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  1. To be honest, I would be happy to sign an agreement if the ex gratia payment reflected the three months they wish me to remain quiet. 3 months salary in addition to my legal entitlements of a months notice in lieu, accrued holiday pay, payment for days worked this month and also statutory redundancy pay. That would be understandable and they could simply carry on with the restructure and I would get another job.....hopefully.
  2. The feeling from my Solicitor is that there is a sound case for Unfair Dismissal. My role has simply been divided up between other people. If I went to Tribunal would probably be looking at 9-12 months loss of earnings, if no alternative role becomes available in the market place.
  3. The situation is that they are offering an ex gratia payment of £1750 for me to sign away my rights, on top of my legal entitlements. Given my monthly salary is in excess of this, to pay off a three month period, this doesn't really offer value for money as far as I am concerned. My solicitor is looking at all the documentation and I feel that an enhanced offer should be made. Any thoughts?
  4. Hi, I have been involved with a consulatation process as a number of people at work have been advised their roles are at risk of redundancy due to re-organisation and restructure. A proposed organisation chart had been circulated and my current role was not shown, and there was only one other role that I could express an interest in. This I did and was due to have an interview for the role this week. Now, however, my employers have issued an amended organisation chart and the role that I expressed an interest in is no longer stated. I am told by HR that there will only be a supervisory role available on a greatly reduced salary and reduced responsibilities. I am currently a manager. A compromise agreement has been muted to me and I am unclear what this could entail. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks
  5. I have now received further communication from the County Court that 'Notification of Allocation to the Small Claims Track (Hearing)'. The hearing is to take place on 1st October 2009 at Hertford County Court. I have paid the £75.00 hearing fee and now need to deliver to the DSG and the Court Office copies of all documents that I intend to rely on. How should I present these documents? Is there a specific way they should be presented? It is my intention to include all of my e-mail correspondence with the Customer Services Department from the outset of my complaint, together with documentation regarding Directive 1999/44/EC, May 1999 from the European Parliament that stipulates that by 1st January 2002 all member states must have altered their legislation to comply with new consumer laws. These new consumer laws will ensure that all new consumer goods, including cars, carry at least a two-year warranty and used consumer goods have a minimum of a one-year warranty. (I only received one-year when I purchased the laptop) I have not metioned this to DSG in my communications nor in my initial submissions to the County Court. Is this acceptable. I need to submit these documents to the defendents DSG and the court by tomorrow, but have been holiday and only receievd the notification yesterday on my return, so any assistance would be appreciated. Many thanks in anticipation.
  6. Thanks, Is there a readily available e-mail address for Equita as I have the e-mail address for the Council?
  7. Thanks Hallowitch, Do I need to write to Equita explaining anything as I do feel it very unfair they are calling on an address that I am not registered at? Are there any standard letters I could refer to?
  8. I have received a Bailiff Removal notice today from Equita delivered by hand to a friends house with whom I have stayed occasionally since having been ordered to move from my previous address due to co-habitation issues. This is in respect of unpaid Council Tax to Redbridge Council at the previous address that was shared with my then partner. The bailiff apparently attended my friends address and has posted a Removal Notice through the door addresed to myself. It states the normal that:- I have attended today with the intention of removing your goods and chattels as are necessary to discharge the Outstanding Council Tax Liability Order and any additional Enforcement Costs incurred. PLEASE NOTE - No further arrangements are acceptable and payment is now due by CLEAR FUNDS ONLY. I will re-attend at your address with immediate effect and may REMOVE goods even in your absence. Should you wish to avoid this distressing course of action, contact me immediately on the telephone number below to arrange prompt payment of your debt. No contact will be taken as your refusal to pay. Yours sincerely XXXXXXXXXXX Bailiff In Charge Firstly I have no knowledge of any previous communications from Equita or a Court in respect of this matter. Secondly the address they have attended is my friends and they have kindly allowed me to stay there occasionally so there are no goods of mine in the house. I am not regsitered at this address. What should I now do??
  9. I had already submitted an allocation questionnaire earlier in the process. Is there a need for a second?
  10. Thanks Car, I spoke to the court eysterday and they stated that as there has been no suitable offer made, I needed to advsie the court as such as they could not accept this over the phone. That is fine but I was wondering if there is anything in particular that I should include in the correspondence? The original stay order quoted the following: On or before 16 July 2009, one of the following steps must be taken: either the claimant must notify the court that the whole of the claim has been settled; (see note (i) below) or the claimant or defendant must write to the court requesting an extension of the stay period, explaining the steps being taken towards settlement and identify any mediator, expert, or other person helping with the proces. The letter should confirm the agreement of all the other parties. (see note (ii) below) or all the parties must file a completed allocation questionnaire at the court. Where a settlement of some of the issues in dispute has been reached, a list of those issues should be attached to the completed questionnaire. The list must be agreed with the other parties and must indicate that it has been agreed. Note (i): Where settlement of the claim is achieved before the end of the period of stay, the following will be taken to include an application for the stay to be lifted: (a) an application for a consent order to give effect to the settlement (b) an application for approval of a settlement where one or more of the parties is a person undeer a disability: and © the filing of a notice of acceptance of monies paid into court, or an application to accept monies paid into court out of time. Note (ii): Extensions to the period of stay will generaly be no more than 1 month' I get a bit lost with all this jargon and did think that if DSG had not settled, then the matter would simply proceed. What I didn't want to do was run the risk of being foolish in not advising the court that no settlement had been offered, and the case was simply discharged. So I contacted the Court and was told as above.
  11. Hi guys, DSG have failed to make an offer of settlement to my claim, despite my letter sent as advised above, and I have to now advise the court as such. Is there anything in particular that I should include in the letter, or is there a standard response I should use. This has to be at the court by Thursday 16th July so would appreciate any assistance. Many thanks
  12. Thanks car2403, I'll wait for the stay period to take its course and await further news.
  13. Thanks for that trooper68. I have already commenced legal proceedings against DSG Retails based upon the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) as the laptop did not have the durability that would be expected of a machine costing £700. It was therefore, not fit for purpose. I submitted two independent engineers reports as requested and was told they would not entertain a repair or compensation as the laptop was out of manufacturers 12 month warranty. Albeit by 8 days. This has been going on since November 2008 and my patience eventually wore thin with DSG who, I beleive, felt they could just keep delaying and being unhelpful in the hope I would give up. Unfortuantely for them, that was never going to be the case.
  14. Hi everyone, Just to let you know that having sent the letter as advised by car2403 I have yet to receive any response from DSG. I sent the letter to the legal department for the attention of the person dealing with the matter. What would be my next step to resolve this ongoing issue?
  15. Just to let you know having sent the letter suggested last week by a colleague on this forum, I have had no response from DSG. What should I do now?
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