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  1. thanks for your reply i was told in the meeting that if i disagree with the change then it will go to consultation and in basic terms we will be restructured and possibly be made redundant. so i feel i have little choice than to agree. i dont wish to find my self unemployed. my contract states my hours and salary, now obviously if i take a cut in hours the salary on my contract will be different than the one i will be earning. Should i not have written conformation of my new salary and the pay increase? i dont want to sign the letter my employer has sent me because i dont
  2. hi there and thanks in advance for any help i work 37.5 hours per week and was called into a meeting last week regarding a change to my hours to 34.5 per week. i was also offered a 20 p per hour pay rise as a kind of softner to loosing these hours, Not a problem but asked if i could have there proposal in writing, Now today i have recieved a letter from my company saying that my hours will be changing to 34.5 hours but there is no mention of my new salary or the pay rise.due to the needs of the buisness blah blah etc. We were tuped over last august so oviously its just a
  3. hi there just a quick update. my partner went down to the garage and had a big moan about it, the owner at first was just aplologetic etc but in the end agreed to cutting the bill for the 4 tyres in half and also on my last mot i had an advisory which he has agreed to fixing free. He also give us a few extras de icer and some road maps so to be honest we were happy with that. Every thing has been logged with the garage just incase the guy who was driving my car was speeding. thanks everyone who replied. i will be using the garage again because mistakes do happen and w
  4. hi there just got home from work to find a message from garage regarding my car which is in to have 4 new tyres fitted. The garage owner gave my car to somone this morning thinking it was his courtesy car which is the same make as mine. it wont be back until 5pm tonight so tyres wont be fitted. and ill have no car for another day. having to borrow partners. Im not happy as you can imagine but not sure on what my next course of action is, My car is ony insured for myself and partner to drive also it has a very dangerous bald tyre hence why it was in to have new tyres fitted.
  5. hi there i was off sick after major surgery last sept to jan 9th of this year. i have just recieved my pay slip and have not been paid for christmas week and the week from 9th to 13th ( our pay date is 15th to 15th of each month. i have recieved what looks like 4 weeks sick pay. there is nothing in my contract of employment regarding holiday pay during sick time. my pay slip is not very informative so im not really sure what i have been paid for. im back at work tomorrow and was wondering what my course of action might be. obviously im well short of money now and if my m
  6. hi there and thanks for your reply Im 47 and have worked for the company for over 12 years i was undiagnosed at that time. When i was diagnosed with ms which was approx 10 years ago work was aware but i carried on in present roll unafected until 4 years ago when they made adjustments to my roll. I feel this change is disadvantageous to myself because . I have not been offered any alternatives. I have an exsisting condition which if worsens i would find the phi invaluable.
  7. hi there could somone please help I work for a large company with a personal health insurance which basicly gives you 75% of your salary until retirement age if you have to go on long term sick. I cant find my contract but this benefit was in place on my appointment. I am a sufferer of ms which as you can appreciate this health insurace is a life line. As a cost saving exercise my company has now cut this PHI to pay out for only 5 years. I feel this is disadvantaging me ,would i have a course of action regarding this cut at work due to my disabilty. many th
  8. hi sim im sure if you contact the nvq people you can get your own copies,you have to pay.its about £35 for a replacement city and guilds certificate but im not sure how much a nvq replacement certificate is, sara.
  9. yeah i would ignore them. they sent me 2 letters about a year ago against a stat barred debt from capital one, i igonored them and have not heard a word since.
  10. hi nikkinoo i work mon to fri 30 hours per week , 6 hours per day and recieve 20 days holiday + all bank holidays off, im sure what your company is telling you is not right, im sure there is a web page that helps you calculate your holidays, try google something like holiday entitlement . or something to that effect sara x
  11. i relly feel for you and it really makes me angry that people have to steal off others, i really hope the police listen to you. make sure when you speak to them that some desk monkey does not fob you off by saying its a civil matter., its not ,it is theft and demand to speak to somone in authority. maybe you could send a letter before action to this persons address recorded delivery stating you want a full refund or you will be taking this matter to the police or taking legal action, its worth a shot. s x
  12. hi haddow have you tried asking on the ebay member help boards? i dont think you can really do much because you didnt buy from ebay auctions, your only course of action would be to contact the police. make sure you print off all correspondance from this person to show the police, but e bay will not be able to do anything sorry hope you get a result.
  13. hi there. i know when i was pregnant my doctor signed me off work because i was running a busy bar.changing barrels etc and was finding it a real strain, i did claim incapacity benefit, so give it a go, see your doctor and see if he will sign you off. your obviously finding it hard being on your feet all day. also are there no other duties you can do at work? your work also should have done a risk assesment as soon as you informed them your pregnant, hope this helps alittle.
  14. hi everyone i think time off regarding a close relitive at work is more of a matter of your managers disgretion. my mum died last year and i had 2 weeks off paid, i know tho that my company only pays you for 3 days paid including the funeral. i guess it just depends on your manager
  15. hi kam if you have internet banking you can check back your statements, well i can with the halifax.if not pop into your local branch and ask them. its better to check your statements ,at least then you have proof that you only recieved £319. then tell them to take a running jump.
  16. can i just ask .what does it say on your bank statements of amount recieved? did they pay you £7.19 or the £3.19 . if the latter i would send them a copy of your bank statement and tell them bollocks!!
  17. hi everyone i was wondering if somone could point me in the right direction.im looking for the list of dca phone numbers,i remember seeing a thread but cant find it. any help wouled be appreciated sara x
  18. just found this ,hope it helps. maybe you should have a chat to acas aswell.,just to clarify, Most adult workers have the following rights: the right to a break where the working day is longer than six hours; a guaranteed rest period of 11 hours every working day; a guaranteed rest period of 24 hours once in every seven days; a ceiling of 48 hours on the maximum average working week; a ceiling on night work of an average of 8 hours in every 24; a free health assessment for all night workers with a possibility to transfer to day work (where it is available) if working
  19. hi there while im no expert on such matters i do know that my company only pay after the 4th day off sick. i think it may differ from company to company, does it not say so on your contract of employment ? sara
  20. yes andrew. i had alot of support which i needed when i had neighbours from hell, the council are useless, nfh suggested i erected a small video camera on my property which i connected to a video recorder. if its on your property and not pointed onto the highway or neighbours then its legal. thankfuly my camera caught my neighbour deficating ,yes you have read right there. on my door step. With all other evidence they were evicted, thankfully.
  21. can i just say that i have been through this with my previous neighbours and there is a wonderful web site that deals with this kind of thing, am i allowed to name the said web site?
  22. djgordyp no the police were not involved but that was our next step if the company didnt do anything to sort out the problem,looking back we should have contacted the police first, if it happens again then we would.
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