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  1. DONT DONT DONT pay, I got 'ticket' and I just did what everyone told me and ignored it, sure the letters kept arriving but I refused to be bullied by these cowboys. It went quiet for a couple of months and then approx a year after the first letter arrived I got another letter and since then its all gone quiet its been over two years now since I got the first letter and my hard earned cash has remained in my wallet. So just ignore them, they will get bored and go and annoy someone else.
  2. Just ignore it, if they do take you to court then take your badge and explain to the judge what happened, let them do there worse but dont pay it, they will send you loads of letters - all threatening just ignore them and follow the advice on this site, the last time I heard from them was in April (1 year after alleged offence) and I just binned it, they will get bored.
  3. Yeah like me, they have about as much chance of getting any cash out of me as I have of getting 6 numbers up on the lottery, considering I dont even buy a ticket - their chances are nil:) oh well keeps the postmen in a job I suppose
  4. Case is similar to mine ' got the allged ticket' in April 08, although didnt know anything about it til 8 weeks or so later when the letter landed on my mat. Ive snet the standard replies - not communicating with them at all (although I would love my day in court with them as I have lots of evidence that will blow their accusation out of the window-but thats another story), anyway got my last letter well before christmas 2008 and heard nothing then in May got a 'last chance or were off to court letter' that too got filed under B for Bin, when will they get bored and GO AWAY
  5. DONT DONT DONT DONT PAY The same thing happened to me, read my threads, Ive had the letters from ECP and the threat from the collection agency, i just replied once using the tempate letters to both and after a couple more 'threatening' letters - guess what they gave up. Its your money - make sure it stays in your pocket. There was an article in the News of the World months ago from some Legal Bod, who basically says ignore them, eventually they crawl back into their hole, ready to try to scare the next poor unsuspecting person out of some money.
  6. You dont know its not going to return in the future but my advise is DONT DONT DONT pay, I received a similiar 'parking ticket' and I followed all the advice on this site sending the template letter Dear Sirs, Re: Your letter dated [dd/mmmm/yyyy] Reference[#] I acknowledge receipt of your captioned letter. It seems that you have got my details from the DVLA and I confirm I am the keeper of the vehicle in question. You need to take this matter up with the driver concerned. In the meantime I absolutely deny your claim that the amount claimed, or any amount at all, is due to
  7. Well its been a while and Ive heard nothing - it would appear that ignoring them does work. Or maybe they are building there case against me and I am going to get my day in court. For anyone receiving one of these scrappy pieces of paper they call a PCN follow everyones advice on this site and DONT DONT DONT pay. I work quite closely with the police and when I asked a couple of officers for their advice they looked at me blankly so there is quite clearly no 'law' involvement with these kind of Notices. 1 nil to me I think.
  8. DOnt Dont Dont Pay Them, I received the same 'fine', it arrived in the post weeks after the alleged offenced and when I checked out the dates as I never had anything put on my windscreen in any car park, I discovered I wasnt even there on that date. The best thing you can do is follow the advice given on this site, send the template letter ie im the registered owner contact the driver, then do nothing and admittedly the letters of 'threats' keep arriving, then I had the debt collector letter, I wrote back saying I didnt have an account as they said I did with their client and said nothing more
  9. The latest in my on going saga - Ive had many letters including an answer to my appeal 'dont remember appealing', I wasnt successful anyway and the charge still stands - also got the 'debt letter' replied to that with template letter stating dont have an account blah blah blah, had 3 more letters since, just never bothered to reply - stamps cost so much nowadays. Have collected lots more information for my day in court, Ive now had my final threat, their intention to make a Civil Claim and if I dont pay up they are going to do so many things to me its scarey - but not that scarey,. Crazy as it
  10. Exactly the same happened to me (first i knew was when a letter arrived through the post as I hadnt paid my parking notice - what parking notice!!!!) , on the date in question I wasnt even at the car park, It was Easter Sunday and besides the fact no shops open on that day, I know I was with relatives on that day. I have also seen the diary of peratives working on that day which was kindly shown to me by the ticket attendants - it showed that no ticket attendants even worked on that day. I have visited the car park in question several times and always display a valid disabled badge but still a
  11. My second letter simply states thank you for your letted dated XXX, I refer you to my previous letter. Oh Im sad that I may not get my day in court after I have spent so much time gathering evidence as well. I am asking for a photograph of the parking notice attached to my windowscreen, Apart from the fact I didnt visit the car park on the day they sdaid I did , I have visited on other days though and any photograph would quite clearly show a valid blue badge showing but as I already know from a conversation with their attendants they dont take photographs!!!! Im afraid on this occassion
  12. Thanks to you all for that, I actually want to go to court as I have information that is going to make them look very silly I dont want to go into much detail as I know they read these forums. Thanks for all your support and words of encouragment I will keep you posted on any new developments. Thanks again
  13. Okay, still it continues - I responded as I was advised basically acknolwdging there letter and asking them to contact the driver and I have now received the next letter (letter No 2) from them which surprise surprise states that I am not a Valid Disabled Badge Holder (I am), they have also attached a copy of the parking charge notice dated Easter Sunday 23rd March 2008 (the car didnt go out on that day) Can someone confirm what my next letter is that I send, I have looked on the template letters and am very confused as to which one I should be sending.. Many Thanks Mrs Still
  14. Thanks for the reply, they have already contacted the DVLA for our details as this was the first I knew of the alleged contravention as I have never either here or anywhere else had anything stuck to my windscreen. I will however write to the DVLA advising that I am not happy that they give details out to these con-men who are trying to extort money from me, I was upset yesterday when I got the letter (demand) but now I am angry and will fight them all the way. Will keep you updated and agains thanks for your reply its comforting to know there are people out there who have been in similar si
  15. First time on this site - so glad I found it as I came home tonight to be greeted by a Unpaid Parking Charge Notice issued by Euro Car Parks for £70. It states that I parked in a disabled Bay on Easter Sunday in a car park in . A couple of things concern me 1) I didnt go out on Easter Sunday as we had relatives round for lunch, we wouldnt have gone shopping as shops cant open on this day. I have on other occasions visited the car park in question and I did park in a disabled bay because I have a valid disabled car parking blue badge,. We never received any notice of a Parking Charge ie put on
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