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  1. I buy and sell used spin bikes, I was approached by a customer who I had sold spin bikes to previously, they were expanding their spin classes and wanted to know if I had a particular brand of bike, I didn't have that brand at the time so I told the customer that I would be getting more in within 2-3 weeks for £150 each. I called a few of the companies who supply me but they never had any I searched eBay. I found a seller who had an auction ending that day for 10 bikes of the brand the customer wanted all in good working order, bidding was started at 99p, there wa
  2. Sorry MH, I had her read it to me over the phone and yes you're right its a copy of notice served on the Claimant! Its dated the 1st Feb, I take it he has until the 11th to get his DQ in??
  3. Ok thanks for all the advise so far...My friend completed the Directions Questionnaire and emailed it back to [email protected] on the day it was due 28/1, She received a standard automated reply but on 7/2 she received a 'General Form of Judgement or Order' saying she failed to file the Directions Questionnaire! Is this normal that her submitted form may not have been entered on to the system in time for the reason why she has now received that form?? What I'd really want to know is how best to proceed? Re- complete another form and hand it in with the £40 fee or call NCCBC and as
  4. He's claiming he lent her the money prior to the sale of her house. He thinks he's clever but his story doesn't add up, surely if you lent someone 5k, you wouldn't ask them to borrow 5k if they haven't paid you back, you would just ask for your money back. She was scared and never told me about the claim when she first received it but she told me that he had asked about borrowing 5k months prior to form arriving. I'm not too sure if she even put in a good defence other than denying his claims that he ever lent her 5k. Is she still able at this stage to counter claim and claim damages, tbh I th
  5. Just trying to get some helpful advice regarding a false claim against my friend through Small Claims Court for money a former so called friend says she owes him. Basically he's a convicted fraudster and found out my friend had sold her house and came into a little bit of money so he kept asking to borrow 5k (I believe by email) she told him no on several occasions and stopped communicating with him. Then one day she received a claim against her for 5k that he claims he lent her and says he has a witness which is all a pack of lies. I know you shouldn't judge someone on their past b
  6. I purchase a property under the 'Right to Buy' scheme in 2003. I received a 'Offer Notice' under Section 125 of the Housing Act 1985 from the council before completion which stated under the heading ‘Structural And Other Defects’ a list of defects know by the council to affect the property..It also stated in bold "No structural survey has been made in connection with the following valuation, nor have the services been tested. Moreover, those parts of the property which are covered, unexposed or inaccessible, including the roof space, have not been inspected and the Council’s Valuer is, t
  7. CAB only GOD could tell me where they get their prehistoric information! The advice they have gave me in the past was absolutely shocking! In 2008 they told me I would NEVER find a solicitor who would be willing to take legal proceedings against another solicitor regarding professional negligence they said it was unheard of! I'm sure they do a lot of other good work but I personally would never rely on what they told me and I would never think of recommending them to my family or friends, I'd only recommend them to my worst enemy.
  8. Thanks Toymaker. Maybe Egg have not sold the debt to Cabot after all. I was just reading this thread Saddler10, Cabot and Egg and it looks like Cabot may be telling me BS!! The letter I received is exactly the same as Saddler10. I will not be writing to egg to confirm the letter I received, I guess I've anwsered my own question I will just be dealing with Cabot with contempt. At least this gives me and everyone else reading this thread a heads up on what tactics Egg and their dca’s will try, makes no difference to me what they do as of now as far as I'm concerned Egg have terminated my a
  9. I know others following this thread have had their Terminated Credit Card Accounts passed to dca’s and hounded (thanks to Toymaker they seemed to all disappear when I sent a letter and asked them to “indicate to me the relevant section of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 which provided Egg with entitlement to terminate my Egg credit card agreement”) but has Egg actually sold your account to a dca? Yesterday I received a letter from Cabot Financial introducing themselves (I think they are trying the nicely nicely approach I wonder why) with with an attached letter from Egg saying: We here
  10. I have just received a offer from a DCA too although they wrote to me last month saying they had closed the account on their system. Anyway I am not going to be accepting any offers.
