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  1. Debtinfo Thank you for the horse's-mouth clarification.. That's pretty much what I had thought, hence my small surprise. I assume I am right anyway that there's inter-Department/Agency information access, so there's little hope of hiding your big lottery win, or the bank account with the thousands you were left in Uncle Ernie's will, or the windfall tax rebate the day before you petition just sitting on Revenue's screens. Thank you for the other clarifications and the offer to raise other questions - I am sure there will still be some. Toddle2u Things are a lot less muddy thanks to the pointers being given, so thank you for all of yours and your patience. Do I assume - as I saw somewhere when first searching, that the OR becomes a monthly visit to keep an on-going check on your affairs in case the natural progress allows some movement one way or another? I also seem to recall other comments however to the effect that you almost never have any further contact as they get on with administering your afairs. Looking a long way ahead, is there any forewarning when the Bankruptcy is ended, a call or a letter advising that it has been decided that from X date etc, or is it a case that at some point it just happens and the first you know is when you open the letter notifying you ? Matt No problem Matt, and no apology needed ... I just wasn't entirely clear what was being said, so asked the question. I'm sure anyone sensible wouldn't want to take such a chance! It is good to know there's potentially some common-sense flexibility in the minds of the OR. If I need a basic bank-account for afterward, it would be good it the one I already have and hardly ever use could be allowed to stay in place. Thanks for the continuing support, hopefully I'll stop having a stream of questions and concerns before long!
  2. It is a little late, so forgive me if I am brief just now but I didn't want your guidance to go unthanked. Toddle2u - all noted, and very informative. I already have a basic account with LloydsTSB which provides a debit card but no chequebook, can't run direct debits or standing orders, is just a no-frills account, no overdraft option, never much more than £25-30 in it anyway. I don't know if they have a policy regarding bankrupts keeping their account open - would save a little messing-around if they did. I'll see about those Co-op and NWB accounts, which I guess will also be no-frills facilities just the same ... But do you disclose when applying that you are about to become bankrupt, or make no reference until after the event? Actually, two of my debts are with NWB from when I held my trading accounts there, so I'd expect they might not be inclined to cosy-up with me again! And in fact a third debt is with Capital One credit card, which was all I could qualify for when I had had to default on my ordinary credit cards but still needed something for those times when only a credit card will do. So I suppose that's someone else who would be put off by an already-defaulted relationship and not be interested in history maybe repeating itself! Matt - Amex is American Express ... it is a charge card not a credit or debit card .... you settle up in full at the end of the month, it never therefore has any extended debt. It is however a *debt* till the end of the month I guess, though you don't use it the same way as a credit card anyway because if you don't settle in full you lose the card, simple. I could shove it to the back of a drawer for a year and not use it, however I asume the OR connects to all sorts of other records and databases as a matter of routine anyway, and would discover what cards someone has held, and would be less than pleased if any hadn't been disclosed, cut-up, returned etc. Picking up on one comment you make .... don't you actually run a high risk of trouble if you get selective with what you disclose on your petition and to the OR, and what you don't? Not that we have any assets to tuck away anyway, but surely the OR automatically looks at such things as Inland Revenue held information to see if there's something different in your apparent fianncial status, or credit reference agencies to se if you have undisclosed credit cards, are sitting on undisclosed other debts maybe, maybe making sure you aren't hiding a five-figure balance somewhere? Or do they simply assume you aren't wanting to risk the repercussions, and take what you tell them as correct on the basis that you don't want to upset the apple cart? For example I also assume they ask for sight of recent bank statements and other proofs to make sure you aren't sittng on something or haven't just transferred-out or withdrawn some large sums ... You have mentioned earlier that the OR will call on the phone for a chat soon after application. What is that actually for, to check the info you have given on the petition papers? I assume that is a challenging event, probably because they have to be firm and thorough in order to catch-out people who are trying things on with them. Okay I am fading v fast already, and it is late for me and I am leaving it at that and heading up to bed. Thanks in advance if you feel like taking the time to add anything to my understanding.
