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  1. Hi, I had an OPC parking ticket in May thi year and didn't pay it. Unfortunately I had a hired car at the time from Hertz which i rented through my company's hired car company, Leasedrive. OPC have obviously sent the ticket onto Leasedrive and they have paid the fine. They are now asking me to pay up including an admin fee of £55 + VAT!! Where do I stand in this situation as I had no notification from Leasedrive that they paid it or were requesting money off me, they only phoned me yesterday to ask if they could take the money off my card????
  2. Hello, I have recently recieved a private parking ticket from OPC in my town. I was visiting a friends flat to pick her up and she needed some help with some luggage so I left the car outside (not in a parking place) for literally 5mins and came back to see i'd been issued a parking ticket. I found this ridiculous considering it was at 22:20 on a week day! I have been given 28 days to pay £100 reducing to £50 if paid within 14 days. Should I write a letter to appeal or just ignore? I was in a hired car rented through my company at the time and am concered whether the hired car company
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