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  1. Hi. I know that if DLC are chasing this balance then they don't 'own' the debt and they will be working the debt on behalf of the creditor, known as commision. I am unfamiliar with the other DCA, have you spoken to them to ask who actually owns the debt? I would advise write a letter and send a cheque to 3 direct with payment. Hope that helps and all the best!
  2. Hi, I'm almost ceratin that to claim Stat Barred on a mortgage then it is 12 years. 6 years for interest and charges i think. And regular phone contact does count, DLC i think record all calls incoming and outgoing according to letters like most DCA's so would be able to prove contact if you tried to claim stat barred. Also the account would default at some point - typically it is six months of being in arrears / non payment. Hope that hekps, all the best!
  3. Hi, Your message advises that you only requested the CCA and that is what you got. Did you make any payments to 1st credit?If so, you can always request a statement of account from them, maybe worth it just to ensure the balance is correct. From the image it looks ok, are you in dispute with anything in specific? If so i would maybe look at the T&C's if you have them. Hope that hekps, all the best!
  4. When the creditor defaulted you it will be registered for 6 years. Once passed, if sold to a debt collection agency then they typically registerthe default in their company name. If after 6 years, the debt still has not been satisifed / settled i think they can re-register the default. Have you checked your credit file to see the exact default dates?
  5. Ok, firstly before a Charging Order can be applied they will need to apply for a CCJ. In your message you advised that you already had a Warrant Of Execution and a charge applied for this debt? If so, then they wont be applying for a charge as there will be one there already. I would call them again as soon as possible or speak with your partner to confirm whether this is the same account or whether your partner has another account. Sounds like it is possibly a second account. And the only way to stop a charging order will be to come to an arrangement with a creditor or to defend the charging order. If the creditor is pursuing with a charging order, chances are they will have all the documents needed to prove the debt is owed otherwise its quite a waste of money on their part. hope that helps a little.
  6. I am pretty certain that it is 'bad practice' to pass an account onto a debt collection agency whilst in dispute. I am also fairly certain there is nothing stopping them, it is a bit of a grey area i think. Hopefully some one can advise in more detail in more sociable hours.
  7. I personally dont see how they would of been in breach of The Data Protection Act. Even if the DCA are sending documents to a different address, did you provide them with the address? If they have reason to believe or you have requested mail at a specific address then they are not in breach of the DPA. Obviously the letters are going to be addressed in your name and if anyine else were to open them and see the enclosed documents then that individual will be breaking the law not the DCD. If in doubt seek advice from a legal professionall. Hope my opinion has helped! all the best.
  8. Hi, you have already acknowledged the debt by offering payments. This of course doesn't legally prove that you owe the outstanding balance, indeed it will most likely ask questions such as why do you suddenly want the COA now? With regards to court action, if DLC bought the debt, they DONT have to accept a payment arrangement but it may be in both parties interests. For example if you financial situation is not the best and have a low disposable income and you are honestkly paying all you can afford then the courts are very unlikely to order you to pay more. However if you have a mortgage and enough equity in your property then they could apply for a CCJ and follow that up with a Charging Order to secure the debt. In relation to wage slips, you dont have to provide your wage slips to DLC but if you refuse it may seem like you are hiding something to them, possibly bonuses if working etc... You would most likely have to prove all income and expenditure in court as far as i am aware.
  9. Hi, as far as I am aware Mackenzie Hall are allowed to credit check you. The reasons you advised are for trace purposes, most likely scenario is that a creditor or debt collection agency are trying to locate you and inform you of a debt. I am also pretty certain that lenders will be able to see the searches carried out by Mackenzie Hall or a debt collection agency and it may possibly have a slight effect on your credit score but someone more who knows more could advise no doubt. What do the letters from Mackenzie Hall say? (If you dont mind me asking?) All the best!
  10. Hi, I think, as far as I am aware that for a debt to be Stat Barred then you must NOT of had contact with regards to this debt in 6 years. So for eample if you spoke to the client, whoever provided you with credit 5 years ago, be it on the phone or written communication then they can still pursue you. And obviously from this letter, it will be a further 6 years. Now you said you have never paid anything or acknowlged but do you owe this balance? If so then it would be worth at looking to pay this off. However, you could request a Copy Of Agreement to proove you took the credit out. If they do provide you with one i would suggest repaying the monies owing. If they cant, chances are that thet are unable to obtain one and i am almost certain they could not pursure you anymore, legally anyway. Just claim you cannot remember taking anything out with capital 1 and want proof. Hope it helps, all the best!
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