  3. My thanks to everyone, as much for the welcome support as for the direct info. As you would expect, bankruptcy and its effects have been the only topic of conversation the last few days. Over the weekend it became clear to my wife that really it was the sensible thing to do, although not of course a choice she/we would have made under different circumstances. I have downloaded the appropriate forms and have not looked closely at them but have run through them nevertheless to get an idea. We will be taking the next step soon now, but want first to get a little more familiar with one or two things that will change and/or need to be done differently. I already have a couple of questions that relate to the form, but I am not raising those just now but will possibly ask them with others here when I sit down properly to deal with the paperwork. Just at the moment however I am unclear on one or two of the personal -life aspects however ... Bank Account: I understand that these are frozen/closed. Do I do that or does the OR step in? There will still be banking needs in bankruptcy however such as direct debits for insurance, phone charges, that kind of thing. Also, assuming someone would still be employed or even work for himself, they would need a bank for everyday needs and it would certainly work against the best interests of self-employment if banking facilities were not Available. So, is this rigid, or would you have to ask the OR to allow an account to remain live? Credit cards surrender: does that apply to debit cards too? A credit card’s unsuitability in BR I can understand, but a debit card can only be used if there is money in the account it is linked-to. It is like reaching in your pocket to pay for a newspaper, you can only spend it if it is there. Again, if looking at becoming self-employed it would be awkward without some form of plastic, and the debit arrangement would seem no risk anyway. Same with charge cards too that you have to clear straight away. I would hate losing the convenience of my AmEx cards. So is it acceptable to destroy the credit cards but put debit cards to the back of the drawer until a year or so later when they will actually be of very positive use and particularly relevant to your new circumstances ?! I simply want to get all affairs in order so something doesn’t turn sour or worse ... for example my wife’s monthly phone cost goes right to her credit card simply because it is a fabulous way of money-management when, like we are, you have a very tight income and have to focus everything very finely indeed. It is like the old fashioned thing about putting money in different tins to pay different bills when they arrive ... only today it is plastic that many women use just like those boxes in order to manage household expenses etc. .. similarly for example we have SKY for the movies which is a big part of our entertainment as the price of cinema tickets and a couple of drinks and some popcorn is more than two weeks food for us! The SKY rental also goes to another credit card of my wife’s, its own *tin* .. there seriously needs to be something that people in such circumstances can make use of to avoid mis-management and unintended arrears, missed-payments and more. But anyway, can someone perhaps clear that area of household money-management up for me at all? It could be a problem and also involve us in extra costs that we can’t afford if having to cancel one perfectly workable arrangement and organise something else instead ... Can I ask you, having gone through the process, how you dealt dealt with credit card matters in particular please? And when discharged, is it ever possible to get accepted for credit card services again? Anyone care to share how they got on with that, and with what results? Thank you.
  4. Matt & Toddle2u Thank you for your sage and sound advice – I initially posted seeking exactly that, and so ignoring it would be foolish. As a result of such strong urgings we have had our own conversations and will do so further across the weekend. As much as I do not want my wife to see herself as a helpless victim of my circumstances and the Land’s automatic processes, which of course she is, it is inevitable that a little of that feeling will live inside her if having to become bankrupt herself; remember, she is not a strong woman, and no matter how you label it she is already past her middle-life, as am I though hopefully with plenty of fizz left yet! However it is also clearly the case that in exchange for the initial nervous-making moments of application and processing for her, the benefits thereafter for both are very desirable indeed and she has already taken a few deep breaths as we have been speaking around the subject. As part of that continuing I will be getting the petition forms and looking at those to go through with her for her comfort and for my own further awareness. I am sure that there may well be some jargon encountered and some clarification here and there, and if so I will certainly welcome a little guidance on anything unclear to me. Again, your thoughtfulness and guiding words are gratefully acknowledged.
