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  1. ******UPDATE******* HI EVERYONE just thought i would tell you all the good news, the manager who was sexually harrasing us was sacked today, he was escorted off the prem by security, im so pleased and am looking forward to going to work tomorrow, its been a very stressful and hard few weeks but im glad that we were all taken seriously and its worked out for the best. thanks to everyone who commented on my post, sara xx
  2. elche i take it you have never been sexualy assulted at work. he is a perv. i was picked up and placed on a tabe and dry humped . HE IS BLOODY GUILTY. i have had my neck bitten by this creature so dont tell me that there are two sides to every story, this has deeply effected myself and others, one girl is off sick with stress, what he has done is disgraceful and it seems to me that you have no idea what your talking about. people are scared making a statement when they still have to work with this man, he is manipulative and is making out he is the wounded party, i am a single parent and
  3. hi everyone just a quick update and boy am i bloody mad, the perv is still at work ,how come they have not suspended him, my work mate has given her statement as have many others., i have not been called yet because im on holiday, i thought if a serious complaint had me made against somone then they should be suspended until they decide, is that right?
  4. hiya everone who has written on here rearding my prob, thanks again and to be honest im bricking it, tomorrow is D day so to speak and i dont think im going to get much sleep, im on holiday now so im expecting a phone call tomorrow asking me to go in and make a statement,. i just wish it was all over and hope peolpe who have been subjected to the bosses mauling speak up., i know that he is twisting it and trying to make out he is the victim, he told the assistant manager that after myself and other worker told him to stop his touching he went home and had to have a shower because he felt li
  5. the thing that puzzles me i that he is still there,surely he should be suspended if an aligation this serious has been made against him. i know at the moment its just a verbal complaint,the letter of complaint should get there mon morning,
  6. hi everyone and thanks for your advice i have just had a phone call from the girl who reported our boss, she says that hr have organised a meeting on monday with her and our area manager,im a bit concerned for her because she isnt really sure what the meeting entails, i have told her to be strong and tell the truth and dont let them make light of the situation because i dont trust our company or the managers, i wish i could go with her but as im involved i guess i would not be allowed.
  7. just another point the other woman who has reported this is off sick recarding this matter, she is stressed and its making her ill. she said that she wont go back to work because she is so scared
  8. i would say 6 of us have been targeted. i have witnessed things being done to others and they have witnessed things being done to me. i know myself and 1 other will speak up but i hav not asked anyone else to because i dont wasnt to fell they have been forced into it, unfortunatly we dont have a union
  9. thanks for the reply ,i think i might see what the next letter says before i throw the stat barred letter at them. have a play for a while lol.
  10. hi everyone and hope you call give me some advice. i work in the catering industry and had a new manager appointed approx 9 month ago. to cut along story short he first started out being very touchy feely with the staff then it progressed to undoing of womens bras. biting staff members necks ,massaging shoulders ,kissing on the lips.sticking his tongue in a 60 year old womans ear, pushing us up againts tables and dry humping etc, as you can imagine this is pretty gross. my self and many others are single parents and value our jobs. this man was reported to hr in writing last
  11. not sure if this information is of any relivence but i have checked my credit files and i have no outstanding debt or have red, lowells or muck hall hav done any searches on me.
  12. hi again thanks for all your words of encouragement regarding dog sh*t hall. it says on there effort of a letter that cap one are the original creditor .lowell are the pursuers and that lowell is mucks client, what the hell is all that about??
  13. if i send the stat barred letter would that be the end if it, im on holiday at the moment and this is really stressing me out. do you think they could lie and say i had made a payment ,sorry if i sound daft but i know these people lie to you about things like that,
  14. thanks for the reply . would cap one except £200 not the £630 on letter. i presume this is all charges. i have not made any contact or payments in 6 years regarding this debt. red offeredme a reduction if i answered there letter but i thought it best not to because they sounded very desperate to get my money even at a reduced rate. maybe they knew the had little chance because the debt is over 6 years old
  15. hi everyone recieved 2 letters from red about 3 months ago regarding a crap one debt, now this debt is approx 6/7 years old. long story but marraige broke up i moved and basicly removed all traces of my married life from my memory now its come back to haunt me. i ignored red but now this morning recieved a letter from mackenzie regarding this debt so obviously red gave up. i know the amount on the crap one card was £200 and these **** bags want £630 off me. i would like to pay the original £200 but no way am i paying over £400 extra to them. should i cca them or send the stat
  16. i agree with you forgottenone. we get into debt through curcumstances and the scummy debt companys dont give a toss. i think we should all go on mass and torch them all ha ha nice thought huh, i really feel for you and wish i could do something to help. i have visited these forums for my own help and had some excellent advice so dont give up just yet. also knowing your not the only one who has made a balls up makes you fell just a teeny bit better. sara x
  17. hi forgottenone please dont worry too much,somone will be along soon to help you, i think most people who come on here have been in the same situation you are in, get a cuppa and have a fag(if you smoke). this is definatly the place to come for good advice. sara x
  18. thank you all so much for your excellent advice, im not going to pay those **** bags, and i know that the debt is over 6 years old. i think the original debt was £200 so over £400 are charges, robbing barstewards. im just going to sit tight for the time being see what the next letter brings. sara x
  19. just quick update, i have today recieved a copy of my credit report, puzzling as it does not contail any information about any defaults of any mention of cap 1 credit card, everything on my report is fine. whats that all about then? can anyone explain thanks in advance
  20. thanks for all your help everyone, what a wonderful place this is. your all great xxxxxxx
  21. oh happy days, so red can go jump then, ha ha should i wait for them to contact me again?
  22. hi everyone, recieved this letter today from red regarding a debt i have with capital one, dear mrs ***** ref no******* original creditor. capital one balance outstanding. £630,71 SPECIAL RECOVERIES UNIT our client has asked us to offer you a reduced settlment figure in order to close this outstanding account before we proceed with further action. we would therefore like to offer the following BALANCE OUTSTANDING £630.71 DISCOUNT AMOUNT £315.50 NEW BALANCE £315.21 thissettlement is only available for a limited period only.t
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