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  1. hahaha Yeah I see what you mean - it's the same with HSBC, but I have nothing showing up on my available balance either. I don't understand why other people have been paid though, but not me. Well, just have to wait til Tuesday - thanks for all your help
  2. Every date for the 300ft bungee is fully booked and seeing as it was a gift for Christmas in 2007 - not being able to take the jump until 2009 seems a bit nonsensical.
  3. I'm with HSBC - that sounds wierd with Barclays - it doesn't show up at the cash machine but you can still take it out?
  4. Hi everyone, i'm just looking for some advice before I start sending emails or just let £100 go down the drain! At christmas last year I bought a gift voucher from Ex Element for a 300ft bungee jump. When i came to book it a few weeks ago, it was fully booked. The gift voucher is absolutly useless. Ex element say they don't do refunds but I can exchange it if I give them another £20. I sent an email to ukbungee asking if it was possible to use the voucher on a different (cheaper) jump, whats the chances they will say yes and is there any way of getting my money back? I have paid for liter
  5. Nope, nothing in there. Although a colleague with a different bank who is on the same payroll has had her wages in there today. Lovely stuff
  6. Thanks guys for all your help - we shall see tomorrow morning! :-|
  7. My pay day this month falls on a sunday of a bank holiday weekend and so I expected my wages in today. However, as I suspected, my ever-caring employer has failed to ensure this. I phoned the accountants (it is quite a small firm) and they told me they did a BACS transfer on wednesday night and it should be in there tomorrow (saturday). Is that right? I didn't think money went in or out on a weekend. Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. Thanks everyone! So, I would have 30 days to pay it back - i get paid in that time so when my wages is paid into my account will it be swallowed up straight away? Whats the liklihood they will refuse the overdraft?
  9. Hey everyone I am wondering, if there is any limit to how much an informal overdraft with HSBC can be, and when it all has to be paid back by (I have no agreed overdraft limit), aaaand also what kind of person/in what circumstances would an informal overdraft request be declined? thanks in advance!
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