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  1. Thankyou everybody for all of your thoughts/advice. Will have a good read up on the Acas info and ask her to print off the family friendly policy from work- will keep this post updated.
  2. Hi everybody:-) My mum has worked in a hospital dept for 22 years. In January her and her colleagues were asked to volunteer to do nights. Nobody else was interested but my mum volunteered to help them out and also to be able to spend more time with my dad who is disabled. She trained people up from medical records whose jobs had been taken away and so were classed as "at risk". She was informed this morning that she would have to go back onto days in July as the people from medical records were working nights so she wouldn't be needed. My mum is really upset about this as it
  3. Tried to pm you esmerobbo but your inbox is full!! Bit more detail - Their solictor introduced herself and said we agree that penalties are unenforceable by law. She asked if I had filed a defence as they didn't have a copy and that she would recommend to the judge that no defence had been filed. I told her I was relying on the defence that had already been submitted- the only difference was some parts related to the registered keeper not being the driver- the points of law were the same. She said she would oppose this to the judge and then asked me about other parts of my defence. I
  4. Hi dx100uk- did have a thread for HFC- there was PPI and charges and we went through the FOS- the PPI was paid back onto the outstanding balance and he got the interest back!! They have got a charging order we're paying back monthly (the same amount we were paying on the debt management plan) so they haven't gained any extra money- just got security on it now!
  5. Oh well back from court and lost the case:-( The judge said as they produced evidence of their losses ie the employment of staff, stationary etc etc judgement was for the claimant. On the plus side their solicitor asked for all sorts of silly costs like a witness expense, petrol and parking fees and the judge said no!! Absolutely gutted and to top it all off come outside and my dad had a parking ticket!! Thankyou to all who have supported especially Alexis and Esmerobbo- I'd have been lost without you both:-)
  6. Being a bit cagey here but don't want prying eyes guessing who I am before court!! Basically their solicitor and the judge didn't believe he didn't know who was driving- the evidence proving my partner wasn't driving couldn't be submitted as it wasn't signed in front of the court. I know he didn't have to name the driver but my partner pooped himself and squealed!! Service was dispensed with as the driver was at the court:wink: so that's where it's up to.
  7. Court again soon- judge made him name the driver:!: I take it the argument now is, if they are going down the trespass route, they can only claim for damages? Just hope it's not the same judge again cos he ain't gonna be pleased that we wasted time by not naming the driver straight away!
  8. Cheers surfer01 Sailor Sam the local paper aren't interested as somebody else has already informed them of what's going on and they don't want to know DBC- it's them that are saying it's a penalty- in their little yellow envelopes and their board of governers meetings!! We all know private co's can't charge penalties:-D
  9. Got court hearing soon!!! The judge has recommended mediation and Trethowans have agreed so that is going ahead real soon:wink: -was going to suggest we'd pay the £25 penalty if they pay our costs- it's a compromise isn't it!!
  10. I knew I shouldn't have stopped and let that fat fecker on!!!
  11. Thanks esmerobbo- (replied to pm:wink:) They are saying it's not for breach of contract it's for parking in a forbidden bay!! They just contradict themselves over and over again!!
  12. Does anybody know of any cases where they have sued the Rk instead of the driver that I could write in the defence? Have received their witness statement- ha haha is all I can say- will give more details after hearing!!
  13. Thanks Conniff - they are saying it's stated in their T&Cs that if you order an electrical part they will only refund us a credit note- their T&Cs are nowhere on their site when you order and when this was pointed out to them they told us they would send us a copy!! On the website that we found them thru their FAQs state if the part doesn't work they should offer a refund and if they refuse you can open a dispute- this has been done but they're still insisting no refund- we need that money to sort the car out and get it back on the road:-( Thanks for that info- will have a lo
  14. Hi Graham- it wasn't programmed specifically for our car- it was just for the same year car. Does this make any difference?? The part that they sent had a piece of plastic missing out of the key chip so was in my mind was faulty. Space cadet- when you say it wasn't programmed to our car- is that where you press your lock/unlock button on key while in position 2 on ignition- we did all that and it still had the original fault plus an immobiliser fault too. I just can't believe they can send you a part with a 30 day guarantee then won't refund your money if you send it back as not
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