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  1. A few weeks ago I flew with Ryan Air. We arrived at Stansted well in time and after standing in a line to check in we were told after a while to go to another check in point. We waited and eventually got checked in but when we got to the gate it had closed. Ryanair is now offering a £100 after we had to go to another airport and purchase another ticket to fly on the same day. Is there anything I can do about this, it is unfair that we could not board due to the delays that they created but of course now dont want to know anything?
  2. HiThe same has happened to me with LA FITNESS, I cancelled via email as I had health issues. It clearly states in the contract you can give one months notice which I did. I then discovered they kept on taking money out of my account for at least 6 months after I cancelled. I then cancelled my debit order. They then demanded £394 and as a gesture of goodwill brought it down to £94. i then emailed ARC and told them that LA Fitness owe me money as they had no right to keep on helping themselves but to no avail they are now going to take ACTION against me! I have told them in no uncertain terms to go away or I will be seeking compensation from both LA Fitness and Arc. I am going to be lodging complains now, any ideas would be helpfu.
  3. I did a letter to them on the 8.10.2012 which was rejected and again on 7th December to the parking section which was rejected. I will look at the letter they sent me which I received on Friday telling me if I pay within 14 days it will be £40, will let you know who sent the letter. Sorry to be so painful just I cannot understand it does not make sense if I was there for a few hours I could understand but the who entire issue of taking a ticket is mad! They try to stop people parking there allday and going to the station so why do they not just charge £2 per hour and make a fee for the whole day, I feel like they want to steal my money and I am genuinely innocent, if I stopped and looked I would not be in this possision but as I was late all I saw was the FREE PARKING!
  4. The bays were not marked red, and it was the normal sticky on my window think it would be notice to owner. I did not get the ticket from the machine as when I saw Free Parking I just parked and looked no further why would I? Totally unaware of taking a ticket as I have never had to do this ever in that car park, the last time I parked there I think a paid £2.00. It is not the kind of car park you hang around either as the area is very very dodgy!!
  5. Hard to believe! On 6 October last year I parked in the Maude Street Car Park in Canning Town to go for an eye test. As I entered the car park I saw sign saying FREE CAR PARK. As I was running late I parked my car, took no notice of any further signs and ran to be on time. Well 45 minutes later on returning to my car I had an £80 penalty for failing to dispay a ticket!!!!!! Well after appealing and writing letters they are refusing to back down saying that if I paid in 14 days I pay £40 if not I pay £80, the problem is I dont want to pay anything in this FREE CAR PARK!!!!! I do not live in the area so am not aware of these kinds of tricks that can be pulled by local authorities. It is unfair, and quite mad really. I am hard working and feel like these people are stealing my money. Up till now I have ignored them but they keep on sending threatening letters, what to do, or what they can do is the question I now ask?? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks:-x
  6. I will be working for two years. The last year I have had a lot of BAD LUCK. 1st had a total hystorectomy was off for 9 weeks went back to work on 12 October 2010. Spent one day at work and landed back in hospital for another 12 days due to complictions. Returned to work on 1 November 2010. Shortly after I returned had a fall at work and no injury at the time but all in all had 3 bad falls in workplace due to problems with slippery falls. At the time when you fall you jump up and say you are ok because at that moment you think and feell ok. I picked up a problem with my right hand wrist which become so bad I approached my manager and asked him if he could help know anybody that could look at my hand. This is after I visited my GP about 4 times went for x rays attended 2 sessions with a therapist and they could not help me. Eventually in May 2011 it became so bad I could hardly use my hand and was living on painkillers. I then approached a Consultant in a different departmment who got me to a orthopedic surgeon who operated within a week. Wrist bone out of place tendon split in two and tissue so infected and inflamed they had to cut most of it away. I was off for 6 weeks with a certificate. This month received my pay slip and a £1000 taken from my wages. I went balistic but was advised by the union that the sick is calculated from year to year and not from financial year to financial year. In the meantime we have lost 5 people in the office I have been made office manager no increase, no band increase and am told take it or leave it. Surely this cannot be legal, why is it always the workers that are done in and never the top earners. Is there anything I can do? Advise please, any solicitor out there that can help take on a case? PLEASE HELP.
  7. Your employer has failed to protect you. This person knew there was a problem and still sent you into the room. This sounds like gross failure to me! Holding back monies due to the end of the financial year sounds like a load of tosh to me. Looks like they want workers but dont want to pay, take them on my dear, see a solicitor and lodge a grievance against the company, expose them for what they are and I suggest after this you seek other employment, who want to work for people like this they are not human!
  8. Thanks but this has been sorted now thanks to Bloomsbury and a nice little reporter who took them to task, any ideas how I can get my extra premiums back from ASDA online who uped my new policy in December with a £188 because I lost my 7 year NCB. They are ignoring me now that I have asked for my policy to be adjusted and my money back with compensation. Typical they know how to take money quickly but giving it back is a big deal. DO NOT TAKE INSURANCE WITH ASDA THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY USELESS!!!
