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  1. Hi everyone wonder if anyone can give me any help or advice. I took out an unsecured loan from GE Capital in December 2006 for £8,000. I paid this loan (£190 pm) on time until November 2007 when I came out of work. I made some token payments of £100 and £50, but as I was not working I quickly moved to 3 months in arrears. They then defaulted me in February 2008 and sold the debt to Link Financial Services. Link contacted me in March 2008 to arrange to see if I could put a repayment plan together, which as I wasn't working could not do. I started work again in May 2008, and even t
  2. It's a few days since your last post, heard anything new? I too have my car in hidng, in fact swaped with a friend 70 miles away so hopefully this will deter them.
  3. Hi this is my first post so please go easy on me. As part of "the group case" I think we all need to share our knowledge to help each other. Sensitive stuff PM of course. Does anyone know what hours the LBL repossession agents work? can the come and visit on a Sunday for instance. Do they abide by bailiff rules etc? Has anyone any ideas about if they do happen to catch you what you can do to get rid of them on your doorstep while this case is going on? I think it's just one agent working for them, tell me if different and I've been on their website. It say's they have 20 teams U
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