  11. After sending my letter to Egg and a copy to CapQuest with regards to my "Terminated Agreement" asking egg to indicate to me which specific part of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 is considered by Egg to provide legal entitlement to terminate my Egg agreement when my account was not in default. After CapQuest received my letter they then sent me a letter saying "it is apparent that you have not responded in away that is acceptable, to make necessary arrangements to settle your account" then going on to say the have continued legal proceedings with a view to one of the following enforcement m
  12. Conniff thanks for your comments my solicitor is actually doing this on a No Win No fee conditional basis. peterlucas this is what my solicitor is saying that I have not suffered a actual loss with the cost of the diversion which I can kind of understand but on the other hand I am going to suffer that loss. Anyway I have spoken to a solicitor today who happened to be a member of the Law Society Professional Negligence Panel and although this is not legal advice this is what he said to me Although not financial yet he said I am suffering a loss because I am unable to extend my
  13. In 2003 my mortgage company appointed a Conveyance solicitors to act on my behalf with regards to a 2 bedroom council property I wanted to purchase under the "Right To Buy" scheme Which I had planned to extend in to a 3-4 bedroom due to having a young family of 2. My Mortgage company confirmed in writing to the solicitor that I would be borrowing additional funds to extend the property. I received letter from the solicitor requesting me to pay £200 for search fees which included £40 for a drainage and water search. The amount requested was paid in full. The solicitor then wrote
  14. I had sent a CCA request to CapQuest and after receiving my agreement I think that it is enforceable or would have been enforceable if my agreement had not been terminated. However I will post in the relevant forum for confirmation of this. I sent a letter to both Egg and CapQuest purely because I knew I would just get a standard response from CapQuest and wanted to see what egg would have come back with. From now on I will just deal with CapQuest. Thanks for the reply toymaker1
  15. I have sent my letter to Egg regarding this matter on the 10 Feb. I also sent a copy to Capquest who are persuing me for the terminated Egg Acc. In the letter to Egg I have requested Egg to indicate to me which specific part of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 is considered by Egg to provide Egg with legal entitlement to terminate my Egg agreement. I also mentioned that Until Egg could provide clarification to me; I considered the account to be in dispute. Today I received a letter from CapQuest stating that the letter I sent them is not acceptable and unless I pay in full or come to some arr
  16. Thanks toymaker1 & phatram I will get my letter off tomorrow. Tomorrow
  17. Hi toymaker, I have been following this thread and would like to know if you have a template letter that I can send to egg to ask them to indicate to me "which part of the CCA 1974 provides them with the legal authority to terminate my agreement without observing the requirements set out in sections 86, 87 and 88 of CCA 1974"
  18. Last year along with the other 160,000 bemused customers I received a Termination letter with regards to my Egg CC. I had never got behind on payments but after I received this letter I decided I would stop my normal payment that month. I was contacted the following month by an Egg rep and they wanted to know how much I could afford to pay. I asked them if they could reduce my payments from £100 to £60 for 2-3 months and if I could afford it after that I would resume the payments of £100 which I thought was reasonable but they said no and soon after I received a default letter. On 15/08/08
  19. They have only just filed there defence. I have not received any deadline.
  20. IN THE NORTHAMPTON (CCBC) COUNTY COURT BETWEEN: MYSELF Claimant -and- BP OIL UK LIMITED Defendant DEFENCE 1. The Defendant is embarrassed by the lack of particularity as set out in the Claim Form / Particulars of claim dated 25th April 2008. 2. For the purposes of this Action only, it is admitted that the damage caused to the Claimant's vehicle on 17th February 2007 was as a result of the Defenant’s negligence. 3. The Claimant is put to strict proof that the vehicle in question at the date
  21. I have asked various people CAB have said they can see no legal guideline to say I even have to responed as they have not cc the courts but to respond asking why they need my documents. Which is what Trading Standards have said also. MCOL helpline said I don't have to respond and then I called back and other person said I have to respond. A friend of the family who is a retired judge told me that the documents they are asking for are irrelavent he said they probably have no deffence thats why they are digging remind them that the vehicle was stationary and off the highway at the tim
  22. Thanks nicklea & citizenB for your help this I what I wanted to know. So do I respond to them letting them know that the information is not reasonably necessary or proportionate to enable them to prepare their own case? They are due to file a defence on the 28th May. They must think I was not insured on the date of incident as I did make it clear that I never wanted to go through my insurance. This was because of their "phantom quotation" that they said the repairers had given them. With regards to dimensions they keep refering to "The Car Wash" in letters when in fact it was a worn Jet Wa
  23. Thanks citizenB They are due to file there defence on or before 28th May. They have give me no time scale to reply.
  24. Hi all I hope I have posted this in the correct place. On the 17th February 2007 I stopped at my local BP Garage to Jet wash my American SUV. It was not even dirty because she had just been washed by hand the day before. She is washed and waxed at least twice week but due to the snow we had and the salt on the roads and also my chrome wheels I decided to give her a jet wash around the wheel arches and a quick once over whilst I was there. What a big mistake I was to make. When I returned home I exited the vehicle to find it was covered in scratches all over. I immediately returned to the
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