15 days without any usable internet or phone recently and I had to make 4 fault reports before it was fixed, each one involving at least a 3 day wait for repair (5 if it includes a weekend). Every time the engineer came out they blamed the pole across the road for the problem and said it is due to be replaced. That was several weeks ago and guess what? The pole still has not been replaced, the int
  7. Thanks for your comments, I think the Prince's Trust also focuses mainly on disadvantaged young people. My foster daughter did it and all the young people on it were care leavers, had mental health problems or had been in trouble with the law. My son has applied for 100s of jobs and gets nowhere. He has now applied to do some voluntary work, hoping to expand his experience a little and make him more employable. The trouble is the longer they are on JSA the harder it is to get someone to employ them. He was better off when he was just dealing with the job centre, they did at least try to get hi
  8. I have heard nothing from the court. I have had a letter from Lowells - just a typical debt collectors letter! So now I don't really know where I stand with this.
  9. Whoops I misread the statement and the call logged was actually 2 hrs and 45 minutes, not 2 mnutes and 45 seconds. I was rather dismayed about this and sure I ended the call properly but that's what comes of not being very phone savvy I suppose. I emailed virgin and they did knock £35 off the bill which helped. I also contacted Traveline because they must have left that phone line open all that time! They were very unhelpful, I won't be calling them again! Thanks to you guys for your help anyway.
  10. I don't know if I am in the right forum here but here goes: Does anyone know of any organisations for young job seekers that actually offer practical help (not just CV and applications) to any young person (not just disadvantaged young people) in getting work? I have been a little dismayed that while a young person I foster has had all sorts of practical help from various organisations from helping her with her CV to actually taking her to agencies to help her look for work, my son, because he has not been in care, is not disabled, does not have mental health problems and has not been in tr
  11. I was definitely in UK. Thanks for all your your help, hopefully it may be a mistake, I will get onto virgin and see what they say.
  12. I made a call from my virgin mobile to Traveline 08712002233 to find out if a certain bus route was operating as normal tomorrow, as the young person I look after was panicking about getting to her boyfriend's for Christmas. I was on the phone for 2 minutes 45 seconds. A bit later I had a text from virgin saying I had nearly reached my credit limit. I was confused as my bill is only normally about £25. I went online to check my bill and I have been charged £67.94 for this one under 3 minute call! Does anyone know if this is correct? And is there anything
  13. I did the S 78 request which they ignored, and put in my defence as above, but what is so frustrating is that they now appear to have given up on the court claim but are still chasing me for the debt. I don't owe them anything, this so called debt is made up entirely of charges added AFTER I paid off the balance and tried to close the account. They won't take me to court but still want the money!
  14. Update: A couple of weeks ago I had a letter from Lowell's to say my account was on hold. I have just received another letter telling me that because I have failed to pay my account it will be sent to ScotCall who will be instructed to pursue me for the full balance, which is now £176.92. Does this mean they have given up on the court claim? I have not had any communication from the court. And any advice about how to deal with this new lot when they start chasing me?
  15. Thanks Andy, I've submitted that, with that bit omitted, fingers crossed and I'll keep you posted of any developments. Many thanks for your help. Annlli
  16. Thanks Andy. I have used your example and come up with the following, could you please tell me what you think? Not sure whether I should mentioning original agreement with Great Universal or not. Paragragh 1 is denied as there was no such agreement with the original creditor. The claimant has failed to respond to a section 78 request for the orginal agreement, dated 14th October 2013 and signed for on 16th October 2013. Paragraph 2 is denied because there was no debt to be assigned/purchased. Paragraph 3 is denied because there was no agreement with Shop Direct. T
  17. I have had no response from the section 78 request, which was received by Lowells on 16th Oct. I have to submit my defense by the end of this week, could you please help me with how to word it?
  18. I sent the Section 78 request on 14th Oct, it was received and signed for on 16th, I have had no response so far, should I have had it by now? How long do I wait for it? Sorry to be a little dim but I am a bit confused by the time period they have to respond. Is it 12 working days or just 12 days?. From when I sent it or when they received it? Thanks
  19. I just had a thought, when Kays took over from GUS, they gave me a new account number, do I need to put both in the letter or one or the other? That's if I can find the old one.
  20. Thanks, I'll get on and do that, I doubt very much whether they have the agreement as I started the account over 30 years ago. So I acknowledge the claim and wait for a response to my letter, then come back here for some more advice?
  21. Thank you, and thanks to dx100uk also for the advice. I've found the section 78 request letter, who do I send it to? Is is Lowells? I will do that today and post tomorrow. I have found a letter from Shop Direct informing me that they have assigned the debt to Lowell does that count as a copy of the assignment? If it's not is there a template or sample letter? Does that go to Lowells? Do I still send the SAR? Many thanks
  22. How does that work when the claimant is Lowells and charges were paid to Shop Direct? When I complete the counter claim do I specify an amount? I only get 28 days to submit a counter claim and the SAR can take up to 40? Thanks
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