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  1. I do feel a little bit like that! I haven't even DONE anything yet, I am merely considering the options! Don't worry, I know the drill with online forums.
  2. Bigmac, could you elaborate on this please? What is the Limitation Act?
  3. Motorbike, you need to start your own thread rather than thread-jacking someone elses.
  4. I don't want advice on how to avoid paying legitimate debts. I wanted other peoples opinions and experiences, and also advice on what I believe to be an illegitimate or unfair debt that until Friday I had no idea I had even "incurred". I also came to the site looking for information about reclaiming bank charges, which, last time I checked, is an acceptable thing to do. Then I found some interesting additional information on this site that threw a few more questions into the air, so I thought I would get peoples thoughts on that too. I am a little bit tired of your attitude that I am some kind of dishonest thief Chesterexpress, if you have nothing else of value to contribute, your opinion has been duly noted, thank you, you may return to your moral high ground.
  5. Thanks Bigmac- thats more the kind of reply I was looking for! I will do that with the DCA. I have SO many things to do before we leave, that yesterdays phone call was the last thing I needed! Your are right, the BC IS a moral vs financial dilemma. The ex-Barclays employee that posted that thread obviously had a bit of an axe to grind, and I am intelligent enough to take his thread with a little grain of salt. For now, I will continue to repay it as I am in a position to do so (I have budgeted to ensure that it is fully repaid before we leave) its not an enormous sum of money. I do take my finances very seriously, and my dilemma is that if you get away with something once, obviously the temptation to do it again gets stronger, and I certainly don't want to make a habit out of doing something like that. Ask me again the day before we leave! (JK)
  6. Thank you for your reply. I am going to try anyway- nothing to lose, potential money to gain, right?
  7. Thanks! I have downloaded all the letter templates, and am printing them off now. Any ideas of how long it could take?
  8. Also- buy yourself a notebook and start keeping a record of ALL communication between you and HR/ your employer/ colleagues etc. Keep your phone records in there too. You can't be too careful- it can all help in your defense, and will help your solicitor prepare a good case on your behalf.
  9. Firstly, so sorry to hear about this, it must be immensely stressful, and I hope you and your wife are working together on this. Are you being suspended without pay? Go through your contract with a fine-tooth comb, I am pretty sure that you should have been given a verbal warning (or some kind of warning) first. I agree with letshelp, you need legal advice. There are some good employment websites out there that can give you basic employment law advice, but for something like this I think i would see a solicitor ASAP. A solicitor can help advise you of your rights, help you interpret your contract, can deal with any correspondence between you and your employer, and defend you. They can also help you seek compensation if you are indeed innocent and have been wrongfully suspended. I find it odd that the police are even involved at this stage?
  10. HI, I am under the understanding that I can reclaim unlawful bank charges dating back 6 years. Is this correct? I had an HSBC current account from 2002-2005, and during this time I definitely had some bank charges. I have drafted the first letter, and have included a list of all the addresses I had while I had that account, as my current address will mean nothing to them. Do you think that I still have a good chance of reclaiming the charges? If so, how will they pay me back, and roughly how long do these things take- i am leaving the UK permanently in August, and am worried I have left it too late.
  11. Hi everyone, If you have been successful in reclaiming bank charges off Halifax/ BOS, how long did it take roughly? Did they credit your account? Thank you. TheKernel.
  12. I find this so hard to believe..... it didn't even cross my mind until yesterday, and I am now in a moral quandary! Do these banks really have THAT many people evading debt that they simply cannot cope with the volume of people they need to trace, or do they make enough profit that they can't be bothered?
  13. So has anyone else got any opinions or advice? Not trolling, not trying to start a fight, I genuinely feel in a bit of a moral vs financial dilemma, and its always good to hear other peoples viewpoints on this. Also want to know whether I have any rights regarding the DCA business.
  14. Who me? I am not a troll, I promise you. I found this site looking for help on reclaiming bank charges. The advice I wanted originally was pertaining to that, however upon reading some of the forums I have found a few things out that I was unaware of. Then, yesterday, I had a call from a DCA who are trying to sting me for money that I am not willing to pay for, as I don't think they have followed debt recovery procedure correctly, and I DO begrudge paying for a service I haven't received. I would like more advice on this issue please. I also object to being contacted by a DCA in the first instance, when the company they are working on behalf of could have phoned me themselves, or could have informed me of my obligations when I cancelled the policy- I would have been more than happy to settle it then. The barclaycard issue is secondary really, I had every intention of paying that off until I saw the thread that its ex-employee started. Debt evasion isn't my bag at all, however many people on this forum seem to have got away with it, and the fact that I AM leaving the country to never return makes it all the more tempting. Whether i give in to that temptation is undecided at the moment.
  15. Well done for being such an honest person. Perhaps leaving the country may never be an option for you. Precisely why I don't begrudge it, as I said in my last post. Not sure which part of that you don't agree with. I am not one of the people who come here and "take your jobs", nor have I claimed any benefits whatsoever. I have made an enormous contribution to the NHS over the last 6 years. I suspect you may think I am someone who has come to the UK for a "free lunch". I can assure you that this couldn't be further from the truth.
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