  9. There had been contact all along and they were fully aware of the problems. Yes I meant back to work certificate or whatever they call it these days. Various face to face discussions took place to try and resolve the problems but the organisation was unwilling to move this person into another post in another department although many requests were made. Just to be more clear it is through the bullying and harrassment that this person went off sick in the first place any attempt to take this to a hearing was blatantly ignored. Just to give you an example of what is going on in the organisation in one week 7 persons resigned, nobody stays as they are treated so badly. To live with this for 6 years has to take a toll sooner or later surely. They have no respect for their employees and treat them like dirt on a daily basis, not even mentioning the racism that takes place!
  10. yes she is a uk citazen her certificate expired whilst she was out of the country
  11. I have a friend that works for a very big organisation that has treated her badly for the last six years causing her to go off sick with extreme stress. During this time she decided to go home and when the opportunity arose flew home for an interview. When she got the job she come back to the UK and resigned. She asked her GP for a certificate but he would not give her one whilst her present certificate had not expired. Now this organisation has refused to pay claiming she was gone unauthorised. Any suggestions on this as my friend is going to take them to tribunal for other issues with them? Any suggestions appreciated.
  12. Yes and after all my troubles with Hastings I await the re-instatement of my 7 years NCB as the claimant that fraudulantly claimed on my policy has now withdrawn, and I have suffered 17months of absolute hell because of this...... It has cost me almost £500 to renew my policy due to this incident, and I have learnt a dire lesson. If you slightly touch somebody whilst reversing at 5miles per hour DO NOT STOP DO NOT STOP DO NOT STOP DO NOT STOP because you will pay dearly for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I once again post regarding the most incompetant bank you can find around the world.My storry sadly is a long one but I will try and give just an outline.Way back in 2002 I took a loan to purchase a car, small loan £1500. They then offered me a credit card with £1000 on which I took. I went on holiday and when I came back paid £50 on the credit card instead of a £100 and that is when my problems started with HSBC.They harrassed me phoned me 20 times a day until I agreed to borrow another £1000 on this loan to pay the credit card off. They then started a new loan and called it a "Managed Loan" as I was now a bad customer for paying only half the monthly payment once!Anyway I was new in the UK and not any the wiser to how these people operated so I fell into their little trap,.At the time I was in temporary positions and everytime something happened they bullied and harrassed me. At one time they gave me an overdraft facility which I incidently paid back 3 times as they just left it running instead of taking it of their wonderful system. So all in all I took out four seperate loans as they were unwilling to help me and wait until I could pay them. An I always did pay them no matter what happened.When I move away from Surrey I decided not to give them my contact details as I knew they would be on my case for better or worse. Since 2005 I have been working permanently and never miss a payment. I transfer the money via internet banking and lo and behold for a few years it has gone well.In July last year I had a massive operation and mad an arrangement with them to pay $50 instead of £180 as I was unsure of how long I would be off and if I would get paid. This arrangement was made until the end of January but at the end of October I went back to paying them the payment of £180, and then started paying them £280 with the intention of getting this paid off asap. In December I paid my usual £280 and then in the rush of things went and paid the anothe £180 forgetting that I had paid them already, so in total they received £460 in December. In Jan I could not understand why I was short of money and blamed it on the Christmas and when I checked my online statement realised I paid more than double. In Jan I gave them a miss to catch up and get back to normal and in Feb paid them £280 March 280 and then in April the normal payment of £180.I have now received a letter from them, no account no on, no date on, telling me I owe them £180. I phoned and spoke to somebody in the Phillipines and of course you cannot reason with a person who does not live here does not speak the language and does not know what is going on. I advised them for the benefit of their taped message if they do not set this straight I will stop paying them but of course the guy on the other side advised I cannot do this, I will be taken to court..... and I should seek help for my money problems.Well I am now fuming as I have no money problems the only problem I have is that they have no brains. I am furious and need advice what I can do about this. This little loan from 2002 is still ongoing, I have paid them thousands and thousands and still have to eat the incompetant crap they hand me. Please give some advise IS THERE ANYTHING I CAN DO TO PUT A STOP TO THIS THEY IGNORE LETTERS YOU CANNOT SPEAK TO THEM ON THE PHONE I AM DESPERATE. PLEASE HELP....
  14. This is surely wrong and illigal. I work for the NHS and the same is happening here. The Chief Executives and managers are not affected by this. How can these people be afforded the right to treat their employees this way. The reason the whole country is in this mess is because of their bad management yet they are on the £200k MARKS PER YEAR. This needs to be looked at and workers need to be protected from this kind of behaviour. This is a form of dicrimination in its own right and what about breach of contract, or does than not count either? If there are any solicitors/barristers out their willing to help we need to take these people to task. MARCH ON THE 26TH AND RALLY IN HYDE PARK. UNISON WEBSITE HAS ALL THE DETAILS. MAKE A STAND!
