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  1. Having spoken to the lovely jolly people at the Revenue Services Recovery Office, firstly to a normal clerk who answered the call and also to her manager as she was crap, but the out line is as follows: - The bill is for Council Tax (£1697.89) for 1st April 2008 – 1st April 2009 + £75.00 costs to court. - The have on record that they sent letters March and April for the first monthly instalments to each of us, and that is sufficient evidence to the court that they have taken appropriate actions to notify us. - I explained that this was not fair an
  2. This morning I wandered downstairs to see three identical letters sitting on my doormat, addressed to myself and my two house mates. I open mine to discover that we have each been issued with a court summons from Tower Hamlets Council for non payment of Council Tax. This comes as a complete shock and surprise to all of us, as we haven't received any bill or warning whatsoever. We moved into the property in November 2007, and paid up for the Council Tax we owed for the 2007/2008 financial year in February this year (£600 or so). At the same time, my house mate sent off a form to request mo
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