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  1. Please clarify "spammed". How (in the simplest possible terms) can I sign your petition on hospital parking??
  2. 27/5/08.Todays Courier carries an article stating that Flyglobespan are to be prosecuted by the civil aviation authority for supposedly running a plane with a faulty engine pressure gauge. On another count, they are charged for not notifying this fault in the appropriate manner. How can they repair faults when the planes are seldom on the ground long enough for maintanance? Now,remind me , WHO'S safety is at stake here??
  3. Anyone had problems with LTSB in the way they handle Mini Cash Isa's? A legal point perhaps, who is responsible if a staff member makes a mistake through failing to understand a customers instruction? Does the final responsibility lie with the customer to detect such a mistake by checking bank statements? (when you can get one!!) ANY advice would be greatly welcome.
  4. Watch out for this shard outfit. They more or less have monoply in flying out of Eduinburgh to popular holiday destinations. They advertise good flight times in early season (i think without confirmation from airports). After a few weeks, when plane is fairly well booked (and paid for) they contact you with flight times that are normally unacceptable, as these ridiculous times don't allow onward travel arrangements to be honoured. (transfers & collection of property keys). To add insult to injury, no refund is permitted if you want to cancel. Their other trick is to advertise direct flights. Once on board you may find that they are going to trail you all over the place in order to collect sufficient passengers to fill plane. The staff know this, yet no warning is given to the punters at time of booking as to the possibility of this happening, so that an alternative flight may be booked. It's high time that this outfit had some real competition!!!!!
  5. Two things good buddies, there is no excuse for having a phone in your hand while driving as the technology is here to allow conversations without taking hands off wheel. Don't get me started on tailgateing by HGV's. If your tailgated by an hgv at above 56mph(except going downhill) report them to police as this means the speed limiter has been tampered with and carries severe penalties. If your tailgated at under 56mph then use some common sense and courtesy and keep out of their way. If you want your shops filled with goods, especially fresh food, don't hinder these guys from doing their job. It's bad enough being restricted to 56mph (40 on single carriageway) without some dithering muppet making things worse. What we need is a great upsurge in PROGRESSIVE driving and an equal downsurge in Aggressive driving.
  6. majorca is a wonderful island to holiday on. the diversity of the island means that there is something to suit everyone. The south facing side of the island is where you want to go for beach based holidats. this contrasts with the beautiful mountain scenery in the northern side. But be warned, in some resorts, especially the Palma Nova peninsula and Palma City, street touts are at work targeting brit holidaymakers. they work the scratch card [problem]---you've won a free holiday. No chance.this is a ploy to get you to sit through a 4-5hr brainwashing session in an office in Palma(free taxi included) by which time you are exhausted and they get you to sign up to a VERY expensive holiday club. Fees non returnable. Bargain for today only & all that crap. DO NOT SPEAK TO TOUTS. do NOT accept free taxi ride. In the event that you do succumb to these rouges, only pay by CREDIT CARD as this will offer you some protection. Most of all, enjoy Majorca.
  7. The reply to the thread re straddled parking bays was right in respect that there are no Criminal laws relating to private land. I suspect from your reply that you wished to make the point that this type of parking was typical of attitudes to life in general today, where there is no pride in doing a job correctly, or as my old boss used to say "B----y Slack A---d. Low standards of driving attract fines if the Road Traffic Act is infringed. Your comments re the Institute of Advanced Motorists left you wide open to this thread being taken completely out of context. If you are just below the IAM standard, I would be more than happy to sit beside you anytime. There have been discussions about trying to make this standard mandatory for drivers after a certain time from passing present test, but such discussions are at a very preliminary state. Horse Manure!!a very valuable commodity, especially if you grow roses!! The reference to Aryton Senna was in extremely poor taste. The skills required to drive racing cars on a racing circuit bear no relation what so ever to driving normal vehicles on public roads. I believe your comments about professional drivers were also taken out of context, which was bourne out by the reply mentioning Competent drivers. A competent driver is one who drives technically correct for most of the time and is unlikely to be involved in an accident of his/her own making. Dull, but correct techniques employed. This level is good and in my humble opinion comes just below your version of Professional drivers. When I was being taught to drive, possible around when you were too, my instructor placed great emphasis on "Reading the Road". This term just meant being fully aware what was going on all around you, anticipating various hazzards and anticipating the actions of other road users. I must say, that your interpretation of "Professional drivers" was excellent, particularly the parts where you said drivers had to be wide awake in terms of alertness and being able to forsee oppertunities to safely utilise spaces in traffic and positioning on the road to cut journey times. I have experienced this skill and it does need practice, and adrenaline pumping if to cope with present day conjestion. A good working knowledge of components is greatly beneficial I think it also worth mentioning that since driving tests began, there has been no real upgrading of standards to adequately cope with the huge upsurge in vehicle numbers. This also applies to the fact that every new model of car to come on the road is usually faster and generally higher performance than the model it superceded. Hgv tailgateing:-When the 56mph speed limit was under debate, the authorities were well warned that "Convoys" of lorries all travelling at 56mph would occur. The only oppertunity to break the convoy would occur when the heaviest laden or least powerful lorry came to a hill and the more powerful trucks would then be able to overtake if the overtaking lane was empty enough or other car drivers allowed the overtaking manouver. Any driver being tailgated at over 56mph should report this vehicle to the police as it means that the speed limiter has been tampered with, which carries a heavy penalty. Tailgating below 56mph--well how long have you got?? It must also be bourne in mind that lorry drivers are under extreme pressure to complete a decent days work given the constraints of Drivers Hours legislation and compounded bt the EEC working time directive. A top of the range truck, ready for the road costs around £100,000, so its earnings should reflect this level of investment. I trust that my piece has helped you in clarifying any misunderstandings which have caused unwarranted accusations of Drivel and the like.
  8. Well Scaniaman, you certainly stirred up a hornets nest amongst Britains Best Drivers. I am a semi retired transport consultant and have spent much of my work giving reports, evidence and advice on transport related matters. Whilst most of your postings are correct, perhaps your choice of words were what incited adverse replys, mostly from the ill informed, useing terminology not becoming of what one expects on these forums. In your defence, I shall attempt a full and factual analysis of your critics, in a separate reply.
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