  5. Matt and Toddle2u I have only just looked back here after spending the afternoon researching both online and also within our personal papers when I occasionally needed to check something before reading/searching further ... some papers took a bit of looking-for, and one or two still need to be found – that’s the trouble when your affairs go back so far! And not too many opportunities for cups of tea after all, the time has shot by. Matt thank you for the confirmations, also for the step-by-step – most helpful. Toddle2u I note your further remarks, and thank you. With that plus what I have been able to find on the internet I feel a lot more knowledgeable now about the whys and wherefores, though in other ways the nervousness now has a sharper focus not a smaller presence – but I guess that’s just how it is. I have one big issue however, and in fact it is hard for it not to be a deciding factor on whether or not to go ahead at all. It concerns the fact that the defaulted mortgages were joint-mortgages. If as you say Matt the debt will simply switch to my wife, I truly couldn’t envision moving all of that – 2 debts totalling over £54.5K – on to her shoulders and then have her go through the processes and communications and calling and all the comings-and-goings this leads to, and then most probably the same bankruptcy process in order to see daylight again. As I have said, she is not a strong woman and is already fragile with the stress and more. In fact it is that that I am wanting to draw a line under, and opening up a whole new sequence of events directly involving her is something I simply will not accept doing - I am fearful for the effects.. In one case (SPML) the mortgage default has been passed to a collections agency and in the other case (C&G) is being dealt with by Lloyds, with both of whom I have subsequently made payment arrangements of £5 per month. The pre-printed books of payment slips I am provided with for making payments, and which show details of the debt, loan reference numbers and more, are only made out in my name not “Mr and Mrs” which would have been more accurate as far as the original arrangements are concerned. I had hoped that this indicated that they considered us as a single entity on the basis that the assets of the mortgage-payer/breadwinner are the assets of the couple anyway, and if one is broke then both are. But you say not, sadly. So as much as bankruptcy now makes a lot of sense to me, if the price of my own weightless shoulders is my wife’s health and stability which I genuinely believe would suffer in such a personal escalation, I really have no interest in going much further. I really hope that there’s possibly a sidestep whereby I could still go forward with the bankruptcy, which is quite a turnaround given my strong views to the contrary until these past few days, however I suspect that these things are very rigid as they probably need to be, and that if you say, Matt, that my wife would replace me as the target then I fully expect that to be exactly the case. Still looking, but without much expectation. Damn.
  6. HappyHippy Thank you ... and I’ll be sure to look out for the particular form I have to complete to be sure of getting the rich-and-famous result , I rather like the sound of that one Toddle2u I was very taken-up with some parts of this and other things yesterday and last evening, so wasn’t able to drop back as intended. Just to mention first, my comment about not being able to return to self-employment was not referring to any prohibition but just to the lack of finance/capital now to start something up. Take every advantage of your younger years! But anyway, thank you for your words, such a helpful start when my knowledge was already zero. And my knowledge isn’t yet a great deal better, but I am trying to do something about that and will be spending today online and no doubt fuelled by endless cups of tea, learning as much as I can via Mr. Google - and right now there seems so much that I might end up gravity-welded to my chair! I was at the CAB yesterday on a different matter entirely, though touched on bankruptcy simply because I had it on my mind of course as well as having just beforehand read your reply. The first reaction was to avoid at all costs, however the person I was with was not a financial counsellor in any way and when prodded admitted that this was not her field of expertise but that she simply believed that it could be a very serious step and I should seek very focussed guidance. Nothing you wouldn't expect already. So I tended to dismiss her response, though not her best-intentions in making it. I have one or two come-back questions that I will among others be looking to answer online today, but if you can comment further I would be grateful. 