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  1. Wow. Barclays have refused my claim again despite my status as a full time student at the time of the application. Spoke to the person on the BC helpline who advised me to go to the FOS.
  2. Hi Thanks for the quick response - I just called them and the woman I spoke to was very helpful. It turns out that as I was a full time student I shouldn't have had PPI at all, something I never knew and would seem to strengthen my case. She also had no idea why they called me when the information they were seeking was plainly on the complaint. The complaint now goes back to be looked at again which is good news. I'll keep you all posted. Hamish
  3. Hi All, I recently put in a PPI claim from Barclaycard as they sold me a PPI policy on a university campus in 1996. I was under the impression that this was too long ago to claim. I basically told them that the girl who sold it advised me to take it out as it would mean I would have a better chance of getting the card. I had the card for about 10 years and for a long time had a balance of around 11k. So I put the claim in with the following reason in Section E of the form "The sale took place on the campus of Leeds University. It wassuggested verbally that if I took the insuranc
  4. Hi Not really a bank charges and CCA question but I used these forums before and found the advice superb. Here goes ... Around 2 years ago I got into trouble with a Virgin credit card after a failed move abroad, some mental health issues and a whole lot of pain. They were shocking and out of all my creditors were the only ones who simply didn't listen and did nothing to help. In the end they defaulted me - no letter of default was received. The debt was sold on to First Credit and after a while I agreed to make payments. I was, by then, running my own business and could afford to pa
  5. Hello All I'm back, after several more months and lots of attempts to sort this out MBNA have finally sold on the debt to First Credit. I have a few questions however. I did not received any notification from MBNA that this was going to happen ... is this normal ? Does anyone know exactly what First Credit can do ? I am currently ignoring the sinister automated phone calls and am preparing to write to them asking them to hold until I get som advice. For anyone else dealing with MBNA take heed. They offered to freeze interest in October as I had made a few payment totalling
  6. Hi Missy Allen I am in almost exactly the same poistion as you so at least you're not alone ! A CRA is a request to see if they hold the original credit agreement that you signed - if they don't the debt cannot be enforced by them, you can find a template on the forum or I'll come back and post a link. It costs £1 and they have a legal time limit in which to respond. Link for CRA - you need template N http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt-issues/20758-creditors-dcas-letter-templates.html Your details of dealing with MBNA are much the same as mine a
  7. received a letter today from Optima Legal advising that MBNA is getting ready to nail me to a cross. the letter states they are going to sell my house and that i should fill in the income and expenditure form and send it back to mbna. i'm currently off work and being treated for stress and anxiety (seeing a shrink as well at the end of this month) and whilst i don't want to whinge this is really affecting me badly. all i want is some space but don't know what kind of time i have left - can anyone estimate how far down the path i am in terms of actually being taken to court ? should i just
  8. many thanks Steven although the rest of this thread is not going to be claim related I may persue MBNA for full disclosure under the SRA I sent (they only sent me the charges details and not the account record in terms of contact and manual interventions and most importantly a record of the conversations i have had with them). is it ok to post the details here ? it might be of use to anyone in a simialr position ...
  9. not quite as simple. You have an IP allocated by a DHCP server that gives you an IP for a set amount of time. You're IP will change over time so the company in question would need to ask who has a particular IP at a particular moment in time. And it is only unique in the sense that the actual IP is unique. Obviously a comany such as NTL will buy a finite block of IPs and each one will be assigned to different people over the period of it's life. it's absolutely essential that they isolate a particular period of time and that that period of time was the time that the IP was leased to you.
  10. These are the images of the CRA (click on them to view the full sized one)
  11. I got the CRA in the post today and it seems perfectly ok - does anyone know about internet applications as the document doesn't have my signature anywhere and I honestly can't remember if i ever signed or received anything to sign. There are a few checkboxes on the details with a description that says 'I confirm that the tick in this box is a valid means of establishing the authenticity and integrity of my signature to this credit agreement. I understand that MBNA will hold this acceptance data on their files' Ironicly the dog literally attacked it when it dropped through the letter box.
  12. lol thanks for that Banker ... I'm not sure what I'd do if they can't produce an agreement ... Will write to them again though but give them a few days grace. I'll probably get a perfect copy of the agreement in the post tomorrow
  13. .. just out of interest - why shouldn't you sign it ?
  14. I got the S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) today in the post but the only thing they have sent me is a list of charges and interest ... What I asked for was this along with any notes or manual actions on my account. I expected a list of details including times they have called and times I have called, including a call where they agreed to put my account in a 'debt management queue' and freeze the interest and charges. This was all in the letter I sent. Should I send it again ? I still haven't got the CCA but they are only on day 15 or so ... I don't really know what to do ...
  15. good luck with the claim - my experience of MBNA is that the insurance I had on my CC refused to pay out on the basis I wasn't paying UK national insurance at the time i didn't work due to illness (stress/anxiety). I'm sure they'll have a sub clause that matches your exact circumstances and well !! They are simply an awful company to deal with though. From what I understand if you have been mis-sold the insurance you have every right to claim it back. How you would go about proving this is another matter and one I'll leave to more qualified people to answer. The good news is that you
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