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  1. many thanks I will do that I already informed them am witing now for there reply
  2. I have some pay day loans I am unable to repay the in full due illness I need some advice what I have to do many thanks
  3. when we contact the union the said the employer shoul give written notice why and when the going to start tracking if the they do not do that the company can not use tracking as evidence to sack or give disciplinary to employee.
  4. ....and was he where he was supposed to be? I do not know but he deny it they started tracking not because they suspect gross misconduct just to check the employee performance. but what the law says are the allowed to do that without written notice and nothing mentioned in our contract about tracking.
  5. they sacked for gross misconduct. they said to the guy we tracked your movement you were in a location diffrent from the one you reported to us we work on street to do survey.
  6. Thank you they did not inform us that they start tracking and there is no contract clause to suport what they are doing they sacked on person since they start tracking should they give us a written notice or not? can they use this tracking to sack people? Many thanks for your help
  7. Does anyone know the legalities of employers using GPS systems to track on-the-street employees? For example Meter reader Vehicle etc
  8. Thank you guys for your support, only 10 minutes and they are losing 2 weeks work with full pay. I will you up date you ASAP after the hearing.
  9. The union told me that they cannot dismiss me because of those ten minutes it is impossible, they should give me warning because I do not commit any offences. They said that cannot be gross misconduct, if the manger wants he can deduct the 10 minutes from my time. Even I asked the citizen advice bureau, they agreed with the union.
  10. What do you mean ( claiming this is gross misconduct would be OTT )
  11. The disciplinary procedure Oral warning First written warning Final written warning Dismissal I know why he did that they do not like me in the company because I always complain about the supervisor. I am a pain in the .... For them. I work full time, same time in the office and same time on street, That day I was on street I stopped to buy tea from somewhere there was long queue I waited when I got me tea I put sugar then I logged break, I spent ten minutes waiting for the tea. I am clean I do not have any warning at all, for seven years I never had any warning. The manger does not like me at all, his action was clear to me he wants to get rid of me; he gave me 2 weeks suspension. I have a union I am going to see them; they said they will came with to hearing.
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