1 - I don’t quite understand your remark about CCJ becoming an unsecured creditor. I understand well enough just what an unsecured creditor is, just not your implication. Would the unsecured debt remain after the bankruptcy period? I understand (now!) that my debts would still be “live” during bankruptcy and would be repayable within that period should my circumstances make that possible, with which I have absolutely no problem as it is the right thing to do. From only a very sketchy half-day learning-curve so far, I understand however that debts can continue after the bankruptcy period under some circumstances? I would assume that a CCJ would be regarded as pretty important and therefore entitled to some further life? Or am I misunderstanding through ignorance? 2 – To answer your question, no there was no further action/process against me other than the CCJ process ... and that’s part of my concern in case of *heavier* action/options still which would lead to much more unpleasantness and stress particularly for my wife, which distresses me. I’d rather put up with / accommodate the CCJ. 3 – And in that same regard: The defaulted mortgage was in joint names - if I am bankrupt will they simply switch and go after my wife? I only thought of that while lying awake last night, and it didn’t do much for my desires to get to sleep. Do we both have to be become separately bankrupt before this goes away? 4 – I believe that as well as creditors the Official Receiver automatically notifies other parties. Does our Landlord have to be notified? 5 – I had a brief websearch last night but will be looking today for a walk-through of the processes of filing for bankruptcy and what to expect, what happens on the day, how it then moves along, etc. Do you happen to know already where I can perhaps find this? For example I discovered just conversationally at the CAB yesterday that I actually have to pay a substantial fee to apply! Seems a puzzling notion, being required to pay in order to address not being able to pay. 6 – Similarly, should I have someone professional with me to deal with the hearing? I have no idea what form it takes or how onerous, and don’t want to make a mess of something so important, or indeed do less than the best because of not appreciating small points and implications. I already feel I might not *do* the hearing all too well. Again I am sure that each answer will give rise to other questions, so I should deal with what worries me most first and have some more information to throw a little light in to a couple of the dark corners anyway. Okay, off to make that first cup of tea and get started as my wife is off to visit a friend this afternoon which is a nice distraction for her – I’d like to find something useful/reassuring/informative/good to pass on to her when she returns, so I need to start digging.
  7. I am looking back just briefly this morning before heading out for a few hours on some errands including a visit to the CAB, and I was really not expecting to find any response but am lifted by seeing what appears to be the beginning of the end - in the nicest possible way of course! I should be most appreciative of anything that experienced-others may add also - this is all rather trepidatious and nervous-making to contemplate, and I should like to acquire as much of an awareness of matters as possible in order to follow along and generally know left from right and appreciate the reasons. Toddle2u Thank you for your kind concern, and also for the specifics that you give and that have already helped my awareness move off zero. I haven't the time for more than this acknowledgement just now as it has caught me by (pleasant!) surprise, but I will respond more fully this evening. But for now, thank you so much. Oldgirl How lovely! Thank you for the comfort and reassurance that you offer. This is a very daunting situation when you have no experience, and those things have such value. I am delighted that your brother's affairs went so well, and I hope that his experience - and eventually mine too! - brings you comfort and strength also shouild you ultimately need to take the same path after all.
