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  1. Debtinfo Thank you for the horse's-mouth clarification.. That's pretty much what I had thought, hence my small surprise. I assume I am right anyway that there's inter-Department/Agency information access, so there's little hope of hiding your big lottery win, or the bank account with the thousands you were left in Uncle Ernie's will, or the windfall tax rebate the day before you petition just sitting on Revenue's screens. Thank you for the other clarifications and the offer to raise other questions - I am sure there will still be some. Toddle2u Things are a lot less muddy tha
  2. It is a little late, so forgive me if I am brief just now but I didn't want your guidance to go unthanked. Toddle2u - all noted, and very informative. I already have a basic account with LloydsTSB which provides a debit card but no chequebook, can't run direct debits or standing orders, is just a no-frills account, no overdraft option, never much more than £25-30 in it anyway. I don't know if they have a policy regarding bankrupts keeping their account open - would save a little messing-around if they did. I'll see about those Co-op and NWB accounts, which I guess will also be no-fr
  3. My thanks to everyone, as much for the welcome support as for the direct info. As you would expect, bankruptcy and its effects have been the only topic of conversation the last few days. Over the weekend it became clear to my wife that really it was the sensible thing to do, although not of course a choice she/we would have made under different circumstances. I have downloaded the appropriate forms and have not looked closely at them but have run through them nevertheless to get an idea. We will be taking the next step soon now, but want first to get a little more familiar with
  4. Matt & Toddle2u Thank you for your sage and sound advice – I initially posted seeking exactly that, and so ignoring it would be foolish. As a result of such strong urgings we have had our own conversations and will do so further across the weekend. As much as I do not want my wife to see herself as a helpless victim of my circumstances and the Land’s automatic processes, which of course she is, it is inevitable that a little of that feeling will live inside her if having to become bankrupt herself; remember, she is not a strong woman, and no matter how you label it she is al
  5. Matt and Toddle2u I have only just looked back here after spending the afternoon researching both online and also within our personal papers when I occasionally needed to check something before reading/searching further ... some papers took a bit of looking-for, and one or two still need to be found – that’s the trouble when your affairs go back so far! And not too many opportunities for cups of tea after all, the time has shot by. Matt thank you for the confirmations, also for the step-by-step – most helpful. Toddle2u I note your further remarks, and thank you. With th
  6. HappyHippy Thank you ... and I’ll be sure to look out for the particular form I have to complete to be sure of getting the rich-and-famous result , I rather like the sound of that one Toddle2u I was very taken-up with some parts of this and other things yesterday and last evening, so wasn’t able to drop back as intended. Just to mention first, my comment about not being able to return to self-employment was not referring to any prohibition but just to the lack of finance/capital now to start something up. Take every advantage of your younger years! But
  7. I am looking back just briefly this morning before heading out for a few hours on some errands including a visit to the CAB, and I was really not expecting to find any response but am lifted by seeing what appears to be the beginning of the end - in the nicest possible way of course! I should be most appreciative of anything that experienced-others may add also - this is all rather trepidatious and nervous-making to contemplate, and I should like to acquire as much of an awareness of matters as possible in order to follow along and generally know left from right and appreciate the reasons
  8. I need advice regarding our overall financial situation, and in particular with regard to bankruptcy. I have shied away from that step until now, but find myself more often thinking there’s some practical common-sense in it. So if someone knowledgeable could therefore check/correct my thinking or add focus for me I should be very grateful for all advice and guidance received as the stress of all of this is becoming rather too much. Facts: 1 - My wife and I are both 63, and following a business collapse a few years ago I have a CCJ and seven debts: - 2 x business
  9. Priority One, Gladstanes.... Thanks for the insights ... all noted and very much appreciated ... I don't believe there has been any transgression, so I am keen to draw a line under things but nervoiusly curious nevertheless. Gladstanes - I sincerely appreciate you sharing, thanks.
  10. Gladstanes - thank you for your well-wishes. A little of an emotonal see-saw to be honest. It is genuinely puzzling just what might be causing the suspicion of undeclared capital - clearly there is something that needs to be explained/clarified, yet we do not have, have not had, capital even beginning to approach the £6K limit at which benefits become reassessed. In fact if there had been any spare cash when I became unemployed I would have settled as many of my affairs as was possible beforehand, particularly paying off defaulted credit card accounts where instead I have had to negotiat
  11. PriorityOne - Thanks for those thoughts. Yes the interview is taped, it is apparently all very proper and methodical - I get to select a sealed tape from a pack, it is inserted and in due course the proceedings described for the record along with further announcements of time and reason if for example there is a pause. At the end I get to sign a seal-tape. And there is an entitlement to a copy, though it has to be requested and I understand isn't automatically issued nor the request (written!) speedily responded-to. Chickenlicken - if you get back ... I have now been able to check my cred
  12. A perfectly reasonable question, and I don't take it as a dig though thanks for making that clear. I have asked the same question. From late-Sept I had thought I would be employed by Christmas, thinking how hard can it be? I believe I am intelligent, capable, can offer various professional abilities from extensive construction-industry experience over decades with certain specialities. I can now tell you however that logic does not apply to jobsearch/employment routines, and it would take writing a book to expand on that. I sincerely hope that you never get to appreciate what
  13. Gladstanes - I have been receiving JSA since the end of September '07, and the only other benefit being received is Council Tax benefit which has been awarded at 100%. My total JSA payments to the time of the fraud/invitation letter was £3,201.48. Council Tax benefit is £23.44 per week from 1 October '07 which at 32 weeks amounts to £750.08 ... total therefore £3951.56 .... I am more than intrigued about what you refer to as a cutoff ... I am feeling rather cutoff myself ... Edit 2 hrs later Not sure if it is relevant/important, but I have just been reminded that Coun
  14. PriorityOne - Thanks, though I can't bring to mind anyone who might be in that position. In fact I wish I could, then there would at least be some idea perhaps of what I am suspected of, and then a little comfort at being able to address it. Glad yours all worked out however, and your advice is very solid! Chickenlicken - actually that was one of the thoughts that has come to us, someone hijacking my/our identity and taking out a loan that shows on my/our credit record as undisclosed capital. We felt after a while that that was an example of what your emotion drives you to imagine when tr
  15. SSE - thanks! ... I should know that any time now .... Patrickq1 - Thanks for expanding on that Freedom Of Information reference some more - so I should apply now anyway, copy letter available at the interview? Are you saying to hold the interview til having received their info under the act anyway in order to first be able to address for myself what they have interpreted there as suspicious? ... and I understand about Joa now too, sorry, and would welcome such an insight, especially now I have postponed the meeting in order to seek advice and assistance ahead of time which initially
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