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  1. Badly, and I ended up with a CCJ and several hundred pounds of costs added to the balance as a result. The judge couldn't see past the end of his nose, and although aware of the Carey case he clearly wasn't up to speed on it (he more or less said as such himself) and pretty much believed everything the HC guy told him. He accepted that a 'reconstituted' agreement was sufficient and that was that - all the other instances of HC misconduct (e.g. non-compliance with CPR request etc.) were dismissed or overlooked, as was most of my Witness Statement. Whenever I tried to dispute anything all I got
  2. You're both absolute stars. Sincere thanks! Who needs a book at bedtime when you have CAG?
  3. I'm working my way through the Carey file Docman provided now. The arrears amount on the Default Notice (from Mercers) tie up with the arrears amount on the statement for the month in which it was sent. I've never received anything via recorded delivery from Barclaycard, Mercers, CL Finance or Cohens. They haven't disclosed a deed of assignment either. I'm glad you mentioned checking the amounts. Firstly, the amount claimed matches what's on the NoA but differs from the outstanding amount on the latest copy statement they've sent (it's higher). Secondly the sum
  4. OK; understood. Would you be so kind as to point me in the direction of a link to this if possible? I would look myself but I'm at work so 'browsing time' is severely limited at the minute.
  5. Thanks all. RWR - I'll PM you the original NoA as soon as I can so that you can read it better. Docman - the lack of a signed agreement is what I've always believed to be the main focus of my case. I'll dig out my original witness statement from the initial hearing. Thanks again.
  6. It looks like I can't send you a PM. The hearing is next week.
  7. Thank you both for your input. Yes, but annoyingly the post mark on it is barely legible and the 'key' digit in the date is very hard to distinguish. However, the witness statement itself is dated only four days before the actual hearing and this was a Friday - the hearing took place the following Tuesday. HC rep. One person. Not that I'm aware of, no. I certainly wasn't notified. I don't recall receiving such a letter. The OC did not give me notice of this, no. It certainly wasn't sent via SD; just ordinary post.
  8. Right, an update to my situation with HC. My small claims hearing took place in April and and HC turned up. No documents were sent to me or the court from HC until the very last minute - the court receiving them by fax on the morning of the hearing. We'd barely sat down when the DJ started tearing strips off the HC rep and berating her for blatant disregard of the CPR, pointing out the obvious fact this placed me at a significant disadvantage as I'm LiP. Flustered and apologising profusely, she started making excuses and insisted that the documents had actually been posted and that I shoul
  9. Hi Wolfy and thanks for your reply. No, I didn't apply for such an order and if I'm honest I don't recall seeing any reference to this on the AQ despite reading it thoroughly. Stupidly I haven't kept a copy of it. Presumably I can download an N244? Cheers.
  10. BUMP - can anyone on here help?! I can really do without a CCJ. Thanks.
  11. ** UPDATE ** I now have a 'Notice of Allocation to the Small Claims Track (Hearing)' so it looks like Cohens have filed an AQ and are going ahead. postggj, you pointed out earlier in the thread that you felt 99% sure that Cohens would withdraw, but they haven't so in your opinion and experience - and in view of the fact that the case is proceeding - what is your opinion now? Is this still what you would expect to be happening? Should I be worried that they have a good case against me? The hearing is near the end of April, but in the letter it says the following: What docum
  12. Yes, I already submitted my embarrassed defence (see post #9 above) - do I have to submit another one? Does the fact that the proceedings have moved on to the AQ stage mean that Cohens are confident of winning? It would seem that they haven't withdrawn as postggj expected they might - or is it standard practice for it to get to this point anyway? I found it odd that until now, I didn't hear anything back from the court since receiving the acknowledgement of my defence from the CCBC on 29th October, but like I said this is all new to me. How should I go about wording the replies to
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