  8. I need advice regarding our overall financial situation, and in particular with regard to bankruptcy. I have shied away from that step until now, but find myself more often thinking there’s some practical common-sense in it. So if someone knowledgeable could therefore check/correct my thinking or add focus for me I should be very grateful for all advice and guidance received as the stress of all of this is becoming rather too much. Facts: 1 - My wife and I are both 63, and following a business collapse a few years ago I have a CCJ and seven debts: - 2 x business and 1x personal bank loans, £3931, £3906, £3118 - 2 x defaulted credit cards (PPI invoked at first but ended after 12 months), £3297, £3862 - Pre-existing mortgage default/repossession/forced-sale shortfall £24,985 - Recent house repossession/forced sale shortfall £29,750 - CCJ (2002) £50,000 payable £50 per month so *only* £44,600 remaining. Total debt £117,449 At the time of the business collapse I negotiated payments of £5 per month with all apart from one at £10 per mth. Payments have almost always been made on time, only once or twice being 2-3 days late simply because of difficulty getting the money together. 2 - We lost the house to repossession and are living in rented accommodation. We no longer have any assets, and income consists solely of Pension Credit which includes/cancels-out my wife’s pension. With Pension Credit bringing Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit too we have been just about able to cover our household and living expenses and loan servicing, though at times with difficulty but we have managed. Though I would have preferred to return to self-employment that has not been possible, and at my age I have not been able to find employment capable of meeting even our low-budget needs. In fact, taking a job and losing Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Benefit would immediately guarantee that we would have difficulty paying our bills, plus I would no longer be able to service my debts which would then escalate those matters. Observations: 1 - It is clear that approaching my mid-60s I am unlikely to work in employment again, and that returning to self-employment on any level is impossibly remote. I will never be in a position therefore to clear the above £117K+ debts, even with low-paid work. 2 - Whilst with careful management we could simply keep servicing the loans, as there’s no possibility of my circumstances improving by the large amount necessary for me to be able to clear the debts, that isn’t achieving anything other than stopping the phone from ringing with chase calls (which is a tempting enough reason itself for continuing ticking over !) 3 – Assuming that my wife outlives me, this is setting-up an unpleasant or worse situation for her to face. Bankruptcy: I am in the process of writing to my debtors asking them to consider writing-off my debts. I have little expectation of agreement, but I must try. Even if all were to agree however, almost half the debt would still remain in the £50K CCJ. I have avoided considering bankruptcy until now because of its ongoing restrictions/ramifications. I see my only path in to solvency coming from self-employment, and bankruptcy would severely hamper that possibility should the basic opportunity even present itself in time for me to develop a business and provide a house for my wife as a secure and worry-free home when I am no longer here. However, I feel I now have to abandon personal ambition and act in a short-term-constructive manner. It is more relevant for example that I am hardly likely to be looking for a mortgage again at my age, plus my credit rating is already completely fried, so a bankruptcy doesn’t really have much of an impact on those areas where for someone younger with a career/business and a family it would be a disaster. Questions: 1 – Is bankruptcy the reasonable path it now seems to be to me in order to be able to close doors and regroup? 2 – Is a CCJ also set aside by bankruptcy? The circumstances are that I (Sole Trader) held a client’s deposit for a significant building project, and when things became a little tight after just a short while I drew from the deposit in the manner of actually taking my profit in advance. Had the project run to completion it would all have evened-out, however the client’s circumstances altered before it could and they requested their deposit back as they were no longer able to continue. A bad call on my part therefore, though not malicious or with deceitful intent in any way but it was a bullet that I just couldn’t dodge. So I wouldn’t want to retire the CCJ via bankruptcy if I may then simply get hit with a different legal process based on some other claim that may end up with the same result or even possibly worse. 3 – The CCJ was issued in 2002. Does a CCJ run for ever/life or is there a limit point at which it lapses? 