  15. I cant remember the parking co at the moment. Will have to get back to you on this one. I did have permission to park there. From the beginning when I was transporting the disabled person they told me not to worry about the permit just to make sure my contact no is in the front window which I did. The person who granted me the parking phoned me the beginning of Feb to say I cannot park there anymore. I immediately stopped parking and it is shortly after this I received the fine. The parking co says I have to pay as I was parking illigally but how can I park illigally if I was given permission.
  16. I work for a very big hospital in London and was given permission to park in a certain area as I was giving a lady a lift into work because she is immobile. When she retired last June I continued parking and nobody every contacted me and told me not to (I suppose I was naughty). I had also had a very big operation last year keeping me off work for 12 weeks so it was convenient for me whilst in revovery. I then got a call from the person who gave me permission telling me not to park anymore. He was very rude, but I stopped parking and got back on the trains. I then received a parking penalty notice from a company acting on their behalf stating if I paid within a certain time I can pay £40 instead of £90. I wrote explaining to them I had permission to park but of course they are not interested. The fine went up to £120 and within just under 2 months now stands at £254. They are threatening me with court and blacklisting me. The photograph was taken from my car at the back so even if I had the normal disk it would not have shown on the photo. This whole situation is ridiculous as they could have contacted me any time to tell me to move my name and telephone was left in the windscreen at all times. What to do I have been ignoring them but the threats are getting heavy not bad enough that we are all about to lose our jobs! Please any advise will do!
  17. Its not a case of shooting the messenger but some of the jobs are being outsourced to India! The point being the managers and chief execs hold onto their massive wages the small ones at the bottom gets booted out but they bet to hold onto the pot. In the interim the NHS is going down the tubes, you cannot provide a better service if you cut your staff. They outsource to private companies which costs load of money taxpayers money and the taxpayer has no say. They are going to privatise affecting everybody not only the staff, longer waiting lists, or maybe we should let them privatise then everybody will have to pay whether you work or not, because that is going to be the end result, it is the way they are going to get rid of the no pay system!!
  18. Well I suppose everybody has heard what is happening to the NHS! My question is, who gives them the right to disregard the current contract of employment they have with you, make you re-apply for a job, redeploy you somewhere you cannot reach or dont want to be, cut your wages and get away with it. They do not want to offer redendancy they have no money all the money is spent on the Managers and Chief executives. They are hoping some will take early retirement and also hoping some will go quietly, but I am not a go quietly person, I am set in my ways and stick to my principles, which will most probly be the end of me! Expecting the fact that on the 26 MARCH a lot of persons will be protesting is there a way we can fight this in the Eurpean law courts. CONTRACT BREACH IS A VERY SERIOUS THING, how do these people get away with it how to fight back any advise will not only help me but quite a few persons I work with??? How do we push a government organisation into a corner and stop them in thier tracks. Any good advise will do......xxx
  19. yes I think this is quite huge but maybe better for me to leave now and not get involved to much, I am a firm believer in what comes round goes round eventually he will totally overstep the boundries out of pure greed and get caught!!!!! This has been very stressful for me on top of the fact that at the NHS we are waiting to hear if we all have jobs left so I am just going to let go for the moment.
  20. They have declined the claim. I am just upset that they refuse to call in the police. This man used my address and telephone, which I advised them of to lodge another claim. I had ind depth visits from 3 investigators and have been very co-operative. This man also runs at the top of the street where I work a motor car insurance claims company. Whilst everybody has to pay ridiculous premiums he is aloud to run around and do as he pleases. Where is the fairness in that? How will the insurance companies ever get rid of this kind of action if they dont take positive steps to stop the fraud taking place. You cant just leave it because you are afraid to step on somebody's toes! I had a passenger in the car who saw what happened. Unfortunately in Whitechapel you dont just get out of your car and take photographs, you may no live to see the next day! Anyway thanks guys do appreciate the input.
  21. Thanks guys I will let it run and see where it takes me. Just upset about the £500 I had to pay for new insurance. Thanks agains
  22. I also have a card like this, I phoned this man and suggested £10 a month on a Capital One credit card which was paid but they failed to close the account and kept on adding charges to the amount of £430. They then sold the debt to some credit company. I told him I would phone him back on Wednesday but have not been able to reach him by phone, is this a rogue person hoping somebody will be fooled by this?
  23. A year ago I slightly bumped a guy that was stationary doing less than 5mph. He has lodged a claim with my insurance company for approximately £30 000 claiming 4 severely whiplashed passengers. I have since then taken out a new insurance, lost my 7 years NCB and cannot get my insurance company to prosecute the claimant. He has got himself a solicitor who only registered as a solicitor 3 months after the incident and I am the one who has now been penalised for this. The claimant incidently runs a business up the road where I work "Motor car accident claims". He also use my details home telephone etc to lodge more claims by the insurance company thinks it is not worth calling in the police. I am absolutely lived. Is there anybody out there that can help and advise.
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