4 – My wife and I do not have many possessions, really just our own cars so we can get out and about independently for errands and to visit friends, that kind of thing. Other than furniture, TV, her sewing machine that would stitch planks, a computer, two pedal bikes, that’s about it. My wife’s car is an elderly Mondeo that would barely fetch £3-400 and is not in the best shape and could do with some work but drives mostly alright, and I drive a 16 year-old Mercedes estate workhorse that has rust and barely made it through the MOT the last few times, worth I-don’t-know-what because it has done nearly a quarter of a million miles! £800-1000 on the name and because it gets around ok enough perhaps? Or Something for spares maybe. My question in this regard relates to a little windfall just under £2,000 that I was intending to use some of to fix some things on the two cars so they carry on being useable. Would we lose the cars on becoming bankrupt as these are as much as could be regarded as our main assets? If so, then I wouldn’t even think to fix them up for another year or so’s driving only to lose them – I’d rather buy some more shoes and socks and some extra groceries then give the rest of it to someone in the family, literally! 5 - I have many questions still whirling around inside, but I think I need the fundamental question about bankruptcy clear in my head first - a practical solution or the road to Hell? I know without doubt that there is a great deal that I am not even seeing however, so if you wish to offer observations of your own please feel free. * * * * * I have tried to be light hearted, but in reality I have debts that would need a lottery win to be able to clear, and no hope of earning/making anything like enough myself in the face of advancing years to change that. My wife is not a strong lady anyway but is now very fragile over the uncertainty of the future at a time when we had expected to be living in reasonable comfort and security. The month-by-month loan servicing with no visible resolution ahead is in fact contributory to the stress and its effect upon both of us, even though payments are going forward on an agreed basis and the collections agencies are generally going along with things. I am sure however that that can’t be an indefinite situation. Overall it seems to be a ticking time-bomb. I would therefore very greatly appreciate any light that anyone can throw on the suitability/relevance of bankruptcy in these circumstances, and on my logic just now that is suggesting it is a good thing after all! ... I have looked a little in to IVAs too but that arrangement seems suited to a different basic situation altogether. I would particularly like also to learn about the handling of the CCJ in bankruptcy, also about any replacement action that then could be taken against me instead of recovery, as it is that which worries me somewhat and would render bankruptcy irrelevant to me if a debt disappeared but was replaced by some other action and sanction – I’d prefer to deal with the CCJ ... Thank you if you feel drawn to help.
  9. Priority One, Gladstanes.... Thanks for the insights ... all noted and very much appreciated ... I don't believe there has been any transgression, so I am keen to draw a line under things but nervoiusly curious nevertheless. Gladstanes - I sincerely appreciate you sharing, thanks.
  10. Gladstanes - thank you for your well-wishes. A little of an emotonal see-saw to be honest. It is genuinely puzzling just what might be causing the suspicion of undeclared capital - clearly there is something that needs to be explained/clarified, yet we do not have, have not had, capital even beginning to approach the £6K limit at which benefits become reassessed. In fact if there had been any spare cash when I became unemployed I would have settled as many of my affairs as was possible beforehand, particularly paying off defaulted credit card accounts where instead I have had to negotiate arrangements to pay them a very low monthly sum just £5 ... But to get to your questions .. Although I made a PPI claim for mortgage payments at the end of September when I became unemployed, a series of ineptitudes slowed the processing of the insurance claim to a crawl - lost papers after 4 weeks and having to start over again, 8 weeks for the mortgage people to respond to the insurance Co's request for confirmation of account etc., and more. The claim was approved in late-April after much complaining and pushing as by then the mortgage Co were carrying a 6-month arrear and were becoming agitated and speaking of repossession if arrears and payments were not recived pronto. A first payment of just under £700 was made by cheque towards the end of April, and once the jobcentre signed and stamped a continuation form a second cheque was received a couple of weeks later for a little over £4700 which was the backdated amount. These went in to the bank, and immediately they cleared the full amount was transferred to the mortgage Co. This spanned just a few days, and was just a couple of weeks ago. However .... The letter asking me to go for the interview was sent on May 12, and I do not believe they can go from nowhere to somewhere that quickly. From having become suspicious, to then having to carry out checks, get responses, maybe enquire further and then tally their findings, then go through their own paperwork/admin processes, and finally decide what to do and act accordingly, is generally measured in months I am advised, not in just a few days. I am therefore very doubtful that their suspicion could be triggered by so recent a happening with such a short window, though as a precaution I will declare that receipt/forwarding of insurance amounts anyway when I sign right after the weekend It is intersting to note however that whilst the insurance payments could have been paid direct to the mortgage Co. and not have gone through me at all, it is actually a requirement of the JSA benefit payment system that the insurance payment is made direct to the claimant and then needs to be passed on to the mortgage Co by them. This point was made heavily to me when completing forms for housing-costs as part of my contining JSA arrangement. It is not an option, and I have that in writing because I would far rather have had payment go direct for obvious reasons. As to other capital, there's nothing outside what I set out in my original post ... 1) my elderly mother has a funeral-expenses account that is in my wife's name so she can access the money when it becomes necessary, and she gives my wife maybe £10 every 3/4 weeks to top it up a little .. there's I think around £500 in that ..... 2) similarly my wife's name is on an account that she and a few friends use to save a few pounds through the year for Christmas - I think there's just over £600 in there right now, and it usually just creeps in to four fugures and then everyone gets back their savings to go present-shopping with .. it's not a set amount, my wife just keeps tabs in a little notebook - usually adds up to £150-200 each by the end of the year... they have done that for years. But neither of these are anything other than an arrangement of convenience, and are not contributory to my circumstances anyway. And once or twoce my mother has kindly helped out when a bill has been difficult, or housekeeping stretched ... that's all. I don't know whether this bears in any way upon your comments and on what you have referred to as a cutoff, however I am trying to gather together everything I can that might help as I really do now want to get this taken care of. Just to finish ... ... right before this all started my wife and I were both approached separately with strong suggestions to transfer from JSA to Pension Credit. This was also the thrust of a recent interview at the Jobcentre, and the strong suggestion was that we would be better off and also I would not need to sign fortnightly either. Initially this seemed a ploy, a way to reduce the number of unemployed just by moving people out of that category and in to another, though after looking at it a little recently I think it is a move we should make anyway. Recently as you will appreciate, the last thing I have had time for is another round of red-tape and administration along with whatever fallout this might bring. However I can do that right away with no problem, sign off at the jobcentre and complete the Pension credit claim ... and it has some attractions now. But I am partly concerned however that this could now wrongly give the impression of guilt, trying to wriggle out of it having seeming to be found with one hand in the sweet jar ... ... plus at the same time the housing-costs people are now considering the particulars of my JSA claim now that insurance payouts are finally known. There is a possibility that my JSA entitlement might include a small further amount which in fact needs to be backdated to the date of my original claim, and I wouldn't want administrative hiccups to make a mess of things ... It is easy to say they shouldn't, but the fact that you are reading this is proof that these things happen regardless .... But anyway, back to the point .. Gladstanes thanks for our kind continuing interest .. If your "cutoff" comment has relevance I'd be pleased if you would expand on that as I am sure it would be interesting ... possibly also for others who might come later looking for similar steering. You said that you have been in exactly the same position - thank's therefore for coming forward, it is appreciated and I hope your matter was resolved satisfactorily? Best regards.
  11. PriorityOne - Thanks for those thoughts. Yes the interview is taped, it is apparently all very proper and methodical - I get to select a sealed tape from a pack, it is inserted and in due course the proceedings described for the record along with further announcements of time and reason if for example there is a pause. At the end I get to sign a seal-tape. And there is an entitlement to a copy, though it has to be requested and I understand isn't automatically issued nor the request (written!) speedily responded-to. Chickenlicken - if you get back ... I have now been able to check my credit record file with Experian, and nope nobody has hijacked my identity and taken out a loan in my name that has shown up and suggested I have not declared a chunk of capital ... nice thought and thanks anyway. Gladstanes - when you are around - any further comment on that 'cutoff' remark and what is behind it, now the figures you wanted are here? Anything potentially beneficial would be welcomed, thanks.
  12. A perfectly reasonable question, and I don't take it as a dig though thanks for making that clear. I have asked the same question. From late-Sept I had thought I would be employed by Christmas, thinking how hard can it be? I believe I am intelligent, capable, can offer various professional abilities from extensive construction-industry experience over decades with certain specialities. I can now tell you however that logic does not apply to jobsearch/employment routines, and it would take writing a book to expand on that. I sincerely hope that you never get to appreciate what is behind that remark. I also have much life-experience to bring, however once the rose-tinted-glasses initial expectations faded away it also became evident that the age that had brought me that life-experience was not necessarily an advantage - I have interviewed for both potential employers and with agencies, and someone 60+ does have some disadvantages despite what is said in denial of course ... I am not "blaming", you asked and I am simply commenting within a larger answer. My industry has little to offer just now, which is curious to me however because in projected housing-need alone we should have enough work ranging from the professional office to the jobsite to provide work for everyone unemployed, were they coincidentally all suitably skilled of course. And I could go on, but that's not the issue - even if government money were available overnight for housebuilding programmes alone to start emerging, I can't see any kind of clear-ride happpening. And it will be the same in other industries no doubt. Whilst continuing my efforts I have more recently seen that I must widen my focus because progress without doing so is unlikely - so I have begun to look at retraining and what I might reasonably be expected to be good at, succeed in to the required level, then find work afterward at even more 60+ than I am now ... ... and still at the same time I have also begun to cast my net back towards self-employment again in my field where at least I already have something to offer if I can actually find someone who wants it on a contract-basis ... No, this isn't a substantial answer to your question. There's a very great deal more, though that then splits-out in to various other areas that are as much personal as professional .... like I am now looking countrywide, which may well be *sensible* but with 60+ years of roots where we are, the attraction of having to relocate with virtually no control over distance and disconnect with friends, family and more that you can no doubt also put a value to, has less than little appeal. I did that already at 20 and 30 forging a career in order to gain these securities in the first place. ************ None of this of course actually has anything to do with my suspected-fraud and the interview that I have to deal with, but you asked a question and it would not have been polite to leave it unanswered. Best Shel.
  13. Gladstanes - I have been receiving JSA since the end of September '07, and the only other benefit being received is Council Tax benefit which has been awarded at 100%. My total JSA payments to the time of the fraud/invitation letter was £3,201.48. Council Tax benefit is £23.44 per week from 1 October '07 which at 32 weeks amounts to £750.08 ... total therefore £3951.56 .... I am more than intrigued about what you refer to as a cutoff ... I am feeling rather cutoff myself ... Edit 2 hrs later Not sure if it is relevant/important, but I have just been reminded that Council Tax benefit is in fact paid in one lunp sum in April which I hadn't appreciated. With my claim being approved from 1 October at an advised weeklyu amount of £23.44 as above, I have now found on a second letter from the end of that month the line tucked away there which adds that at that time £612.82 had been credited to our council tax account against a total bill of that same amount. That therefore reduces the above total to £3,814.30.
  14. PriorityOne - Thanks, though I can't bring to mind anyone who might be in that position. In fact I wish I could, then there would at least be some idea perhaps of what I am suspected of, and then a little comfort at being able to address it. Glad yours all worked out however, and your advice is very solid! Chickenlicken - actually that was one of the thoughts that has come to us, someone hijacking my/our identity and taking out a loan that shows on my/our credit record as undisclosed capital. We felt after a while that that was an example of what your emotion drives you to imagine when trying to make sense of something that doesn't make sense! That was one of the reasons however why I would love to know what I am suspected of - could address something like that real easily! Interesting that you wonder the same thing ... thanks. Gladstanes - it is close to midnight and I have just seen your post ... that sounds very intriguing! A cutoff figure? Very curious to know where you are heading ... I will come back in the morning with the particulars you have asked for, thanks ..
  15. SSE - thanks! ... I should know that any time now .... Patrickq1 - Thanks for expanding on that Freedom Of Information reference some more - so I should apply now anyway, copy letter available at the interview? Are you saying to hold the interview til having received their info under the act anyway in order to first be able to address for myself what they have interpreted there as suspicious? ... and I understand about Joa now too, sorry, and would welcome such an insight, especially now I have postponed the meeting in order to seek advice and assistance ahead of time which initially was to have been this afternoon
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